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  1. Jackson's shot up in height. He looks to be taller than Justin now. Also, while most of them appear to be able to sing on key, there is at least one whose singing seems off.
  2. I heard about that. I used to live in New Orleans and still receive nola.com. I heard the preemie tested negative for COVID-19. I mean, some of the stuff that they joke about re: the virus are the types of things I probably would have said at their age, but that would have been just talk and I would have been taking precautions behind the scenes, especially if I were pregnant and had a toddler.
  3. I'm a post doctoral fellow in a pediatric neuropsychology private practice. I'M more qualified to give those tests than either Meredith or Maggie were, and I work primarily with kids and adolescents!
  4. The only ones on the show actually distancing.
  5. Doesn't JillR know that most of the fundies have a prayer closet? Having a prayer bathroom leads to a whole new set of snark. I guess I've imbibed too much wine. Off to the prayer bathroom I go!
  6. My cousin got the Illinois alert on her phone. She posted about the irony on Facebook because she's a nurse in DuPage County.
  7. See, this pastor could have live-streamed his services and reached all his members, and worshipped that way. Like my church does. Evidently the Lord did not lay it upon his heart (or his brain) that there were alternative ways of worshipping besides in person.
  8. Oh, that's too bad. I too thought they would have had better PR. Maybe that's why Anna took it down. Of course, they can argue that they'll take their chances because Jesus, but they are also privileged enough to feel well right now, so of course they can proclaim Jesus. Just wait until one of them actually gets sick. The outlook on mortality is different when one is feeling fine versus when one is feeling sick, especially with something like COVID-19.
  9. Jill's the one going to hell, IMO. And although I snark on a bunch of fundies, I don't necessarily think they are all going to hell with their actions.
  10. Very true. To their credit, I don't see any evidence that the Duggars are dismissing social distancing the way the Rods have.
  11. Hasn't Lauren copied Josie more than once though?
  12. See I disagree with Katie's speculation that Derick not discussing Jill's consumption of alcohol means that Jill has never tried it. I think it means she HAS tried it, but that Derick did not want to put that out there lest it goes back to Boob.
  13. See, I had a different opinion. I think that a sizable number of the Duggar grandchildren look like the in-laws. There are a few who take more after the Duggar side. For example, I think Izzy looks like Jill and Sam looks like John David. Garrett looks like Joe. But Gideon is all Austin, and the older M kids (especially Mack and Marcus) look like Anna. The younger M kids (especially Meredith) may resemble some of the other Duggars. I think it's too early to tell with Bella and Grace, although I think Addison (who is around the same age range) looks like Kendra. Felicity definitely looks like Diana though, no question about that. The one I'm having most difficulty placing are the Seewalds, particularly Spurge. I think he looks like a perfect blend between Jessa and Ben, whereas Henry and Ivy may be more on the Duggar side.
  14. That's how I took it as well. Crystal Ball specifically mentions Jill leaving their cult.
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