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    Ratings and Scheduling: Hail to the Gods

    Last night finals:
  2. Starfish35

    Ratings and Scheduling: Hail to the Gods

    Last night’s ratings:
  3. Starfish35

    S04.E11: Séance & Sensibility

    Lol totally agreed. It’s hilarious.
  4. Starfish35

    S04.E11: Séance & Sensibility

    Yeaaaaahhhhh that was just a bit too insane for me. Tala has a gorgeous singing voice, and I actually enjoyed the Bollywood section. And agreed with everyone else that she had more chemistry with Sanjay than Nate. But other than that..... ehh. To be fair, a whole episode devoted to love/lust/romance isn’t going to interest me at the best of times, but I feel like I’ve seen this trope done better. Add Mona’s dramatics on top of that (I am just not warming up to her), and getting some serious second-hand embarrassment from Ray’s antics, and this episode gets a solid C from me. Hank was building an amusement park? Seriously show? I feel like you’re kind of slipping off the rails here, for more than one reason.
  5. Photos for #413 “Egg MacGuffin” (DCLegendsTV) (TVLine Season 4 Gallery)
  6. Promo for next week’s episode #412 “The Eggplant, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.”
  7. Producer preview for “Séance and Sensibility”:
  8. Starfish35

    Avengers: Endgame (2019)

    I’m starting to wonder if Carol is only going to be there for the first part of the movie, before the (speculated) time jump. Maybe she goes back to saving the galaxy afterwards? While the rest try to get on with their lives?
  9. Starfish35

    Ratings and Scheduling: Hail to the Gods

    CW Live+7 Ratings for the week of March 25-31 (Top 40 Report) Jane the Virgin - 0.67, 1.561 million (Season 5 premiere). Riverdale - 0.60, 1.570 million. Supergirl - 0.58, 1.874 million. Arrow - 0.58, 1.689 million (#717 - Inheritance). Legacies - 0.53, 1.571 million (Season 1 finale). Charmed - 0.46, 1.334 million. Roswell NM - 0.42, 1.663 million. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend - 0.22, 0.556 million. Dynasty - 0.21, 0.728 million. Live+SD ratings for comparison: Supergirl - 0.30, 1.056 million. Jane the Virgin, 0.30, 0.795 million. Arrow - 0.29, 1.010 million. Legacies - 0.29, 0.925 million. Riverdale - 0.27, 0.815 million. Charmed - 0.23, 0.697 million. Roswell NM - 0.22, 0.916 million. Dynasty - 0.15, 0.525 million. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend - 0.12, 0.386 million. Links to ratings reports: Monday, March 25 Tuesday, March 26 Wednesday, March 27 Thursday, March 28 Friday, March 29 Sunday, March 31 The Flash and Supernatural were repeats. The CW aired other programming in the Monday 9:00 p.m. hour. **All links from Programming Insider**
  10. For those of you that are interested, Legends is once again available to purchase streaming through Amazon. 😀 I went ahead and bought the Season 4 pass, even though I’d already recently given in and purchased it on iTunes. 🤦🏻‍♀️ I just like Amazon’s streaming player so much better than iTunes, so I decided it was worth another $25.00. 😢
  11. Last night’s ratings. Up from last week.
  12. Here’s the pics for #412 “The Eggplant, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.”
  13. Promo for next week’s episode #411 “Séance and Sensibility” Also, DCLegendsTV has posted the pics for #412 “The Eggplant, the Witch, and the Wardrobe.”( Link ) Unfortunately I’m not at home right now and that site is moving really slowly right now, so I’ll have to post them later. It looks like TVLine also has them up, if you prefer that.
  14. Starfish35

    Spoiler Discussion Thread: The Sequel

    Sara looks like “....how the heck did I get here? MICK!!!!”
  15. Starfish35

    The Starling City Times: News and Media about Arrow

    And here I thought it was because I finally gave in and bought the Legends season on iTunes. Thanks for letting me off the hook. 😂🤦🏻‍♀️😢 ETA: Well nevermind - Legends is still unavailable. But maybe that will be fixed soon. As @JamieLynn832002 said, if they’re restoring the whole WB catalog, it may take awhile.
  16. Starfish35

    Young Justice

    I just finished watching it last night for the second time. 😁 I really enjoyed it. Artemis is my favorite character, and then Conner and Dick, so having those three front and center was ideal for me. I did miss some of the characters from the previous seasons, like Jaime Reyes and Bart - they were probably my favorites from season two. I feel like they’re working up to bringing Wally back somehow in the second half of the season, with constant references to him. I hope so - I loved Artemis/Wally. I also really liked Roy Will/Jade, so I hope Cheshire can find her way back to her family. One of the things I really loved was that you really get the sense of how much history is between these characters, and even though we’ve only had two and a half seasons, it feels like we’ve watched them grow up. One of my favorite episodes was “Private Security”, not just because it was hilarious (which it was), but because you really get how well they know each other. Will knows exactly what Dick needs right then, and Artemis is still close enough with Zatanna to be there for her on her worst days. Another great moment was in “Evolution” when Dick teases Artemis about being called “Tigress” and she smacks him and then gives it right back. It was just such a long-time friends/family moment. And Connor has grown so much and really settled and gotten comfortable with who he is...a far cry from the “rage monster” of season one. The things I’m really looking forward to in the second half: of course, how they follow up on all the Wally teasing. But after that...Jason Todd! And baby Damien! I want to see how that all plays out. As far as the new characters, I really like Violet and Forager. I’m not as crazy about Brion - he’s ok, but he can get on my nerves with all his spoiled-prince tantrums. I’m looking forward to seeing how things play out with Victor, and of course what happens with Tara and Dr Jace.
  17. Starfish35

    S04.E09: Lucha De Apuestas

    Hey, I’m not on the side of the Men in Black. What they’re doing is obviously for shady purposes (my guess is weaponizing the creatures in some way). I’m just saying I can also see it from Ava’s perspective.
  18. Starfish35

    S04.E09: Lucha De Apuestas

    Torture, no. But experimentation? If you’re not looking at them as sentient feeling creatures.....well, I mean, there’s a lot of experiments performed with lab rats. And to play devil’s advocate for a moment, while we the audience are looking through the sympathetic viewpoint of Charlie and Mona’s kaupe, there’s some of these creatures that aren’t quite so easy to humanize, such as the Baba Yaga, that eats babies. From Ava’s viewpoint, some experiments on such a creature might be well worth the greater good of learning how to protect people’s children from them.
  19. That was my first (unhappy) thought.
  20. Starfish35

    Captain Marvel (2019)

    Wonder Woman didn’t do as well internationally - I’m not sure why. I’ll be curious to see if WW1984 does better. But yeah, it has a better domestic total (currently). Aquaman has made 1.147B currently. I can’t see Shazam! doing anywhere in that range though. It looks like tracking is expecting about a $45 million opening weekend.
  21. Starfish35

    S04.E09: Lucha De Apuestas

    I don’t think so. For one thing, Hank doesn’t know Sara and Ava are together, so she’d really have no reason to stage such a scene. I think Ava was angry at Sara, and sometimes in the middle of an argument you end up taking a position that you might not really endorse if you thought it through, because you’re hurt and angry and don’t want to admit you’re wrong. Ava didn’t want to hear that Sara might have had a good reason for what she did. She was hurt and angry and had probably been fuming for hours over it, and wasn’t going to back down. She’s not wrong that the Legends were sending the magical creatures to hell just a few weeks ago, and she probably does feel like she’s stuck her neck out for Sara and the Legends plenty of times without reciprocation. Where she got off-track was regarding the torture and experimentation, and I think we’ll see her come to realize how wrong she is on that in the coming weeks. And remember, too, that Ava hasn’t had the experience with these creatures that the Legends have. Her own two personal experiences (at the camp and with the serial-killer doll) have been pretty horrific. So she doesn’t have the sympathetic viewpoint that the others have had.