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  1. I also dislike Cheryl, always have. I hope Ted is off cheating with Mary.
  2. I am generally confused this season so far. Who was the guy at the schwarma place? Why is the female secretary/assistant a sexpot this season? At least give us Jude soon.
  3. I’m laughing reading everyone’s assessments. I was ticking off groped as soon as the episode was over. This one did not live up to last week’s episodes. I really hated the scene shot through the office window, and was wondering if Bateman was the director (he was not).
  4. I didn't enjoy this episode as much as last week's. I think the attraction is wearing off for me. I did enjoy everything Ted Danson did in the episode, and the "you suck" comment (or "she sucks," can't remember exactly) was tinged with Sam Malone vibes. I don't tend to know where they are going with the story, but I care less and less.
  5. Richard Lewis looks so awful it's distracting! Jon Hamm is a welcome choice. It appears Ted will be back, and yes, when does he not have at least two other gigs?
  6. What are they going to do without Funkhauser? I grew to enjoy him, even with his ridiculous plastic surgery.
  7. DAMMMMMMIT! I love this show! Why do all my shows have to go away? Hopefully Fincher finished what he's doing and gets back to this show.
  8. I disliked Bethany immensely, and got up to go to bed before the show was even over. I did have to laugh out loud at the "1 minute walk, twice a day." Also: "I'm much more active" (shot of kids bringing food to Bethany in her recliner.) Bethany can pound sand. Hope the kids escape.
  9. It seems the humor was being amped up this episode by a lot. I watched a bit of the marathon this weekend of Young Pope and was again devastated by Lenny's friend (red haired cardinal) being stabbed in the back of a car and dragged out, dead. Then we get Voiello's doppelganger this episode, quite the switch. We're in for the entire series, can't wait for Lenny to come back.
  10. Quite enjoyed this. Not sure where it will go, I haven't read a King book in ages. Isn't the Sablo actor also known for Seinfeld: "Who? Who won't wear the RIBBON?"
  11. Chris Martin won’t but Falchuk is such a fame whore he just might.
  12. RIP, Mr. Henry. I remember laughing at a very young age at "I am Hugh." "You are me?"
  13. Pizza, donut and French Fries for breakfast, then Nachos....and she's picky about MAYONNAISE?
  14. Grease and Freedom are playing Lollapalooza next year. Yes, a very boring episode. Lindsey's psychological problems run the spectrum. It seemed she was only willing to try losing weight if Paul gave up drinking. She wasn't willing to give up the food. I could see her wheels churning in her brain: "How do I eat what I want and lose weight like Dr Now wants me to?" Also, gas station breakfast?? I hollered out loud. "I'm going to the gas station for breakfast" has never been spoken in my house.
  15. I thought Nevada should have had the win. His previous work was stunning. I'm rooting for him now.
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