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  1. I’m “old,” but am I the only one who remembers that Bernadette Peters used to date Steve Martin? Jan could have started out with normal answers, then gone on rants about Steve Martin.
  2. I watch because I like to see what predicaments Larry gets himself into each week. There's always a grain of truth, and we in my household like to weigh in on if we agree with him, or if he's being ridiculous. I also like the guest stars popping up. It's always fun to see who guests and how funny/good at improv they are. I'll keep watching no matter what Larry does.
  3. Another one who lives next door to renters. They have small kids who never seem to age!
  4. I agree 100%. I'm not being a silly person, yes, Corona is very, very important news, but c'mon, CNN--ONE HOUR? I was looking forward to the show.
  5. cpcathy

    Fargo In The Media

    Is it just about qualifying for the Emmys? Viewers could sure use a good season of Fargo right about now.
  6. Nothing nefarious, just decisions involving money, as usual. They will be missed, I had listened to that show since 1994.
  7. I know it's a silly trope, but I was hoping John Paul III would get a new puppy at the end!
  8. Why does Jon Hamm even bother with serious roles? He's a great comedian. Someone give him an HBO comedy, stat!
  9. Perhaps, but mostly he got the Oscar for a charismatic performance, as well as being rewarded for many good roles over the years. It was a career Oscar, just like DiCaprio's was a couple of years ago.
  10. Wow, that was a tense shootout. The rest, meh. I couldn't even tell you the plot of the final episode or how it was wrapped up. Is that me, or is that faulty storytelling? And for a show that was super dark all the time, we end...in a cave. RIP, Andy.
  11. This was a weak episode, but I did like The Couch (although it made me think of Slow from the Adam Driver episode and I went online and watched it). I enjoyed The Weeknd’s first song, it was super 80’s.
  12. I'm happy for her, but that song is...not good.
  13. He’s bringing it now more than ever! You go, Jude Law!
  14. Oh shit, I liked him.
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