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  1. I just watched her Sushi making video after someone mentioned it in the episode thread: I laughed so hard I almost cried. From her insane cultural appropriation outfit to the awkward edit where she gave up on cutting the salmon to the MASSIVE sushi roll she made. Watching her eat that piece of sushi is absolutely disgusting, though, just as a warning. Why does she come off so, uh, sexually suggestive? Like it's the first scene of a porno? ETA this amazing description of her Apple Pie video...Today my special guest Nicole and me are going to cook apple p
  2. Okay, here's my understanding of the conversation with Natalie, Mike and his mom about ingredients. Natalie asked for celery root, and they didn't have it at the store. Mike's mom bought parsnips which, as someone pointed out above, CAN be a substitute for celery root. But then Natalie didn't know what they were and confused the word parsnips with parsley. She thought Mike was saying the parsnips were parsley, and she was saying, "No, parsley is the green stuff that you chop, I don't know what that [a parsnip] is. A LOT of Mike and his mother's behavior has been super passive-aggressive b
  3. This is a weird observation but Dannielle and Garrick and their families all seem to have an accent that I would have pegged as "Midwestern" if I didn't know where they were from. But they're all (presumably) from Colorado -- is there a regional accent for that part of the country? At least the Clarks are talking to a potential sister wife that's more age appropriate in this episode!
  4. Team Penny had a LOT of missed opportunities, starting with the fact that they wanted to go above and beyond to serve an amuse but Gabe kinda f'ed it up. And the fact that they didn't have a leader or anyone managing FOH. I wonder how they would have fared in a traditional Restaurant Wars, where you have to assign roles? Some menus at very high end restaurants just basically list ingredients, which made wonder if that's what Penny's menu had on it? "Crab, ham broth, spring onions, carrot tops" or whatever, but didn't go into a lot of details. I ate at Volt years ago, which was Bryan Volt
  5. I actually don't think she was doing it maliciously either, catrice! I like Dawn, and I'm actually rooting for her to win. But I do think that the team was dinged for the menu progression and the way the courses flowed or didn't, and I think Dawn's process hampered them a little bit. I don't know, maybe it wouldn't have made a difference, but Sarah did say that Dawn's first dish wasn't exactly what she thought it would be. And I do believe that in other years, with other chefs, they would have called that out at Judges Table. They all had a part to play in the lack of teamwork and commun
  6. Unfortunately -- although the judges had no way of knowing this -- Dawn's inability to conceptualize her dishes until so late in the game led directly to at least some of the team's problems. She's lucky her teammates didn't throw her under the bus. I've noticed that overall, the Cheftestants this year just seem more friendly and less competitive with each other. I have a feeling a lot of that is because they are so grateful just to be cooking and around other people who are food obsessed like they are! Chris is the luckiest mf'er on this season. There have been several times I thought h
  7. Yeah, I lived in New Orleans too (although it's been awhile) and wherever he was shopping, it didn't look like any of those established stores in the Garden District/Warehouse District area. Or even a big drugstore. But like someone else mentioned, maybe it's hard to get clearance in those big box stores.
  8. Chris is a sociopath, in my (totally non-professional) opinion. BUT. I believe that Paige has basically been brainwashed by her the particular brand of Christianity that she was raised in. From the beginning she has been so focused on the fact that this relationship is ordained by God. I'm sure she also has a healthy does of "the man is the head of a household" belief. She's let herself be fooled into thinking that she has to put up with Chris' nonsense because an obedient woman is a Godly woman. Say what you want about Viviana's outfit, but I felt like she was the only expert who was li
  9. Could any New Orleans locals identify where Jovi went shopping? It looked like he was in a Hispanic grocery store, based on the products and signage. Which is strange because they live in the Warehouse District and there's both a giant Wal-Mart and a couple Rouse's that aren't too far away (at least in my memory from when I lived there a decade ago). I'm still very curious about why Jovi and Yara don't see to have a car or drive anywhere themselves -- I suspect DUI but who knows?
  10. She also has major victim mentality...everyone is against her, they're all out to get her, they're not waiting with bated breath for her calls. She is SO self-centered. I am so tired of watching her.
  11. I had to scroll up in the thread to remember his name! I could only remember that he refers to himself as a King, and his wives as Queens.
  12. Here's something else strange about Kimberly...when Colton asked where in NC she was from, she said "Eastern North Carolina." And then she went on to say "deep in the mountains" and blathered about the mountains having trees instead of just being bare rocks. I'm from Eastern Virginia, not far from the NC state line. There are no mountains anywhere in Eastern North Carolina, there are barely hills. It's, like, the Tidewater region and the plains. So either she misspoke, doesn't know her east from her west or is trying not to reveal where she's really from. I have never been so uncomf
  13. There is definitely a privilege that comes with being a military officer, especially if you come from a family who served for several generations. And I say that meaning that you have likely benefitted from and built a solid, generational upper middle class wealth, and also that you carry a sense of prestige and belonging. It's not hard to see that in Erik. Someone up thread said that wealthy families don't join the military and I tend to agree with that, especially when you talk about "new" money (tech, real estate, etc). But for many years, the military was seen as a necessary first ste
  14. The problem with Jake and Haley is that they're just constantly poking one another to provoke a reaction. They're both passive aggressive. The whole dinner thing could have gone differently if both of them were willing to make the effort: Haley: Oh you're eating already? Jake: Yeah, I try to stick to a specific diet and I wasn't exactly sure when people would be here. Haley: I know this messes with your schedule. Do you remember we are supposed to make dinner for the group? Jake: Of course. Tell me how I can help you with dinner. (You get the point -- neither of them
  15. I'm not Erik's biggest fan but Virginia really needs to grow up and learn what compromise is and why it is important in relationships. I didn't hear Erik say he wanted to get rid of the cats! Compromise isn't "I want to sleep with my cats and you should let me because I'm asking in my baby voice." Compromise is, "We'll keep the cats out of the bedroom so we don't make your allergies worse but I think we should also look into allergy medicine so we can have them in other rooms of the house. I'll also dust and vacuum more frequently." She's just so set in her way, she didn't seem to
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