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  1. Carolyn, Sunday, introducing Sue Clark Overton with some product. "Hey, guess what? I was at services long before you! Ha! Ha! Ha! Well actually that's because I knew I had to be here early so I went Saturday morning. Just wanted to make you feel guilty. (pause) To viewers: Sue and I are really great friends who go to the same church...."
  2. Ever see the classic British supernatural film "Dead of Night", which includes that segment with the ventriloquent's dummy who gets its revenge? That's Nutsy with Carolyn.
  3. Good news: Carolyn's on vacay next week. Bad news: She's coming back.
  4. Two hilariously pathetic Carolyn moments from The Joy of Christmas: Making like an elephant (please, @Booney or @RubberbandGirl, a screenshot or gif!) during that Hot Potato toy presentation. Trying to stuff a handsome, old-fashioned looking teddy bear into one of those Kringle Express bags, alternately whispering baby talk to the poor thing and then yelling "Get in there!" I swear I could see his button eyes pleading with us to let this human bitch leave him alone. The last we saw of Mr. Bear was his little fuzzy head sticking out from the bag before her brutal sausage fingers sho
  5. CandyApple, re: Carolyn's bending issues -- I have heard her say on more than one occasion that her knees are wrecked or words to that effect.
  6. The usually ebullient Walsh is telling us, in a very serious, heartfelt way, the connection between his mother's hardships during World War II and a cross being presented. Carolyn's response: "My mom is almost her age. Love that story. Okay, let's move on...."
  7. Carolyn insulting the Irish vendors. "Kieran! Kieran! Where is he for our segment? Probably down at the pub. I love to razz him...." To Stephen Walsh: "Stephen, can you hear me? This must be the only time someone calls your name and you don't answer. Stephen, I'm teasing! He's such a sweet man...." Loathsome woman.
  8. Down Home With David, Carolyn filling in. "I could use this mop because when I'm at work I don't know what's going on with the animals or where my husband is. I come home to a mess" I'll tell you where Mike is, Carolyn. After 30 plus years of marriage the poor man is finally planning his escape.
  9. I wonder if Carolyn is going to get complaints from people living in the Appalachia region after watching her all but play the dueling banjo scene from Deliverance with Gary. "Ner, ner, ner, ner, ner...."
  10. Blabby to Lauren Gambino: "Mah baby!!" Rachel Boesing on any Gourmet Holiday: "These cookies are curated...." All the hosts are f***ing crazy.
  11. D&C, getting worse every week w/Carolyn and Gary. Carolyn: "Don't dilly dally....(starts singing in a twangy, hillbilly manner) ner, ner, ner, ner, ner, ner, ner, ner, swing your partner all around, ner, ner, ner, ner, come on Gary, give me some back-up....." Gary: "Ner, ner, ner, ner, ner....." Carolyn: "Don't dilly dally, ner, ner, ner, ner...." Carolyn starts singing to model Lydia: "Lydia oh Lydia, the encyclopedia, Lydia the tattooed laaaaadieeeee....that's from a Marx Brothers movie. (starts doing Groucho jokes but in a recognizable Mae West voice): "I shot an
  12. Caller congratulates Carolyn on her new puppy, then asks point blank "Exactly how many animals do you have?" Carolyn sidesteps the overall number but curiously mentions the addition of "two chinchillas" Interesting response. On the one hand Gracie wants to be perceived as some great, generous, rescue pet Mama (good for sales) but seems aware that some people make fun of her for that very reason.
  13. IT Cosmetics, MBR "Your teen-age daughter might be going back to school and shouldn't have to wear drugstore stuff. I mean this sincerely"
  14. Was surprised when Humblebrag told the portable massager vendor "My wife is 49 years old and lifts weights". Couldn't tell if by revealing Kelly's age he was paying her a compliment or not. Was Dan's "I'm-just-a-clueless-male" guard up or down? Very confusing, lol.
  15. Pat is so patient and diplomatic with Graver. Pat starts to talk and is immediately interrupted by Susan, but Pat tells her "I'm so sorry to interrupt you" Susan: "Oh that's all right, Pat" Poor Pebbles. More cognitive dissonance from Mommy: "Keep quiet and say hello!" (yes, Susan actually said that) Reminds me of the dog with the awful yuppie owners in the movie Best In Show.
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