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  1. The people I know who have been following him and his music since last season say his genre is something called "swamp rock." I checked it out on Wikipedia since I wasn't familiar with that term, and they give Creedence Clearwater Revival as an example.
  2. I can still remember having to wear a hat and gloves if you went into the city. And for children's parties too.
  3. Regarding illegal abortions, Val also pointed out that there was the danger of a young woman or girl being rendered permanently unable to bear children because of it.
  4. Jennifer Worth did a critique of "Vera Drake." According to her, the abortion method used in the film always resulted in the death of the woman.
  5. In that scene, Dr. Turner and Shelagh had been measuring Angela and Mai's height when Timothy comes by and tells them he's going around to friends to listen to "A Hard Day's Night" and he's taking some beer he's found in a cupboard with him. Shelagh jokes that she needs to check if he's "tall enough" to drink beer but since he's now taller than her, she kind of indicates she thinks he is. Patrick also observes that Paul McCartney's mother was a midwife. There's another kind of "companion scene" to that in Episode 2 where Shelagh tells Patrick there's some coffee left if he'd like a cup. He declines, but Timothy pipes up that he'll take it. Shelagh tells him that percolated coffee isn't good for him and that tea is strong enough for a teenaged boy. She then sends him upstairs with the little girls to supervise their brushing their teeth. IOW, beer is fine for a boy his age, but not coffee.
  6. How long ago was that video taken? Let's not forget that both Jeremiah and his family have disputed the narrative of how he was rejected by them for being gay.
  7. Don't forget her Spanish lessons.
  8. I think it was Ryan Seacrest's absence from the show.
  9. I was wondering about that too. My guess is that Laine didn't think he had the vocal range to handle it. I think it's something he will need to work on.
  10. FWIW, The original by Merrilee Rush
  11. Joe Wilkinson is in Ricky Gervais's show, "After Life."
  12. Regarding Mai, I don't believe we'll have a resolution of her story in the finale. I noticed that
  13. Anne's children weren't entitled to royal titles, but they could have had noble ones if Mark Phillips had become a peer which he chose not to do.
  14. Edward and Mrs. Simpson is available on Acorn .
  15. While Feodora never returned to live in England, her 3rd son Prince Victor of Hohenlohe-Langenburg , who was married morganatically to a British woman named Laura Seymour, did. He became a naturalized British citizen and a member of the Royal Navy.
  16. Or maybe her mother got married after a while, and her husband is who Phyllis is referring to. Kind of like how Timothy Turner refers to Shelagh as his "mum."
  17. Yes, her son having hemophilia has nothing to do with being descended from the Romanovs since only Nicholas and Alexandra's family was affected. I checked to see if maybe one of the other Romanovs may have married a carrier or someone with the disease, but they had not.
  18. I've been watching two shows that Cliff Parisi was in. One is "Kavanagh, QC" where he plays the office manager of a legal firm. The other is "Bramwell" which starred Vanessa Redgrave's niece Jemma as a doctor in Victorian London who opens up a free clinic for the poor. Cliff was in the first two series as a man who worked for her as a porter after his foot was amputated. Both shows are available available on Britbox, if you're interested. I think Fred's job is to work for the nuns and midwifes. I'm gussing he gets paid by the church or maybe the religious order.
  19. I have no problem with Matt becoming a villain. And yes, he was too good to be true. But there was no context to what happened. I mean, usually, there will be clues that you can point to when a character changes that much. Like with Olivia ending up with Andrew Swanson. That works because we know they were friends and that he had great affection for her even though he wanted Anna. Look how genuinely pleased he was to see her with Baby George in the hospital. Maybe it was supposed to be a case of he came literally out of nowhere, had an impact on their lives, and then disappeared as quickly as he appeared. It's also ironic that he told James that his son and the child's mother "severed all ties" and disappeared and then he ended up doing the same thing.
  20. Matt was probably the worst written character on the show, but then I think he was meant to be a plot device and not a character. I still have no idea why he did what he did. And what about his son? What was up with that? I wish he had been included in the "what happened to" segment at the end, even if it was just " No one ever heard from Matt again. He had several other failed relationships and was never able to find his son. He shot and killed himself after his business failed in the late 1970's." FTR, I have no problem with him and Olivia not getting a "happy ending." I just have a problem with his going from being "the perfect boyfriend" to "villain" with absolutely no context. Another thing I noticed in the Season 2 episode with Samantha and a very old Sarah: There was another elderly character in that scene called Leah who I assumed must have been Sarah's caretaker. I wonder if that was Leah Gold now. Or I guess Leah Gray since she married Larry.
  21. She is also going to be the head writer for the next series of "Killing Eve."
  22. I think he did his mission in France so that may be why he speaks French so well. FTR, I don't believe he is LDS any more.
  23. Don't forget Conrad Coleby. He's 6' 4" tall. Also, Dominic Allburn who plays Harry is 6' 1." Noni Hazlehurst is also short like Arianwen Parkes-Lockwood.
  24. I had to laugh when Elizabeth told Matt that he was a "child" while his father was "a man secure in our equality." Um yeah, but wasn't that because she went out of her way to be the woman he wanted her to be? Remember they had a short breakup when he thought she was being "Elizabeth Bligh" instead of the sweet "Lizzie." He told her he didn't want to be her lapdog. I've been using a VPN to watch the episodes the day after they air, but I've decided to hold off and not watch the ones after episode 6 until the season ends. I have several different theories on how the series ends so it will be fun to see which ones I get right or wrong.
  25. I've seen Episode 6, so here's a bit of a spoiler:
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