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  1. The nutritionist ticked me off. Every bit of her advice was stupid and outdated, IMO. "Fat-free, fat-free". Yeah, fill up on the carbs why dontcha instead of some fat & protein which will actually satiate you. Well, theoretically *side eyes Gina*. Gina being shocked at the chocolate syrup containing sugar; that was rich. Baby talk or whatever her manner of speech can be called, is annoying AF and NOT CUTE GINA.
  2. Her voice....I wanted to gouge my eardrums out. Beth oughta leave the lot of 'em.
  3. You can hide over here with me where I'm still liking the episode and might watch it again 😛
  4. *whispers* I liked it. Well, the LAPD coordinated having OJ framed, so..... 🙄🤣🤣
  5. That's what I figured would happen. Honestly, I'm shocked that both baby and handmaid didn't die in that scene, or that they didn't do some non-anesthetized C-section. I'm surprised the baby managed to descend at all with what looked like at least a x2 nuchal cord.
  6. Maybe it's to show that even Utopia can't remain Utopian?
  7. LOL I was wondering the same thing. All I could think was maybe the phone was lost. Somewhere. 🤐
  8. Oh man, I think the same way LOL. Prior to meeting my husband, I did not date, nothing. I felt like something was super wrong with me. Then we met and all was right with the world. But I do look at some of these folks and start to wondering again how it was I could never get a date????
  9. Sometimes she didn't have the baby voice; it definitely seemed to come and go.
  10. I thought she actually sounded like Penny at times.
  11. Well, I binged the whole season. There were a lot of "yikes" moments for me....
  12. That's true. I was speaking only to travel. She probably thinks her hair looks good? I'm guessing.
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