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  1. Filming was in November 2020. I follow Scott on TikTok and he posted 10/31 that he'd be gone for a long time and on 11/27 that he's happy to be back.
  2. Maggie gives Winston hospital privileges? I work in a hospital's Medical Staff Office and have had to suspend disbelief for 17 years but this may push me over the edge. 😆
  3. So sorry to see Cydney go since she lives in the town next to me but she's been struggling the last few weeks.
  4. Grey's is the show I put on when I'm having trouble sleeping because I know it by heart and don't have to watch to know what's going on. I don't get too far past the plane crash before I restart at the beginning again. Does anyone else think that S1E2 reads more than a pilot than the pilot did?
  5. I'm really enjoying this show, despite only phone calls and no re-enactments. Some of those overhead shots really look like models, what do you think?
  6. OMG I just came in here to see if I could vent about someone LOL or ask about ignoring. Also, I don't get why the FB groups think we're horrible over here. I think everyone for the most part is respectful in their opinions. (you guys don't know me at all but I'm a major lurker and therefore feel like I know everyone - one of the downfalls of being a lurker!)
  7. I haven't finished watching last night's premiere yet but I already hate the female judge on our right. GTFO with her wanting to see movement on the mason jars. 🙄
  8. Yes! Before Dance Party USA it was called Dancin' on Air. I used to race home from school to watch it LOL
  9. Hi from Delco! (I'd also say I'm from Philly)
  10. Hello from Delaware County! 🙂 Yep, I say I'm from Delco. No one knows my little town. Oh wow I just saw there are more neighbors here 🙂
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