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  1. She brought a loaf of bread but not a beard?
  2. I mentioned it, but only after Ru said it during one of the first episodes!
  3. I was hoping Frank would say "What have you done with Season One Agustin?"
  4. Good show, Tennant and Coleman lit up the whole room. My cable system listed this as a repeat with Cameron Diaz and Jamie Fox, so glad I recorded it anyway!
  5. More specifically Best Supporting Actress Oscar winners.
  6. It's the latest episode of Broad City, it's hysterical.
  7. They got it, middle guy got $2K, lady on right got $1K.
  8. What kills me is that it didn't have to be so shallow. Brooke came home from Milan unexpectedly, right? Wouldn't it have been better if Brooke was asked to leave FI because of her drinking, and after that humiliation she went into a spiral. It's hard to believe that Brooke's body could've developed a dependency on alcohol after drinking for 3 weeks. I use three weeks because Brooke came back approx 6 weeks ago (our time), and a day (LA time) usually lasts 2.5 episodes.
  9. I think Janet's capitalizing on the void left by Andrea's absence. The show needs a calculating bitch and Janet is doing rather nicely, I must say. In two episodes she's backstabbed Gina, Gamble and Petitfleur (sp?). Who knew that Jackie would become this season's voice of reason?
  10. I'm a long time fan of the show, used to tape/DVR host chat every day, since Regis left I haven't found the desire to DVR host chat. I still like Kelly, realize she's not the best, but still like her. I DVR the show only when a celeb that I particularly love is on. I particularly love Ethan Hawke. He made a documentary about this concert pianist he met, it sounded so intriguing. Ethan Hawke was talking about something so near and dear to his heart with such passion and seriousness, it was jarring for Kelly to interrupt with her silly bullshit. Rule #1 of talk show hosts: Don't interrupt
  11. Well all the people on the bus did die, but Camille is the only one of those poor souls to return. Simon's death is not related to Camille's. Pretty much, it was a French show. When it aired on Sundance it of course had subtitles.
  12. It seems the Returned originally died at different times, while Lena and Simon seem to have died around the same time, Michelle Forbes' character seems to have died way earlier, judging from that wedding photo beside her husband's bed. Word, the French actor was tres creepy.
  13. I haven't seen last night's episode yet, but last week Jeffery did give Quincy the wrong hotel name to buy some time. Candace was at the Sarandon and Jeffery gave a different name (the Davis?).
  14. Loved the episode but didn't appreciate the abbreviated final catwalk, I was looking forward to hearing "LaGuardia, Newark....Kennedy!"
  15. He was banging his attached boss, that's high up there on the mess scale.
  16. Is gay marriage legal in Georgia yet? Cause I can't wait to see Quincy and Peaches walk down the aisle.
  17. We're basically the same age terrymct, (class of '81) but I don't recall any teacher of any subject wearing only a t-shirt, except PE, of course. I know memory, especially mine, isn't always reliable. If any of my teachers looked like Fran I might've attended more classes.
  18. Hannah's "Fuck no!" was hysterical. I hope her inevitable firing isn't too traumatic. At least we found that self-centeredness is hereditary "It's not not about me!" I don't what this means but I was more appalled by Fran wearing a T-shirt to school than the pierced freneculum. I haven't been in a high school in 35 years, do teachers really wear (just) T-shirts in school now?
  19. Is there anyway that the Glorified guy can be a series regular? "Twincest!"
  20. It was easy for me because these two things aren't mutually exclusive, it's entirely plausible that Wyatt did cover up Mommy's cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs behavior when he was a lad and then when her nuttiness became beneficial, they engaged in their campaign against Liam. Do I feel for him because his mom is Quinn? Absolutely. Does that absolve him of all his shitty actions? Absolutely not.
  21. Hattie McDaniel was in Gone With The Wind with Olivia DeHavilland who was in Airport '77 with Kathleen Quinlan who was in Apollo 13 with Kevin Bacon Next: Ona Munson
  22. Isn't every character on this show financially supported by their someone else?
  23. I agree with you, emotionally they are teenagers. I'm not sure Doris and her dad were close at the time of his death. I thought Doris escaped from Modesto when she was 18 and never looked back.
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