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  1. I liked that scene too! So droll. I also thought her storyline with Ken Jeong and her family was the best thing about Crazy Rich Asians.
  2. Busy Phillips' vocal fry bothers me, but now noticing how many moles she has bothers me. I know it's bad to think that, but I can't really watch that commercial any more.
  3. cpcathy

    Whose Line Is It Anyway?

    I LOVE Sideways scene. I do wonder if Ryan has a back issue or something, that he does not participate.
  4. cpcathy


    I was thinking the same thing about the cheating. While watching all of Frances' hurt and quizzical looks to Robert and her new dude, I kept thinking, "Honey, you cheated on your husband, you have no right to be so wounded about him marrying someone else!"
  5. I would take that she-shed in a heartbeat.
  6. cpcathy

    Sex And The City

    I think we were supposed to feel Carrie was right every time, like everything she did we were supposed to go, "Oh, that Carrie, she's so adorable!" But that was not the case, of course, evidenced by our rage here over many incidents on the show. I bet the writers and producers would be shocked to find out we hate Carrie and most of the things she does.
  7. cpcathy

    Good Media: Articles, Clips, Previews, Reviews

    Yes, confused about Maya, she's funny, but....c'mon. D'Arcy deserved a nom. She knows we all love her though, I hope she's consoled. Barry had a strong year, but as usual, I hope Ted wins.
  8. cpcathy


    I was simmering with rage that Frances barged into Jackie's house and told Jackie what she could and could not talk to her own stepson about!
  9. cpcathy

    Whose Line Is It Anyway?

    Aisha seemed a bit off, like she went to a rock concert and screamed her voice raw.
  10. cpcathy

    Unpopular Opinions

    I can't like this post enough. I have never seen Lion King, and I never wanted to. Total and complete money grab by Disney (like someone upthread said): remake all the animated films so people will by the animated versions and then the remakes. I think it's heinous.
  11. Perhaps Jon has approved a Jon Hamm-alike, like Tom Hanks does with some of his voice stuff as Woody--his brother Jim does a lot of it, including toys where Woody speaks.
  12. cpcathy

    The "HELL YEAH!" Movie Moments

    My husband, who is usually not interested in these types of movies AT ALL, during any scene with Paul in it, would exclaim, "That guy's a nasty little bitch!"
  13. cpcathy


    On the surface, the "Dale orders a cheeseburger" episode would seem boring, but with this show, the drama is in the small details. Then something really funny happens, Dale at the trailer park, and going back a bit, Chip and Dale's ridiculous fight through their entire house.
  14. She always looks so unhappy in photos, so, either, that's just her face, OR, Matt is such an ass their life together must have been pretty joyless, scandal notwithstanding. Good for her.
  15. cpcathy


    I wish they hadn't jumped so far ahead in time, with Robert and Jackie already pregnant and Frances already with this new guy. Do we know where/when she met him? It feels like they are burning off storyline in order to get the season overwith.