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  1. I was going to come here and say cats don't do that much damage, but my six month old kitten has climbed ALL of my drapes, bit clean through two earbud cords and pout teeny teeth marks into a charger cord and killed it. But I love her.
  2. cpcathy


    I think Rhea Perlman did a great job (but four Emmys, really?) but Carla is my least favorite character. I tend to skip Carla-centric episodes. Her sister Heidi wrote a lot of her episodes, and sometimes it feels like Rhea went to Heidi and said “write something where I play my own sister” or “I want Carla to kiss Sam.” Any episode where she is supposed to be sympathetic annoys me.
  3. New episode of a webseries is online. Looks really great.
  4. I'm beginning to really like Jake, his tattoo this episode was excellent. Plus he reminds me very strongly of my favorite guitarist.
  5. I'm enjoying the new season a great deal, but I have to laugh--the word "showstopper" means something so spectacular, and when we actually see the final products, they are teeny- I'm reminded of Stonehenge in Spinal Tap. "That cake was in danger of being trampled by a dwarf!"
  6. Do we need escapism that much now that we are drinking in the shower?
  7. I like the Amazon commercials, I cracked up especially at the one with the Asian woman with the baby, when her "other" self finds a bottle and holds it out to her.
  8. My husband worked at a PR firm for a short while and had a conversation with her over the phone, said she was really sweet!
  9. I'm totally into this, EXCEPT for ScarJo. I agree, I wish it was another actress. I watch anything Adam Driver is in.
  10. OMG, I just googled and they still make these! What were they supposed to do for your feet, anyway?
  11. The restaurant looked great but the two cooks looked miserable as Robert created new recipes, they knew they didn’t want to learn new things. I waited the entire episode for the owner to cover that horrible tattoo with a sweater or blouse and it never happened.
  12. For some reason, I love the Spectrum commercials with the Mummy, the ventriloquist's dummy, the dumb guy with the horns. I laugh at every commercial. One of the most recent commercials was even filmed at my local outdoor mall.
  13. I laughed all the way through that montage, but, what did Holden drop outside the car window? Forms?
  14. Season 3 is now on Netflix for those who needed to catch up.
  15. "Souvenir kid!" I'm laughing now! I have never heard that, but I love it. Again...so glad I do not have children.
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