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  1. If it's true and it's what Jana wants, then I wish her nothing but happiness, a quiet life, and a reasonable family size (if she wants children at all). If Jana moves away, this could be the first wedding where Michelle cries genuine tears.
  2. I'm going to need an "angry" reaction for that headline alone.
  3. It truly frightens me that I remember this, but I had a feeling one of the Duggars' middle names was Brooklyn. As per Google, it's Josie Brooklyn Duggar. An odd choice to re-use? If I was part of a super large family, I think I would double-check if a name had already been used. Perhaps they just don't care.
  4. As someone who has had more than her share of dental surgeries (almost all of which when I was an age much younger than Justin), this strikes me as very bizarre. It's a classic example of how this family/subculture babies the boys/men and makes them think that everything they do is super heroic. It's freaking dental surgery, and he's 18(?). By the time I had my wisdom teeth removed (around age 20) I was just happy to have the day off work and get to relax for a day. The fact that he "needs" a special "nurse" from out of town (during a pandemic!) is so over the top. If the genders were rev
  5. I have to admit that for once the Duggars have surprised me. I truly didn't see this one coming at all!
  6. Someone needs to remind these men that it's the sperm which determines the sex of the baby. And more importantly, to be grateful for a healthy child. On topic: It's lovely to see Joy looking so happy!
  7. I was annoyed that they didn't include Jana in their "pampering day". Heaven knows that Jana does just as much caring for children as the rest of them. I'm sure it didn't fit the narrative that she was "in L.A. at the time", but we all know she was the one who was really watching the kids behind-the-scenes. Just saying that Auntie Jana deserves some recognition, especially since she chose to have none of those children.
  8. I saw the movie today with some family members. Two of us are very familiar with the story (myself included), and the other two barely know the story. We all concluded that it was an enjoyable movie and well-acted, however, the shifting timelines made it difficult to follow for those who weren't familiar with the story. I agree with everyone who said that this version made Amy much more likable, in fact, she turned out to be one of my favourites! I never thought how she would feel the burden of marrying well and "saving the family" when the others weren't able to do so. It was a fres
  9. I agree with the previous comments about using the word "consent"; it was way too jarring and doesn't fit at all with the time period. Paired with the inconsistency of the girls' apparent knowledge of sex (or lack thereof), it just didn't work at all. On a brighter note, I thought Marilla had a few hilarious lines! My favourite being "we're literally going to hell in a handbasket", referencing the hot air balloon. (I doubt that Marilla would have used the word "hell", but the comedy value made up for it!).
  10. "Call Me Cordelia" is a really fun podcast, and definitely worth a listen. I've been listening for over a year, and they're just finishing up Season 4 of Road to Avonlea. As you mentioned, they also cover the Sullivan series as well as "Anne with an E". Sometimes they get way off topic, but for the most part it's entertaining. They did an interview with Kevin Sullivan last December!
  11. I completely agree. I find them both insufferable, but at least Dave has some ability and is the main reason they keep getting ahead (although I have to give Irina credit for her math skills in Waterloo). Generally speaking, Irina gives up so easily with any physical challenge and it's tiresome to watch. Honestly, what did she expect with this race?!
  12. Such tragic news about Kenneth McAlpine. Their team was one of my favourites, they were always so positive and enthusiastic. Such a loss, and he was so young.
  13. I actually really like that dress! It looks like it would be flattering on many body types. She looks great.
  14. I sure hope her kids see that post someday and know that they didn't make the rank of "favourite person". Not to mention that they didn't even make it into her "favourite day" and "favourite place". It makes me sad for them.
  15. I had no idea that the flower arrangement was supposed to be horseshoes! I thought it was supposed to be a crown for “Princess” (which, by the way, is quite the stretch for a wedding theme - a dead pet).
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