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  1. I mean, the next kid has to be a C name, so I'm going with Coachella!
  2. You know, as I get to know Jana, I wouldn't be surprised if she actually did come up with both of those games all by herself. And Jenni gave no fucks about either game.
  3. Did anyone else notice that they changed the order in the 2nd half compared to the 1st half? They switched Hannah and Sean, and pushed Ally to the end instead of Kel.
  4. That was my beef about her Samba! It should have been all 9s, because while what she did was good, there were no rolls. I just don't believe in awarding 10s for dances danced perfectly that have basic steps. That said, that 8 from Len for James's Jazz was criminal. At least give the guy a 9. I'd say that if you are going to dance a lot of a routine unpaired, a routine with Jazz is the best one for that. I actually liked Hannah's tango and Kel's Viennese waltz the best.
  5. YES!!!!!!! ETA: By the way, I'm happy with anyone else winning, although I'm especially pushing for either James or Ally.
  6. To change the subject from the Spicer melodrama, I am so down for a James vs. Ally showdown because A) they're both good, and B) Sasha vs. Emma. That would be fun!
  7. I don't see anything unusual either. That said, she looks more like Lauren than she does Josiah right now.
  8. It's been established that Milagro has been passed down in Lauren's family, but notice that it kind of has become a tradition on the Duggar side as well. Except for Jessa, every single Duggar daughter or daughter-in-law who has had a girl has passed along their middle name as their first born daughter's middle name. Anna Renee - Mackynzie Renee Jinger Nicole - Felicity Nicole Kendra Renee - Addison Renee Lauren Milagro - Bella Milagro Thus, I think JD and Abbie's baby will have the middle name of Grace. I also looked on the boys side. The same tradition holds for Smuggar and Austin. Joshua James - Michael James Austin Martyn - Gideon Martyn Joe's son's first name is Joe's middle name - so not adjoining middle names Neither Jill/Derick nor Jessa/Ben did any name passing
  9. There is no way that even Lauren would come close to either of Jilly's labors, which were truly long and difficult.
  10. We don't know yet what Lauren will do for delivery (i.e., stay at home or go to a hospital). But Kendra, like Michelle, has given birth in a hospital and planned that, so I agree that she is more likely to take the Michelle route than even the Duggar daughters. It depends on her fertility. She may be more like her own mother rather than Michelle.
  11. Oh my, I must have skipped over the Mac 'n Cheese part, because my first thought while looking at that last picture was that those look like maggots.
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