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  1. I really wish Dr. Pepper or the producers would push Johnny a little bit on the "trust issues" he keeps mentioning with Bao. Is this about the stupid gourmet meals "lie" again*? Has she lied about other things? I can see where he would say that they don't communicate well or they need different things from each other, but he mentioned trust several times and we haven't been shown any real breach of trust issues, as far as I'm concerned. (*I don't consider it a lie and I can't believe how hung up he got on that conversation.)
  2. If they were treating this like a "real" dance audition, Kelli's assistant would just call out their names at the end of the rehearsal and say, "Thank you, we don't need to see anything else, you have been released from training camp." In years past occasionally girls would say, "I'm staying with a family friend," or "So and so and I are living with someone she knows," and I've always wondered if sometimes alums were hosting the TCCs and they just didn't spell it out.
  3. I assumed the change in auditions -- from having a completely open process in-person to selecting candidates via video and then having the judges see them in person -- was a modification for COVID and not a permanent change or anything they did for TV purposes or time. The old way of doing auditions involved a couple hundred candidates, plus the judges, staff and crew. That's a lot of people to try and get test results for and control. Seems much easier to narrow it down to a slightly larger training camp than in years past, test everyone, put them in a bigger space and get an episode that loo
  4. You actually may be right about that -- her profile is private now so I can't really tell. I thought she mentioned hearing about the restaurant from a social media influencer, so maybe she's more of a consumer than a content creator?
  5. This week made me think Gil's objections to Myrla's "bougie" lifestyle is maybe less about money and more about the fact that he just doesn't "get" her...Myrla seems very very focused on herself and how she comes off to other people. She focuses a lot on social media and I . And all of that just seems foreign to Gil. It really came through when they were talking about her wanting a brunch husband. That was not the answer he was looking for and I think it probably did more harm to their relationship than the price tag on the brunch. It comes off, at times, like Myrla was looking for another acc
  6. I think the flight everyone was getting on was just going from the island they were on* to Honolulu, where presumably everyone would get flights back to the mainland, and the body would be sent back to Australia. *(I know it was filmed in Maui, but I don't think they ever said the resort was on Maui, and I know there are plenty of flights from Maui to the the mainland so that's a bit of a convenient plot hole there.) I don't believe, for one second, that they would be ready to ship Armond's body back the very next day, less than 24 hours after he was killed. It just wouldn't happen.
  7. I assumed Ron's medical issues were something like cancer because they said he needs to get treatments? Angela needs to find clothes that better flatter her figure. I thought Natalie was the best dressed on stage by a mile. I'm really over this entire cast, and if I never saw them again on a 90 Day fiance spinoff it would be too soon. There's really not one couple I enjoy watching and root for!
  8. Yeah, I just caught that and fixed my post...uncle, not father. Still not great!
  9. I'm fairly sure the whole Libby/Andrei/Chuck/family drama is manufactured because they're angling for their own show, but I did have to laugh that Chuck was trying to convince everyone that if brought them over for a cookout around the pool, everyone would be relaxed and happy and wouldn't fight. Oh you mean like, when you chartered a yacht for the day....or took them to a family reunion in the middle of a vineyard...or they were gathered for a 2-year-old's birthday party?? The vibes between Natalie and her friend are very, very odd. As is her headband. I thought it was strange and i
  10. Wasn't Mylah like...4 months old when these scenes were filmed? Yara is still postpartum! That's barely out of the "4th Trimester." I've never had a kid and even I know that. I just felt like everyone -- Jovi, Mama Jovi, the cousins -- were expecting way too much from her in terms of moving the baby into her own room, messing with a sleep schedule, staying out late, showing off her body in sexy lingerie, travel! Plus she had COVID and she's been doing a lot of baby care all on her own. If Mylah was 9 or 12 months, I could understand where they were coming from. But it seemed like a lot of over
  11. I liked Emma and her mom up until this week -- I found her intensity and their banter kind of entertaining. But her meltdown this week turned me off. I'm a competitive person too but I had to agree when mom said, "It's just cake!" I also don't mind Thomas and his mom. I think the teams are encouraged to be a little snarky and there are some people that are just better at it than others. He's catty but I don't read it as truly mean. Lorie and Jason seem SO FAMILIAR to me -- does anyone know if they've been featured on another show?
  12. I think, simplistically speaking, red velvet cake has come to be shorthand for "cake that is red." But traditionally, it was made with buttermilk and vinegar and cocoa and that was what gave it a red hue, and set it apart from devil's food cake. I think a lot of views could miss that if you're not familiar with the traditional recipe. But I was surprised that not all of the bakers caught on. I have to say, I don't like the "wordplay" or logic puzzle type clues in the Crime Scene Kitchen. Like matching the type of crust to the menu, or the one in a previous episode where you could match t
  13. I've also had sinus polyps surgically removed -- 3 times, in fact -- and they've never packed my nose. I don't even think I've had blood. But you tend to get a lot of drainage down the back of your throat and I've always been nauseous for several days afterwards. So it's possible that they may have told her that flushing out the nose and sinuses with a neti pot would be helpful (although frankly that sounds painful, post-surgery). I'm pretty sure that Jovi and Yara's new apartment is in Mandeville, which is across the Causeway bridge from New Orleans. It's a pretty long drive into the cit
  14. Yara and Natalie are both from Ukraine, right? Varya and Julia are from Russia.
  15. I just rewatched that season and felt even more strongly that all four of the remaining Cheftestants should have been eliminated, leaving Marcel as the winner -- but that would have left them with NO finale whatsoever. The thing is, there's on-camera/off-camera behavior during the season (aka while they are under contract to the production company) and then a Chef's behavior before and after the season. By all accounts, Gabe did not misbehave towards his fellow Chefs or production DURING the filming. It was before, and because there was no built-in break this year, that put Magical Elves
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