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  1. Olivia is really more comparable to Bristol Palin. For both of them, the notoriety surrounds their parents (or in Bristol's case, her mother) and that is why they are famous. Olivia really does look like Lori Loughlin. Lori in the late 1980s, around the time she was first on Full House: Olivia in the 2020s:
  2. I just copied and pasted the rankings from Wikipedia. It's a little sloppy, but what I find striking is that all of the female celebs were scored higher than all of the male celebs. The lowest-ranked female celeb (Olivia Jade) still earned a higher score than the highest-ranked male celeb (4-way tie between Brian, Matt, Cody, and The Miz). 1JoJo & Jenna29129.0 2Amanda & Alan28128.0 2Suni & Sasha28128.0 4Melanie & Gleb27127.0 5Melora & Artem26126.0 5Kenya & Brandon26126.0 7Christine & Pasha25125.0 7Olivia & Val25125.0
  3. Quoting myself because the ones that are bolded are the only ones I didn't predict correctly. 11 out of 15 is not bad!
  4. This premiere did not suck at all. I thought Len underscored Iman. He was actually pretty decent for someone who was 6'5" doing a Jive. I do think Daniella could have given him a bit more content, but honestly, he had some natural moves for an NBA player. Really the main celebrity who was not great was Martin Kove. He seemed quite stiff and unprepared, but I think Britt did him wrong by putting that speech at the beginning. I feel like the older male celebs traditionally do not do as well as the older female celebs though (except for Tommy Chong, he was excellent). I was actua
  5. https://www.msn.com/en-us/entertainment/news/dancing-with-the-stars-season-30-everything-we-know/ar-AAOgK3w?ocid=msedgntp Who is dancing what: Martin Kove - Paso Doble Mel C - Cha Cha Cha Jimmie Allen - Tango Brian Austin Green - Foxtrot Christine Chiu - Tango Melora Hardin - Tango Olivia Jade - Salsa Matt James - Cha Cha Cha Amanda Kloots - Tango Suni Lee - Jive Mike Mizanin - Cha Cha Cha Kenya Moore - Foxtrot Cody Rigsby - Tango Iman Shumpert - Jive Jojo Siwa - Quickstep
  6. OK, so the main reason I am familiar with Melora Hardin's name is because she was cast as the original Jennifer in Back to the Future (opposite Eric Stoltz) before Stoltz left and Michael J. Fox was cast. Hardin was apparently let go as Jennifer because she was too tall for Fox.
  7. I have thought this forever. Ivy looks more like Jinger than she looks like Jessa, and she looks more like Jinger than Felicity does.
  8. It seems like the stay at home offspring tend to be the opposite sex of the dominant parent in the family. EX: Boob - Jana; Steve Maxwell - all his daughters. The Rods are a little different in this regard in that they come off more matriarchal than patriarchal, but I think this principle still holds true. I predict that the next child who will court after Kaylee will be Renee. I think the boys are going to be left behind.
  9. OK, then here's another question about the photo of the Duggars watching Jinger: The photo was taken in Arkansas. Justin and Claire are in the photo. Why were Justin and Claire in Arkansas?
  10. Are the earrings she's wearing from the Not Nurie Rod jewelry-making business?
  11. Hey, so I just thought of something. Regardless of what new thread title wins, can we just attach "YAY!!!" at the end of it? Asking for a friend...
  12. I think there's more evidence to support the Caldwell/Duggar feud than anything with Josiah/Lauren versus JB/Michelle...although, now that I think about it, Joe/Kendra haven't posted lately either...
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