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  1. I thought it was a lot of fun. I have spoken,
  2. Vanna may make $4M a year from the show but Sajak gets $15M. That's not to say their jobs are equal or that a human letter-turner is even needed, but as far as Q scores and popularity with viewers, is Vanna's value really 26.6% of Pat's? Hell, some people would say they only watch because of her.
  3. Trevor pronounced in one way at the beginning of the show and went back to his native way at the end. He's always adaptable with accents!
  4. I just noticed last night that Trevor has bowed to the American pronunciation of controversy. Maybe Comedy Central figured we didn't understand conTRAversy. Pretty sure he's sticking firm on zehbra, though.
  5. I've been wondering that, too. Someone has to go and clue us in! I think I'd almost like to sit in on a rehearsal instead of the show. Jeff Jeffries, ugh.
  6. One would imagine that tomorrow's forecast of 71 degrees with 15% chance of rain would mean a lovely Fall day. But no. It's central Florida so there's that pesky 96% humidity. Hopefully I'll be able to turn off the A/C for Thanksgiving.
  7. I watched Seth's comedy special on Netflix and enjoyed it a lot. You can see why he and John Mulaney are comedy collaborators and friends because their stand-up styles are very similar. Not that I have to convince you guys. 😍 At one point in the show Seth discusses a bit of politics and there's a link option to "Skip Politics" similar to the "Skip Intro" feature.
  8. Who knows what the agreement was between Ryan and Luis about managing their co-listing, but Ryan wouldn't have had to leave so many messages if Luis hadn't inconsiderately ghosted him in the first place. Answer your damned texts and let Ryan know you're out of the country! Cheese. And then of course Luis blames Ryan for being too uptight. Glad to see all the guys successful and happy in their personal lives. (Although a grain of salt with Luis and his roller coaster emotions.) Congrats to Ryan for his show-driven $13M listing. It will be fun to see Fred selling on both coasts.
  9. Yes, it's the insurance companies/HMOs that require best practices for preventive care. They can penalize doctors who don't get in line by reducing their insurance reimbursement percentage or even dropping them entirely. I'm sure a lot of doctors fully agree with the recommendations and are happy with more screening and preventive tests, but it does means there's less room for individualized patient care. I left my PCP eight months ago and my insurance company has nagged her so much in the interim that her office manager called last week to beg that I please remove her from my insur
  10. A lot of primary care doctors have that covered now, too! Mandatory six-month checkup visits with labs, plus preventive health best practices and follow-up. Have you had your flu shot, mammogram, bone scan, colonoscopy, fecal stool test, pneumonia and shingles vaccine, abdominal aortic aneurysm screening, etc. Many tests and shots are available right here in our office lab! Some of us even have our own in-house pharmacy!
  11. Rachel Maddow Unloads on NBC Bosses as Former Staffers Released from NDAs She does a general overview of the Weinstein story, then the NBC part starts at around 7 minutes. (BTW, the fact that Matt Lauer was paid $27M a year while Maddow reportedly gets $7M is emblematic of the problems at NBC.)
  12. Was the complaint that it wasn't funny? Sheesh. I guess all the comments about fried foods being a heart attack on a plate are offensive to cardiac patients, too.
  13. Fredrik knew that closet was shit, right? For $6M, I damned sure would expect a completed organizer. The space itself wasn't even that big once you factor in the racks, drawers, shelves, etc. As always, I'm sad that the show is over next week. Do we think Luis is going to propose?
  14. 2727

    S01.E05: October 31

    That's kind of where I am, too. I can't think of many workplace type shows where scenes of the protagonist's family life weren't boring, so that's on me. But George is tedious and I don't even like Michael Emerson in this! I'm losing interest unless we get more time with supernatural investigations and less with stuff that isn't.
  15. 2727

    Design Shows

    Thanks for the tip! I watched the series yesterday and it was lovely to see the island and house again. And of course Tommy. I was surprised how much I remembered of the original rooms from ten years/umpty design shows ago.
  16. I fully realize my complaint is ridiculous and selfish, but it's still annoying that so many sites these days force users to disable ad blocking before pages will load. I've been in computer hell the last couple of days because of a virus. I'm going to watch a show that makes me cry so I can blame it on that instead of falling apart over electronics.
  17. One of mine started chirping last week. I got out the ladder, looked at it, looked up at the alarm. Sighed. My sister and BIl came over, looked. and sighed. We're all in our 70s and they didn't want to climb the ladder, either. Fortunately the fire department here will come out and do it for you. PSA #2 in case anyone has balance or strength limitations!
  18. You know how supermarkets take older hamburger meat that's still within the sell-by period and wrap newer grind around it so it looks fresher in the package? Well, not finding pounding chicken to be a particularly inspiring activity, I've started paying a bit more for thin-sliced chicken breasts, which is when I discovered that the actual thin ones are carefully placed on top. The bottom layer looks like regular old breasts to me! (Rather than pounding, I've taken to broiling the thin breasts in the toaster oven and the regular size ones in the oven. Twice the work!)
  19. Quaid's face is indeed looking very stretched and plastic. His new fiancee also used to date 54-year-old Jeremy Piven, so ... pattern?
  20. It’s Not Just Ronan Farrow: NBC News Killed My Rape-Allegation Story Too Sil Lai Abrams describes her sexual assault allegations against Russell Simmons and A.J. Calloway and how an interview with Joy-Ann Reid was quashed by NBC News, a year after they did the same thing to Ronan Farrow.
  21. A surprising number also have hiding spots underneath their floorboards. Although they shouldn't bother since some snoop or other always finds it just by walking around.
  22. He really did. I recently watched one of those promotional behind the scenes videos and, out of character, Iain does not speak, share the mannerisms, or honestly even look that much like Sheldon. I enjoy Jim Parsons, but that's more than he does!
  23. And that's why Altman was pissed and feeling threatened -- if Fredrik will be spending more time in L.A. and personally taking a more active sales role, Altman risks no longer being the top agent. Tracy is friends with Altman and I'm sure had been hearing his side of the story non-stop, but her defense of him was ridiculous: "You should have called him!" Bullshit. How about when Altman found out, he should have called Fred to congratulate him? Ghosting Fred on the phone is typically childish Altman behavior. I felt badly for Fredrik's brother, but sometimes life takes unexpected turn
  24. That's fair, but my house is a 1350 sf. single story ranch. I just walked it off and the guest bathroom is actually a couple of feet closer, but both are within 20 steps from from where the inside work was being done. Nobody was hiking Kilimanjaro. I installed a water monitor/alarm in the garage and hope the A/C doesn't leak again, but in the future if I have to move out and leave workers on their own, I'm going to lock my bedroom door!
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