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  1. If this alleged "blow-up" is true, then way to keep sweet, Anna.
  2. I think the primary reason there were no Duggar sisters there (at least that we could see) was that there is no show. But I did get to wondering whether Claire or Katey included any Duggars when dress shopping. It wouldn't surprise me if Jer moved to Nebraska or wherever the Wissmanns are at.
  3. Not that I feel these two groups have fundamentally different beliefs, but what makes a "quiet" homophobic, racist, misogynistic evangelical different from an "outspoken" one? Does the quiet one know that their beliefs are frowned upon by others whereas the outspoken one lacks the awareness? Or is one more introverted than the other?
  4. In light of this Ashlynn Andregg stuff, I found this post on Reddit from 11 months ago (March 2, 2021). It's interesting given what has transpired since then (my comments in bold):
  5. A lot of the couples look like each other. The only couple that does not resemble each other is Josiah and Lauren.
  6. Jana had a court date scheduled for January; since then, she pled guilty so court date didn't happen.
  7. Hilaria, I can also imagine the laughing that goes on in that truck. It's probably similar to Beavis and Butt-head:
  8. I'm not sure she paid it. That was her fine, and she had to pay it by 12/31/2021. But records indicate that she is listed as delinquent as of today.
  9. Possible new thread name idea: Joe and Kendra: Every Sperm is Sacred
  10. I mean it's perfectly fine for Jill to take a social media break if she desires. If that is the case, it's telling that she didn't announce it...she just did it.
  11. Did she just not...mix it enough? Or is that common when you put powdered stuff into a smoothie maker? (I just put fruit, milk and yogurt when I make smoothies...I've never put any powdered anything in so I don't know.)
  12. Huh, I didn't know that Boob was part of the first graduating class of Shiloh Christian. Thinking about what Josh may have been thinking when each younger sibling was born, and then I think about Spurgeon and even Mack, although her experience is likely different being a girl. But I'm getting a lot of similar vibes with the Seewalds that I imagine were the Duggars when they had fewer kids.
  13. If she stays off of SM for a month, then that would show that Austin makes plenty of money such that they don't need to depend on Joy's SM for income (take that, Ben and Jessa!).
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