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  1. This whole getting out of a routine of moving when she travels is so odd to me. I move even more when I travel. I hike. I climb. I row. I go all day and come to my airbnb and soak my aching 55-year-old body in a tub so I can get up and do it again tomorrow.
  2. Holy shit - you just won the internet for the day.
  3. When my son grew up and went to college, he was shocked that he was the only one who knew how to actually cook anything. He's graduated and continues to be one of the few people in his age group he knows who "cooks stuff from raw." I was shocked this is a thing, but it's a thing. Now excuse me while I go cook some eggs from raw for my brekkie.
  4. In this case, Sutton's reaction was everything..." We all see it. We alllllll see it..."
  5. FFS Erika...pick a lane. Just probably not the one Tom was possibly driving in when he may or may not have driven off a cliff behind your house and been ejected from the car.
  6. Decided last week I was done--which made me sad because this was actually at one time my favorite RH installation. Read your comments but didn't watch. Not regretting that choice at all.
  7. You can respect it...but can you live it? Magic 8 Ball says no.
  8. I think it's that her reactions are so extreme and high-maintenance, she's exhausting. It's always easier to not wake the baby than to comfort the baby when it wakes up crying....I've had super high-maintenance co-workers before. It's not that I kowtow to them...it's that they flip out so easily, I'm very very careful when I have to be around them (such as in a work situation) because when they lose it, it is exhausting and annoying. Nobody wants to deal with all the fallout of another Sutton tantrum. Re people standing by Erika...I volunteered for a nonprofit where the executive d
  9. Because people love association with fame - or even infamy. It makes them feel important. I've mentioned before my friend who was on a moderately successful reality show that ended almost a decade ago. People go crazy for him. They want to be around him or even tangentially associated with him. He's a nice guy so I get why people like him. But his co-star, who is a major bag of dicks (seriously an unpleasant human being) also has people fawning all over him. It's the damndest thing.
  10. Except that aside from her NYT Best Seller, her super lucrative joory bizness, and her teevee show, Robyn doesn't seem to have much earning potential. Grown kids = no child support. She'll be there until the last dollar is squeezed from the Kody tree. Then she'll probably be a drain on the finances of her adult children. So good luck, kids. That's headed your way.
  11. Yep. I gave it one more shot this week. I'm out. I just can't anymore. It was an hour of sheer torture to watch.
  12. But do we like them, really? I enjoy Garcelle, I suppose, as much as one can enjoy a HW. Even if Erica is completely innocent of her husband's crimes, where is the horror that she enjoyed such a lavish lifestyle on the spoils of what her husband ripped off from people in pain? Even if I'd had NOTHING to do with it, if I'd profited from it in anyway, I would be expressing horror, remorse, and doing everything I could to help those people.
  13. Seriously? She just made an "I thought my dog was dead at first" type post and then said but she's sure he's probably just sleeping? WTF Janelle. At least grab a broomstick and poke him to see if he's alive. Poor, hot dog.
  14. I hated this episode for so many reasons, from Leah's faux performative "spirituality" and "antiracism" (I see you Leah...you're trying too hard for a reason...I'm not sure what you're ashamed of about yourself, but clearly you have some deep, dark shit hidden in your shadows you're trying to deflect from) to everyone's (except maybe Bershan who seems cool) screeching, lecturing, faux outrage, and just lack of compassion for each other or for anyone whose experience is slightly different from theirs. Honestly if they'd all just shut the fuck up and actually try to hear what the other was sayin
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