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  1. Wake me up at 8:00, 8:00 Saturday, beautiful Saturday...
  2. Nip it, Nip it, Nip it in the bud!!!! My favorite episode was The Lucky Letter. It had such meaning to it. I also loved the episode where Otis buys himself a car. I loved Otis's character.
  3. Thelma Lou's job? Keeping Barney out of trouble! LOL I always thought she might have been Wanita's sister from the Diner, I don't know why. LOL Maybe Thelma Lou was secretly Sarah, the telephone operator...?? lol
  4. I want to see Will Powell on the couch. He was one of few who really wanted to see Whitney succeed and did everything he could to get her there. She was just always full of excuses. So sad.
  5. She is VERY loud, and her laugh is so fake and makes my ears just cringe.
  6. especially wearing flip flops!!! Insanity at it's finest.
  7. Remember when she was talking to her mom on a walk with her and she told her mom that she thought she had Roy 'in the bag'?? She didn't know he was gay
  8. Andy: There you are (talking to Barney) as cool as the middle of a cucumber seed.
  9. Frank Barrone: You did what you did, and then you die.
  10. Roy just announced yesterday on their radio show that he's gay, and he thought Whitney knew he was.
  11. If Whitney would take even half as much time on herself than she does trying to find love with ANYONE, she's got to love herself first, and no matter how she might try and fool the public and her fans I don't believe she is living a fabulous life. She tries to convince everyone who watches her show that she is happy with her body just the way it is. Her smile, her laugh, etc...but, all fake. If she would just get fit for HERSELF who knows what change she could see in her life. Also, since Todd is Ashley's cousin, are they both trying to bow out of her show? Where has Todd been lately? And Ashley is starting to tell Whitney the truth about Whitney, the cats diapers, smelling her placenta, and chasing her down wanting to know if she needs to go to a regular hospital or a mental hospital. I don't know how Whitney missed that line. She puts her friends down in ways that sting. With Tal, who is one of her best friends; would rather have a baby with Todd? She is so very hurtful, always trying to make herself look good to the eyes of the public when what she really looks like to the public is a pathetic narcissist who's world revolves around no one but her and she will say and do everything to let people know how fabulous she is. Her nit-whits buy into it during every episode. She must be hurting inside more than she realizes. I would feel sorry for her, but I don't. Not until she hits rock bottom. And, she's not even close to the bottom even yet.
  12. this is the exact reason why Will fired her. He was fed up with all of her excuses on why she can't commit to workouts and sending him pictures of food, which she never did. TLC doesn't allow us to see any of her meals either. Why is that again? I mean, she gave up pasta, right? pasta la vista? WHAT??? She can't dance? Does she know this? lol
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