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  1. Anyone have Bolo’s number? Asking for a friend...
  2. I could watch T’Challa fly at Wendy and her reaction to it on a loop. And the editors, after Wendy left Monique’s bedroom before dinner, put in T’Challa’s squawk with closed captioning, “She crazy.” Hilarious!
  3. I was impressed by Malia’s handling of Pete. Sandy should have had her there when she was having her discussion with him since Malia is his direct supervisor. While I think it’s ridiculous to have someone else unpack your suitcase (especially for a 1?2? night charter), Jess pouting about it made me roll my eyes.
  4. Dana Sue is incredibly unlikeable. I like Helen, though, while Maddie is just...meh.
  5. Later in the series (I think it may have been in season 4, but I marathoned the episodes so cannot recall), Zoe returned to NYC and stayed with her mother. The mom threw a party in her home and had a few of Zoe’s old friends, but mostly people to try to woo her back to NYC during and after her pregnancy. A plastic surgeon who specialized in lady parts, a pre-school director who encouraged her to get the baby’s name on the list for his school pre-birth due to the waiting list. Wade does come to NYC, too. It was just the one episode.
  6. So even in his dreams he’s an ashhole!
  7. What did tanner wake up screaming/dreaming about? At first, I thought he was saying a mouse, but the editors put in “mi....” Anybody know what he was saying or if it was just unintelligible jibber jabber?
  8. I, too, got sucked into the first season today. Kat was a mess*, but Sam was truly awful. What an entitled, spoiled, smug brat she was. Adrienne did seem like a total dud as the chief stew, but Aleks was truly horrible. He lied during that tip meeting and said docking CJ and Sam’s tips was Lee’s opinion, when he was the one that pushed for it! And then, when Adrienne was talking to Sam about her attitude, he went back on that and gave her the full tip! Horrible leadership. *The disgusting treatment of Kat by Adrienne’s “friends” was beyond the pale. Adrienne should have listened to
  9. I couldn’t figure out why João didn’t call Jack on his radio for help. Not that it would’ve really mattered since Jack would have either been MIA or made up some excuse.
  10. Yes!!! I thought the same about him. Big ol’ doofus. Garsh!
  11. Hear me out... Josiah totally looked liked Emily (Ben’s flame a couple of seasons ago and maybe they’re still together?) in the face...with short brown hair...beginning when he asked Kate if he should bring out Chambord in the gold suit. I know it sounds crazy, but now I can’t unsee it! And also? DAYUM Josiah!
  12. Yes! She first lied about it with Ross and then with Lee. I do think the music was ridiculous and made Kate and Josiah look petty, but Caroline is delusional.
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