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  1. I liked the trailer and the episode didn't disappoint; very atmospheric and the plot scoots right along. Rosario Dawson and Jay Ferguson did not disappoint. Episode 2 is available on USA's YT channel.
  2. Through all seasons, I honestly don't remember anyone criticizing participants for not being attracted to their spouses; it's the cruel or two-faced way they handled it that grated. It should be a fairly straightforward (if uncomfortable) conversation: You seem to be a great person but I'm just not feeling any chemistry. Can we try to be kind, get to know each other, and see where that takes us? It's possible to be truthful and not lead someone on without disparaging them.
  3. People commented during the wedding episode about how awkward and put off Brandon was towards Taylor, and they weren't wrong. He appears to be quite resentful about what he sees as the shallow superficiality of pretty, popular women. It's almost verging on incel territory.
  4. I've already filed for separation from Meka and Michael.
  5. This danged show can't stand any of its characters to be happy. I understand it's not trying to be a cozy English village mystery, but jeez. I stopped watching when drunken Sydney and his misbegotten love life became unbearably tedious, but Will is only marginally better.
  6. The season previews showed trouble ahead, if that eases your mind. 😉 I'm usually biased and pick a side, but I blame both of them equally. Zach: "Not attracted, ya oily, non-shower taking, small-breast having freak!" Mindy: "But why? Can we talk? What can I do? What do you feel? How should we handle this? We need to talk. I know you asked me not to while you're washing up, but I'm continuing to yap. Please drop a crumb or two so I can lap them up." I really want the show to play all the couples' vows on a continuous loop in their rooms. Zach promised to make Mindy feel w
  7. The Ready Room aftershow hosted by Wil Wheaton is available for episode 1. Michael Chabon and director Hanelle Culpepper are the guests. I adore Wil and he's very comfortable hosting this.
  8. I'm at the point where I can't even blame the experts for their matching skills ... my finger is pointed directly at the producers who put through obviously insincere, emotionally damaged, red flag waving contestants in the first place. The show places too much emphasis on the participants being conventionally attractive, both for TV purposes and to hopefully encourage matches that have the potential for sexual chemistry. IMO they should stop recruiting and start casting regular schlubs, male and female, who actually applied and are genuinely hoping for a lasting union. That would be a much mo
  9. Pissed off Dave is now my favorite Dave.
  10. Sammie won the fan favorite vote! I was hoping for Chris but they're both great. Nice interview with Joey. He talks about working in a gay bar, LGBTQ rights, trying to be an actor, and his relationship with Miranda. He had a chat with Chris late in the game where they talked about Chris's struggles and overcoming challenges. If the show had been 20+ episodes like the UK versions, maybe we could have seen some of that. (And not had such a boring and rushed finale!)
  11. Yeah Zach, you're hot. I'm also pretty sure you're full of shit.
  12. 20 Burning Questions about some of the BTS stuff from the show's EP.
  13. It's such a balance! If someone plays strategically and blocks a popular person early in the game because they're a threat, that will likely get them booted if the other players find out. Antonio tried to have it both ways and was slapped down. Chris was a "pocket gay" friend to all but aligned with no one. Sammie was fun but had no game ... rank Joey #6, girl! Hopefully she's happy she stayed genuine and has no money. I'm voting for Chris as fan favorite. His mom's teeth! Sean can bite me with being salty about her elimination. It was either that day or the next. Like, did she
  14. We can start a new topic for Circle UK -- do you all think there's enough interest?
  15. I just chose to spend over 16 hours of my allotted time on earth binging straight through season 2 of the UK show -- totally worth it! So many fun twists and seat-edge moments. I was shouting at my TV like I was a Circle player and it was part of the rules.
  16. Looks like it's what was going to be called "Dr. T, Lone Star Vet" featuring Dr. Thielen in her new practice. I no longer have cable and will rely on my peeps here to let me know if it's worth buying the season!
  17. Thanks for the article @Rammchick! Good to hear she's doing well now and wish her and her family the best. Interesting that payment from the show was twice as much as her vet salary. Viewers have noticed the rotating door of new vets, too. Can vets stop taking new patients like doctors can? Doesn't seem like Jan's style to put limits on work, but maybe if the practice wasn't so frantic, staff would stay longer.
  18. I don't know what the point is of having Ed and his mother there, tbh. She does provide some comedy relief in her suggestions and interactions, if that was the intent. Was there a goodbye video to the group from Miranda and I missed it? Chris: "I feel like I'm at the STD clinic waiting for my results." My bet is that Joey will win, but Chris is a really fun hangout in the meantime. I felt for Sammie and her lament about "so much testosterone-uh!" I give the casting department props for bringing in such expressive players who are able to voice/shout all their thoughts into an emp
  19. I didn't realize there was another episode and now Sean has spilled! It's understandable that she feels guilty about lying, but maybe she shouldn't have tried it in the first place. I wonder how much the producers prod people to be one of the catfishers. It's annoying to wait week to week. I think reality shows are one of the best genres to binge because all the typical hype, teasing, producer fakeouts, and cliff hangers don't matter.
  20. Right? I'm already pre-pissed at her. Be yourself and don't erase your boyfriend. You don't have to be a slender blond hottie to be nice, or clever, or to make fucking friends! I hope Karyn also learned that lesson. It was the fake-ass, photoshopped pictures of someone else that ultimately did her in. Jeez. He is SO weird and icky! His "sexy talk" to the women makes me want to gag. The only good part is Michelle making fun of his wardrobe. Plus he's another idiot who thinks being handsome is what it takes to win. I like Sammie's apartment the best.
  21. Whoa, that was much more singing and dancing than I was expecting, and not just snippets. Making it all imaginary was a clever way to ground the plot a bit. Man, the music licensing fees must be half the budget. I can already envision that being the death knell for any possible syndication/DVD/streaming deals down the line. Ideally the producers factored that in.
  22. They are on Hulu next day!
  23. Me too! Even something as simple as the electric tooth rasper, but no. He's still out there manually sawing away in horses' mouths. I don't have a lot of confidence that the practice's tools are sterilized between farm visits, either. OTOH, his methods often work and my assumption is that his fees are also no muss, no fuss. It also kind of makes the case that perhaps the sterile fields, sedation, drapes, gloves, masks, etc. that other vets use in the field aren't always strictly necessary. Pol's farmers are likely delighted with a bit of local anesthesia and a two-minute testical re
  24. I think Shooby is correct in his real life to dislike/stay away from social media and am conflicted watching him fall victim to its manipulative charms in the game. I was a little surprised that Chris was able to talk Shooby into blocking Antonio, but I guess it was a choice between him and Joey. I feel like Joey would never give Shooby the time of day IRL so seeing them become friends is interesting. And yes, Alana. Saying you're a model is always going to be perceived as boasting by some people and was not a good decision in terms of this game.
  25. Seems like Travis kind of gave up on the guy who couldn't do a body roll because his "dance" ended up being mostly walking, posing and partnering the woman. The exterior shoots were a surprise but added some nice atmosphere to the dances. Did they shut down that plaza for the fountain rehearsals, and how much does it cost to rent out the Hollywood Bowl? Jeez. I didn't watch the entire intro packages and maybe Erin has a medical condition, but vocal therapy is a thing to help modify the tone of one's voice. Trim body and cute face aside, I honestly can't blame most guys for not wantin
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