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  1. Carolyn's back now filling in for Terri Conn, and just tried to backtrack: "These are the real deal NYDJ's, not some FUNKY version" Did she think that helped? It only consolidates funky = QVC.
  2. Carolyn, back from bronchitis but apparently whatever medication she took/is taking for it has Freudian-slipped her tongue: "These are the real NYDJ's, not some weird QVC version"
  3. It was a pleasant surprise seeing Pat on D&C this morning, Carolyn's absence being described in their usual "under the weather" fashion. Speaking of which, I want to give my belated best holiday wishes to everyone here. I was laid low with flu, complicated by situational depression exacerbated by this continued damn pandemic.... Hoping this New Year finds everyone in better shape, healthy, happy, joyful, and in good spirits. By the way, I was reminded on another board I frequent that specializes in horror and sci-fi films that the movie Soylent Green takes place in 2022.
  4. I've heard Carolyn say more than a few times "I'm a gold girl" but, presenting JAI sterling silver today: "It's my favorite jewelry line on QVC" That Lund penguin is adorable. Presenters Rachel and Alberti, less so.
  5. The source for Carolyn's Baby Sherpa song during D&C: (now I can't stop singing the darn thing, lol)
  6. Aw thanks, Gussie! I've always hated Ogden Nash for that pun.... Yep, at least we've got Marty!
  7. My borough always gets the short end of the stick. At least with Queens you can make the title have a double meaning in terms of royalty, but....what can you do with The Bronx?
  8. This insistence by Hallmark that Christmas is not "Christmassy" (one of their favorite words) unless it is celebrated in a four season climate is just....insufferable to me. They think we all want this Currier and Ives, Dickensian atmosphere. Well, let me tell you, I live in Florida (I'm a NYC transplant, been here 20 years) and wouldn't trade our warm weather, dreamy wavy palms, beaches, and the lighting of our holiday sand tree (called Sandi) for any so-called traditional decorating versions.
  9. Every food item and dish is proclaimed "the greatest" in town or even around the world. Hey, Hallmark couples, I know a little family restaurant in New York where their veal is the best in the city. Not that I wish anything bad to happen.
  10. They had to add subtitles to some of Dr. Now's conversation.
  11. I even doubt Sharon was Rick's sister.
  12. This whole episode seemed staged. All of Ricky's lovey-dovey "Sure, babe, anything you say babe, you got it,babe", then they get engaged, and next, out of the blue are estranged. Everything was phony baloney. The sister Sharon was there to add more fake drama.
  13. How many stories involve the lead actress falling in love with a holly jolly snowman turned into a hunky human guy? I only remember one but for some reason think there are more. Must admit I'm a sucker for Frosty.
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