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  1. cpcathy

    Kate Plus Date

    I haven't seen this episode yet, and frankly, it sounds so painful I might just delete it, but I see the problem with men who have never married (and who say they want to be married)--ASK FOLLOW UP QUESTIONS! This is why you're not with anyone, you're a bad conversationalist, it's not because you're ugly, or fat, or even stupid, women like ALL those things. Just ACT like you're interested and ask questions!
  2. cpcathy

    Kate Plus Date

    Whoever he is, he’ll think she’s great at first, then the nagging and the yelling and the criticizing will begin....
  3. You're absolutely spot on. I always thought Whitney screamed all her songs, and I was never a fan, but now we have to literally hear Whitney screaming. Just, no. Mute button.
  4. cpcathy

    Alternatino with Arturo Castro

    We enjoyed it, the dance number was a hoot and the robot sketch capped off a funny first episode.
  5. cpcathy


    I apologize, it's Carrigan, not Corrigan.
  6. I'm not into The Grinch (Dr Seuss is actually pretty horrifying to me), but back when they aired, the commercials made me laugh. And Jim Carrey is so annoying, so I never saw the original.
  7. cpcathy

    Alternatino with Arturo Castro

    I'm all in, I taped the premier, it looks funny.
  8. cpcathy


    That moment in Chris' car, you can see Barry turn, you can see him consider all his options, none of them good, and then decide what needs to be done. All in Hader's face. If I was him, that was the episode I would have submitted for an Emmy (he might have). The problem with the Emmy categories, is Barry is NOT a comedy. It's a half hour, mostly drama, with comedy thrown in. But because it's a half hour, it's in the comedy categories. I think there were only two actual true comedy performances last year in the Best Actor category. Anthony Corrigan is hilarious and deserves a nomination for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy, if that makes any sense.
  9. cpcathy


    I do believe she had two. Maybe the second one got a better job offer.
  10. Aidy was always too adorable to play Saunders. It never worked for me.
  11. cpcathy

    Party of One: Unpopular TV Opinions

    When South Park episodes hit, they are some of the funniest things around. PC Principal and his babies, the sendup of Will and Kate's wedding ("A great day for Canada..."), Randy pretending to be Lorde. But when they flop, man, they can be real stinkers.
  12. cpcathy

    Whose Line Is It Anyway?

    Chip is okay, he seems to think he's really great, I don't sense any humility, but I could be wrong. I like Jeff as the fourth chair the best, followed by Keegan Michael Key, but it's rare to get him nowadays.
  13. cpcathy

    S17.E14: Finale

    Great finale. Really good season, I just wish the judges hadn't gone in so much for Hester. Her clothes are for Japanese girls, and...that's about it. Really gorgeous clothes from Sebastian, glad he's the winner. My husband, who is now an expert on these things, apparently (he called "no edge" in Garo's line way before Garo himself said it!) wanted Sebastian to win from the beginning. Garo just fizzled, and he'd been tough and go all season. That dress on Kate was really bad. It brought everything down. Loved Christian as mentor. My favorite would moment would have to have been, "A...farmer??"
  14. Funny, my husband sees a commercial for Archer and he doesn't think the voice fits at all, he always says, "It's BOB!"