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  1. Nancybeth

    S04.E06: Knot Today, Anchors

    Yes, I meant one vegan, one gluten free, one dairy free, whatever. Multiple restrictions in the same group. But you're right, I forgot she was vegetarian/vegan.
  2. Nancybeth

    S04.E06: Knot Today, Anchors

    I think Anastasia will really be tested by a couple scenarios, ones that we've all seen before on BD or BDM: - Foodie guests, who want a tasting menu or sushi or have otherwise grandiose requests. - A large party with many dietary restrictions (i.e., gluten free, dairy free, vegan, etc.) If I were Hannah, I would try and take charge -- or at least participate in -- menu planning. Hannah has a better idea of what charter guests might expect. I think she could help course correct some of the things we've seen, like the meal that consisted of risotto and gnocchi.
  3. Nancybeth

    Reagan and Jeff: Designing for a Champion

    It's really not a mystery. Reagan and Jeff met in 2009 -- he was a Saints player during what was arguably their finest season that ended in a Superbowl win. Saints football is a religion in New Orleans, she was gonna lock that down. I think it was less about the money and more about the prestige. This article is over the top and ridiculous but I think it captures what Reagan thought she could get out of a relationship with Jeff..."She would soon find that with the NFL, came team and community obligation. She embraced the responsibility and the opportunity to contribute to New Orleans Philanthropic efforts, her favorite being the LA/SPCA. It was the first time in her life she let passion lead her and it opened her eyes to a world and instinct that she had been stifling."
  4. Nancybeth

    S06.E06: A Salt and Battery

    Plantation: A plantation is the large-scale estate meant for farming that specializes in cash crops. The crops that are grown include cotton, coffee, tea, cocoa, sugar cane, sisal, oil seeds, oil palms, rubber trees, and fruits. Unless the Limehouses are still growing cash crops, CALL IT A FARM.
  5. Nancybeth

    S02.E03: Nightmare on Bourbon Street

    I wanted to die laughing when Jon Moody took Jeff to Perlis for his makeover. Perlis is pretty traditional preppy Southern clothing...think seersucker and polos with crawfish on them. I used to buy my dad's birthday and Father's Day presents there and he loved them, but he was 60-something! There had to be some better options! I know Jon does not shop at Perlis. Looking at some old photos, it looks like Reagan got quite a nice engagement ring from Jeff that he probably paid for himself. You can see it in this shot. Reece needed that family ring. Unrelated but I really hate Reagan's jewelry.
  6. Nancybeth

    S06.E04: Barking Up the Wrong Tree House

    I've been to that "vineyard" (and I live in Northern California so I use that word lightly). They do have wine without the muscadine grapes, they import grapes from California. But also, it's right next door to the Firefly Distillery, which is a much more fun tasting experience!
  7. My faves by character: Rebecca: You Stupid Bitch or I'm Just a Girl in Love Paula: Paula's Turn Darryl: Gettin' Bi Josh: Ping Pong Girl or I've Got My Head in the Clouds Valencia: Women Gotta Stick Together Heather: The Moment is Me Nathaniel: I Go to the Zoo Greg: Tie between Settle for Me and I Could If I Wanted To...oh and It was a Shit Show too. Dang, Greg had some good ones! And honorable mention goes to Josh Groban for The End of the Movie!
  8. Nancybeth

    S03.E18: Her

    My dad was military. We moved all the time, including in the middle of 7th grade and again right before I started high school. Did it suck? Yeah, kinda. Did I survive and in fact thrive? Yes. Moving makes kids resilient and I'm sure they would rather relocate than have their parents divorce or have Randall constantly driving back and forth to Philly and missing all the little things in their lives.
  9. Nancybeth

    S03.E18: Her

    I'm going to guess that the visit to "her" (who in my mind is Rebecca and no one else) is on the Big Three's birthday and that she has Alzheimers. She has been talking about planning a party for the kids. That's why they have the game and the chalk -- because Rebecca is picturing the Big Three as kids and remembering the kind of activities they did at parties then. Kate may in fact be dead by then, which would make birthdays harder for Kevin and Randall. The show's premiere episode centered around their birthdays, it would only make sense that it ends (whenever it may end) on a birthday.
  10. Nancybeth

    The Case Against Adnan Syed

    I thought it was strange that the first episode, with the animations and all of Hae's diary excerpts, felt so different than the rest of the series. It almost could have been two entirely different productions -- one about Hae and Adnan and their relationship and her murder, and then an entirely different one about Adnan's conviction and his family and his fight for justice and Rabia. Every time they mentioned Hae after the first ep kind of felt like a throw-away.
  11. Nancybeth

    The Case Against Adnan Syed

    Was Stephanie questioned by the police, or did she testify? I'm sure that the Serial folks and these documentary makers and others have probably tracked her down and its clear that she just has no interest in participating. I see what you all are saying about before/after an event. It's just the one thing I've never been able to reconcile about Adnan's story and I'm not sure I ever will. But my opinion of his innocence or guilt shifts constantly.
  12. Nancybeth

    The Case Against Adnan Syed

    I still can never get over the fact that Adnan has no idea, no memory, seemingly no recollection of what happened that day, that he thinks it was just an ordinary day. The police called him that night about Hae being missing! I know he was high, but wouldn't you stop and think, when DID I last see her? At that point it had only been a few hours and he should be able to remember that he asked her for a ride and she said no, or he didn't see her after school because he went to the library. I realize there were a few days in there where no one was at school and people weren't really sure if she was missing or had run away. But once he had fixed in his mind when he last saw her, wouldn't he hold on to that memory? When I was in high school -- 25 years ago -- a classmate was killed at school during lunch. I didn't witness it, I barely knew him but I have very crystallized memories from that day. I couldn't tell you everything I said and did, but that event suddenly made a regular day very abnormal and it sticks out. We went to Taco Bell after we were dismissed. I can't tell you about any regular day I went to get fast food after school but I remember that one. It just seems like Adnan has no reference for the last day that he ever saw Hae, even though a lot of other people do. So I come back to he's lying or he has some sort of psychological block on those memories because of PTSD.
  13. Nancybeth

    Where Should They Go Next?

    I'm always surprised there hasn't been an Atlanta season yet, and think it's a natural choice. That said, 3 of the last 6 seasons have been in the South so they may need to hold off another couple years. Philly and Portland would be good picks and I would love to see them go back to the Midwest -- Detroit, Minneapolis or Kansas City could be interesting. For Michigan the logo could just be a giant oven mitt!
  14. Nancybeth

    S16.E11: The Greatest

    The cheftestants don't have access to a computer or google and I think they can only use phones to contact their families. So I don't know if Justin would have had any idea where in Maine that town is, or how far away from the ocean is it, unless it was specifically in the dossier. That was all he had to go on, they can't research.
  15. Nancybeth

    Past Seasons Talk: The Stew Room

    I've now re-watched both Season 5 and All Stars. I think Carla's biggest issue was always, always, not listening to her own instincts. She let other voices -- the judges, her fellow Cheftestants, Casey, drown out her gut. She did the best when she stayed true to who she was, i.e. the West African peanut soup in the tennis challenge or the dishes she did well in her own first finale. But when she doubted herself, that was when she got in trouble. And I just finished watching Restaurant Wars from Season 4. Lisa absolutely should have gone home over Dale.