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  1. I’ve heard he’s rude to his fans and staffers (sigh) but I have just a tiny soft spot for a James Corden, I saw him sing Nothing Compares to You with Coldplay in person. We were backstage and he and his entourage walked right by us, so it wasn’t a total surprise when he showed up to sing. I like Jimmy F, but I wish he would go back to the relaxed atmosphere of his Late Night, it was so fun and pure. Him singing with the Muppets at Christmas time was a highlight.
  2. I think we could have had a show just about the Leno-Letterman-Conan era, it’s really interesting. I’m team Conan all the way. Leno was such a hack, I can’t believe anyone ever found him funny. Letterman was never right for Tonight, no matter how much he wanted it.
  3. I know an asshat with nice, decent parents. It happens.
  4. Exactly! John kind of hesitated and acted squirrelly whenever someone brought up his affair. I’m so glad I come here, this episode had me confused!
  5. Fun show! I like Anya a whole bunch, she was funny and comfortable with the sketches. my husband actually applauded Cecily’s song. I loved the movies sketch, I wish it had kept going with more ridiculous things but had to stop somewhere.
  6. You guys are so spot on about Tom. He seems to still have his eyes on that high school crush, it’s about the fantasy. And moving away from his mother, no doubt an incentive! I was dismayed by all those boxes. If something is in a box, in a pod, and you can’t see it or even access it easily, you don’t need it!
  7. Beck is an excellent actor, and we sometimes forget that. My hubby thought he was stellar last week in Murder Durder, and he was spot on this week as Bob Baffert. Keegan is one of my crushes, tall, funny, talented, the whole package. He gave the show energy and fun, and you could tell he’s super comfortable with the format and the material he was given. The writing is still wobbly, but at least this week I laughed at most of the sketches, and WU was on fire.
  8. I like Ewan, and I watched the CNN documentary awhile back. I did think that if he was still with us and if this series was made at least 25 years ago, Phil Hartman could have played Halston. The resemblance was uncanny.
  9. I met Chris and the band at meet and greets two nights in a row. He was charming and funny and is absolutely dreamy in person. Such a thrill.
  10. The beautiful thing about Yellow is that it’s not an overdone song. The guitars provide any drama and Chris sings it like it’s what he really feels, like it would be a spur of the moment thought. Even when he does sing it slowed down, it’s not over sung or melodramatic.
  11. This Adam Driver episode is so good. I’m just sad that Science Room couldn’t make the cut, it’s one of my favorite AD sketches.
  12. Murder Durder was the hardest I’ve laughed at an SNL sketch in awhile.
  13. I had to laugh when I saw Cillas got married in front of a holy Mountain Dew bottle.
  14. I think two killers is a huge cop out, so I will be disappointed if this is the case.
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