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  1. Last night dh & I watched a doc..... "The Funeral: Charles Manson". Can't find it a forum for it in here. Anyone else watch this ?
  2. Seems like it would be cheaper to rent a 2 bdrm apt. Some places have month to month rentals
  3. Anyone know why Mike and his mother are going from hotel to hotel? Do they live in them ?
  4. I am completely amazed that back then, a person could just walk into the DMV pay $ and you could get ANYONE"S address that you requested.
  5. Camp Pendleton is in CA. We are in CO. When he made his "I arrived" call, he wasn't allowed to say anything but what was on the script. He said his next call might be in 2-3 weeks Thank you. Right now, I don't know which way is up. ;-(
  6. When I heard her say that, I wanted to know why she didn't get that information from the vet ? JJ would have let the defendant have it with both barrels.
  7. I really hope the "band of brothers" is true.
  8. Well, I guess we are now "empty nesters" My son was officially sworn in as a US Marine Recruit on Monday and sent to the Marine Corps base: Camp Pendleton in CA I cried my eyes out. I was so sad and extremely proud all at the same time Sigh--------------------
  9. You're right. I was only looking at one side of the story.
  10. I'm beginning to wonder what the point of this show is ? No one is out of any money no matter who wins their cases. Someone sues you for $5000, you lose. The show pays your judgement. What's the point ? Is there an appearance fee paid ?
  11. Same for wedding ceremonies. What the official marrying you does is fluff for the family. If you don't go down to the courthouse and fill out all the legal paper, you're not legally married.
  12. I think he was speaking to any other guy she might claim to be the father.
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