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  1. As a cat person, I laugh at cat satire very easily. Knowing Seth McFarlane has cats makes it even funnier.
  2. What a drag this episode was. I also wondered about the cats, but no one seemed that into them, especially when Carrie said she missed her baking pans, but NOT THE CATS?? The producers probably couldn't care less about these pets, but I think it's funny that every time a poundicipant has a pet and then no pet, we all wonder and voice our concern!
  3. cpcathy

    Mank (2020)

    I thought it looked fabulous but had no heart. I’m not sure what it is about Gary Oldman that I’m just meh on. He was hilarious in his episode of Friends, and great on The Fifth Element, and he’s good here, but, nothing special. And playing 33 at His age, just...no. I felt like I wanted more. We didn’t even get to see more of Hearst Castle, which is one of my favorite places.
  4. They really need to mix up the SNL Christmas special sketches. They could pull Martha Stewart, Consumer Probe, add Eddie Murphy elf and the Macy’s commercial. It’s time for a new edit of the special.
  5. That was Chloe’s actual dog in the Christmas robe video. What this episode lacked was joy, of course, it’s been hard this year to summon that up. I’m going to go rewatch Jimmy Fallon’s 2011 Christmas episode, which I think is the best Christmas episode SNL has ever done. It was joyous and fun and there was ice skating!
  6. I really enjoyed it, even though my first motivation to watch was that Chris Martin was going to be interviewed. I hadn't known a lot of the things they discussed, like that Robin had wanted to be lead singer. I did feel that they basically felt they were running too long and then raced through some important stuff at the end, maybe the show could have been at least two and a half hours? Why does Justin Timberlake end up making everything about himself? He mugged and looked into the camera and took the focus away from the Bee Gees!
  7. I thought it was just an okay episode. Loved Tiny Horse, the “Git!” Was supposed to take forever, and I laughed with each “git.” I agree on he could have had more fun with Harry Styles, who seems to have a lot of fun being Harry Styles. I can’t understand anything Bruce Springsteen sings, but, I’m not a fan. I didn’t click with either song, so, there’s that.
  8. I'm late to the water slide party, but I really enjoyed this. Yes, we were laughing at the first half of it, these people are around my age group, and I wouldn't have gone to Action Park on a bet! But then, whoa, what a turn. I understand the one mother who said Malviwell was a piece of shit, funny at first, but then, yes, he was a piece of shit. I am not surprised that a certain New York real estate turned president was almost involved. Seems right up his alley.
  9. The husband did it (ALLEGEDLY!) He had motive, possibly $, and opportunity. I wouldn’t be surprised if he wasn’t broke at all, paid a hit man, and the police were hiding something, they seemed so shady. A few episodes ago they asked Madison what he had on the case. Then this episode they say, “we don’t even have an anonymous letter or phone call!” Are they sitting around waiting for an anonymous call??
  10. When I was little, nothing made me laugh more than Laverne and Shirley. Some of my favorite episodes were when Lenny and Squiggy sang. My favorite was Night After Night. It’s a song about two nights in a row.
  11. I enjoyed this season. Yes, there were too many characters: I read a recap yesterday and didn’t know who some of the people who were mentioned! it was beautifully shot, and everyone was good to great in it. I cannot take anymore of Jessie Buckley, so, good riddance. I So nice to see Mike Milligan again! Season two really was the pinnacle of Fargo so far. Season three stunk! Give us more Mike Milligan origin story, and I’ll be happy.
  12. Agree that the dad is guilty AF. These guys are always the ones who think they are the smartest guys in the room. Just his answers to Madison, compared to the answers of the aunt, etc. Totally guilty! I bet he hired someone so he could honestly say, "I never touched her."
  13. Sometimes as a family the Belchers are so real you can't help but identify with them. I really loved this episode, after a couple that were just OK.
  14. What was wrong with Teddy? I couldn’t understand anything he said in the hospital?
  15. I laughed out loud when Josh’s power went out and at Seth’s comment about him being electrocuted.
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