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  1. Taking over from the Lonely Js thread... There should be a meme made for Derick! Unlike many of the Duggars he actually does have a LinkedIn profile. Tinder could be something related to Becky from the Third Row...
  2. OK, I know that this is actually a product used to exfoliate skin (after I Googled it) but at first glance it looked like a sex toy to me. I wonder why Lauren is selling this product?
  3. What did Michelle do with the older kids? Oh wait, it was probably pile on a lot of extra work for them (except probably for Smuggar since he was the anointed one). And who knows, maybe the older ones were expected to help blanket train.
  4. Looks like this post is from 2018. Probably when she was doing more food posts anyway. I wonder if this was before or after Jill was shunned by JB?
  5. I think providing a safer way for Sam to look at the counter (i.e., a stool or even better, a really high chair) with an adult nearby to monitor him is better than filming OR banning him from doing so.
  6. We're running out of Howlers on the Howlers thread! Just Jackson is left.
  7. Josh is a smug fuckface, but I will say that in the wedding pic of him, at age 20, he looks much better than any of his brothers did at age 20 (except for Jeremiah).
  8. I don't think Jessa "pre-planned" anything with the kids. Otherwise, Henry would be there. I think it was by chance that Spurgie and Ivy were there.
  9. I'm trying to figure out the little statues on the piano. They look like mini Derick/Jills in various poses.
  10. It's not "things get wore," Jessa - it should be things get worn! Slap on that /n/ sound at the end. I actually did like how Jessa put together the boys' outfits and thought those were cute. But my goodness, it seems like so much of her consignment stuff comes from Old Navy! Spurgie and Ivy were cute together.
  11. Jill didn't write that. There's no excessive use of caps in that post. Holy ears, David!!!
  12. My husband only met my grandfather once, before he died, and while he accompanied me to my grandfather's funeral, I would argue that he could not even truly miss my grandfather as he never really got a chance to get to know him, even though he DID meet him. My husband's parents have both passed (same day, two years apart). I only met his father a couple of times, whereas I knew his mother much better. I don't really feel like I can say that I miss my father-in-law, but I do miss my mother-in-law. And actually, if/when Cathy passes, it would be totally OK for Jill to post about how much she misses her. At this point, they have formed their own relationship independent of Derick.
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