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  1. I wonder if the roasting chestnuts husband and pumpkin carving deceased mom (from another movie) met in Heaven and are now happily enjoying their respective holiday traditions together.
  2. Christmas at Graceland: Home for the Holidays. Lead actress meets control-freak, super-organized single father of three and is immediately hired as a nanny by him on the basis of her having been a tour guide at the Elvis home. We are left to assume he did a background check.
  3. Whenever I watch HGTV International, it's amusing to me how many of the "hunters", moving abroad, are presented as "New Yorkers" when it's obvious that Canada is their real hometown. The accents are so obvious, lol. @CandyApple, yes, whenever our Sunshine State is referred to as "Flori-DUH" I get really pissed off.
  4. I was born and bred in The Big Apple. (Da Bronx, a borough of Manhattan) I've lived, for large portions of my life, in California (L.A. and San Francisco), Chicago (great city), and now for the past 20 years, South Florida (where my NYC relatives moved to in the '50's and '60's). But I just naturally "identify" myself as a New Yorker, whatever that might mean.... I love upstate New York, very picturesque -- the Hudson River Valley, Sleepy Hollow (if I ever won the lotto, I'd move there), etc. But it is not "Noo Yawk".
  5. Did a quick drive-by and there was Skunk futzing with the karaoke thing: "Hello" "Hello" Hello" Switched back to Friday the 13th.
  6. Wow -- it's so lovely! Thanks, TT! Those glasses look better on that cat then a certain shopping channel host.
  7. The only time a certain NoseWiper/Picker host mentions drugstores, groceries or supermarkets in any positive light is when she's berating Isaac for his pretentious gourmet chocolate candy preferences.
  8. I agree, @AuntCarol. And I also think Val enjoys the male/female dynamic between them. In of course a nice, platonic, brother-and-sister kind of way.
  9. Thanks so much, @SuprSuprElevated. Being toasted by David Niven is a special treat! @AuntCarol, thank you so much, my friend. Is that a Mrs. Miniver/Bronx Babe rose? It's so beautiful!
  10. Benji, was it your birthday too yesterday? HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! @Coffeecup my friend, I can never have too much pizza!! Thanks! Thank you, Polli! All day!
  11. @LeeDenny's dessert was fabulous. I reached right into my computer and ate it! Thanks my friend!
  12. You know how all the hosts put down drugstores as some kind of inferior, el cheapo form of shopping. Well, Blabby just took this to another level: "What a dream I had last night! I dreamt I had to buy Christmas gifts for the girls but I could only get them at THE DRUGSTORE! Thank heaven for QVC!!"
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