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  1. Damn it, Bosom Buddies was such a funny show, especially after they ditched the dressing up as women thing. Scolari and Hanks were hysterical together.
  2. That was devastating. Everyone should view it.
  3. The Prince sketch made me laugh so hard! Sleepy Town was hilarious and timeless, I can’t believe no one has come up with that idea before. Rami was nearly at Adam Driver hosting level great.
  4. Interesting how many talk shows, newspaper and magazine articles and even a PBS documentary that the moms had for this story. Made me wonder about their motivations.
  5. My husband immediately said he seemed like a jerk!
  6. The first forty minutes were hard to follow, so many characters, not even opening credits, then when young Tony showed up I started to get into it more. I miss thus show, I did a rewatch when HBO marathoned all the episodes, and wow, just a great show, always will be. I have this bizarre affection for Corey Stoll, and he was great. Livia was eerily like Carmela. I really enjoyed Michael Gandolfini, I think he captured something that his dad had in the role. I was thrilled when the theme song came on at the end. I hope we get more prequel stories, I think we will.
  7. That was just stressful. And it was ridiculous that movers would come to move you at night.
  8. Solid show. A lot of people got a chance to shine. New Biden had a lot of airtime, congrats to him. Andrew cracked me up in the doctor sketch. NOT looking forward to Kim K.
  9. I immediately knew Lauren wouldn’t be back, even without reading the article. Sad about Beck. Hope has some great projects in store. Does SNL owe Halsey money? It seems like she’s on twice a year!
  10. So dumb! I wish it had taken a more realistic approach, the opening scene was so campy I I I thought for sure they would say “Cut!” To reveal they were making a movie within a movie type scene.
  11. I love this show, I’m rooting for Ronan and of course, dinosaur-fan guy.
  12. It’s funny, I remember every one of those brides except for Shannon.
  13. I’ll keep watching, but I’m slightly out off by the pristine perfection (attractive guests at a dinner party, perfectly made bed in perfectly decorated bedroom), but I guess that’s the point.
  14. I don’t know, it was weird, like they have this idealized vision of him that they have him on a pedestal. Oh, and his marriage ending really has their ire up.
  15. Wow, the internet really went nuts over the John Mulaney thing! I think his interview was really heartfelt. Some of his fans think they can’t like him anymore, but they should remember that he’s a human, and has foibles like everyone else. I’m rooting for him to succeed.
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