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  1. I hope this post doesn't mean I am sticking up for Tamra but since my otherwise healthy and fit husband also has afib I can speak to that condition. I have gone to work when hubby has been in afib also. There is not much you can do but wait it out . His doctor has assured him that he has an otherwise healthy heart and yes it is a huge annoyance ( and scary) but it will not kill him. He also has opted not to take all the prescribed meds and feels better off of them. We also got an appt with dr Sanjay Gupta ( rockstar of afib) and he is a proponent of less meds in many cases. Everyone is unique and what is good for one may not work for another, but I understand where Eddie is coming from. I wish him well. He see an like such a nice guy and certainly deserves better than Tamara!
  2. Atia

    S13.E01: The Next Chapter

    Yessiree! (Atia is a math teacher)
  3. Atia

    Evine: Be Good

    I have 3 Madi Claire bags. I love them.
  4. Thank you! His bladder burst twice two years in a row in the same week. That was 7 and 8 years ago so all has been well since! His doctors are amazing if you live thru all the nonsense that goes on in the hospitals! And yes, I want to be on that health care reform committee please!
  5. Of course. Anyone that walks in the room bills you! My son had a hole in his bladder and almost died, so ya I was totally disgusted but I didn't have the energy to fight it. When my grandmother was in the hospital, a Dr that she knew was walking by the room and he saw her and stopped in to ask her why she was there. They chatted a little and he left. He billed her. You can't make this stuff up.
  6. Oh Cricket my heart goes out to you! I could write a book about my experiences at albany med. One of my favorites was when they paged my sons urologist Dr Kogan and Dr Cowan shows up. Kogan is a urologist, I have no idea what Cowan is but we didn't need him. Well he came back the next day , and I said "why are you here?" He says, " his name is still on my chart so I have to come"...... OMG Give me the f***ing chart and I will cross his name off! He came three days in a row........ oy vey...... Hugs and prayers for a quick recovery!
  7. Atia

    Say Yes To The Dress

    Awesome post!
  8. Atia

    S06.E09: Battle Of The Bastards

    I'm still thinking presa canario
  9. Atia

    S06.E09: Battle Of The Bastards

    The dog looked like a presa canario.
  10. Atia

    S04.E13: Lupe's Story

    I wish that the show would actually spend 24 hours with the person and write down every single thing that goes in their mouth. And then compare that to what they think they ate. Then we would have a better idea how many calories they are really eating.
  11. Atia

    Homicide Hunter: Lt. Joe Kenda

    While visiting the apartment of a suspect " he was a typical 23 year old, everything he has worn in the last three years is laying on the floor"
  12. Atia

    S04.E13: Lupe's Story

    What a great post! Here's hoping your yellow brick road is down the lane. You deserve one!
  13. Atia

    S04.E13: Lupe's Story

    Sex is not in the marriage vow, but lack of sex is a reason for divorce, at least in NY. It is called alienation of affection and is grounds for divorce. I know because that's what my ex claimed even though it wasn't true. I agreed because I just wanted him to go away. Edited to add: There are no grounds for mean , nasty, drunk. So I took the fall!
  14. Atia

    S04.E12: Sean's Story

    The "caregivers" always fascinate me. Mom was probably close to 400 pounds herself and she talks about Sean like HE has a problem. Yup, but so do you!!! A few pieces of celery wouldn't hurt her either. In most cases it is a FAMILY problem. The whole household needs to diet not just the elephant in the room.
  15. Atia

    S02.E11: 211

    If one of my friends dated my ex I would feel terrible........for my friend.