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  1. How is it in a family that often gets airsick while flying, several family members are pilots?
  2. For some reason, Josiah keeps coming to my mind here. The show did depict him as probably the only sibling who demonstrated any sort of looking-up-to-Josh behavior (especially when he first started courting Marjorie). And, he hasn't been on social media for six months. I really feel like he is such a wild card that it could have nothing to do with Josh, or absolutely everything to do with Josh (re: the supposed rumor about some other Duggars being implicated).
  3. It might also make sense for Joe, IF there is proof that he is a realtor for other properties that are not Duggar-affiliated.
  4. So, would it be fair to assume that the statement on the left is what they really want to say?
  5. And that says a lot about Jessa and her priorities - not just about education, but about Bin. I'm happy that Jill is happy about Derick graduating and has been supportive - and not just because she has to be because she's his wife - but I feel that she is genuinuely supportive because she wants to be.
  6. OK, so what do we all think this announcement is going to be? 🤔They've already announced the book...
  7. OK, I know the Zoom hearing is supposed to be serious and stuff, but this tidbit about Amy made me LOL.
  8. Given the color and where the picture cuts off, his pants look like a diaper.
  9. Given that Jeremy is the one walking behind Jinger and the other guy, it looks more like Jinger and the other guy are the couple, and Jeremy is their flamboyant metrosexual bodyguard who just remembered that he had to wear a mask. Although it looks like Jinger was the only one there who was sensible about wearing a mask.
  10. Well now I'm just imagining JD morphing into a superhero played by Hugh Jackman! #TeamJDalltheway
  11. Well, given that there are two counts with a possible 20 years per count, we're looking at possibly 40 years for him in prison. I suppose that could be reduced for good behavior and maybe some other things. But as this was said, this was federal, so chances are there is a good case against him. I don't think he's only going to be spending a couple of years in prison.
  12. LOL, this is the part I find the most believable. Of course of the 48 contiguous states, the state most likely to be its own republic is Texas. They don't call it the Lone Star State for nothing!
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