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  1. I like Heather. She seems super down to have fun, and her talking head about how much she was enjoying Mary and Lisa going at each other was a level of guilelessness that I enjoy.
  2. You respect language. We can be friends. <3
  3. I sign contracts regularly. Even after my business and legal people look over them, I still read them. I ask for changes or clarifications if there's something I don't understand. Then, I re-read them. I am not a lawyer, nor do I have a legal mind. I am not a businessperson, nor do I have a business mind. I just work in a field that requires me to sign contracts several times a year. If my husband read them and said, "Go ahead and sign," I would read them anyway because ignorance of the law is excuses no one.
  4. Didn't Erika lie about the outcome of a lawsuit (it was dismissed and they apologized) on the last reunion and they replayed it on this reunion? If so, that's definitely part of a pattern of untruthfulness.
  5. Since pretty much everything has been said about the big drama, I have nitpicks about little things...especially skeet shooting. I was horrified at how casual they were with the guns and their lack of any gun safety. It was clear Bao didn't have a ton of gun experience (if any), and nobody (Ryan) bothered to teach her to handle a gun safely, which was dangerous because she was inexperienced and handling it very casually (so casually it went off when she wasn't aiming it or in control of it...at that moment, the gun should have had its safety engaged). This is how gun accidents happen. It
  6. Yep - this is when I really started to side-eye Robyn as well. On rewatch, however, I side-eyed her from the beginning and realized how frickin' stealth she was the entire time.
  7. Settling into my stereotype? #itsfineimfine? What on earth is she referring to?
  8. Why's she need more money? She's rich. She has more money in her bank account than anyone on that crew.
  9. The Surviving Sister Wives podcast seems to think it might be legit and has posted some info including linking Christines recent SM posts with the property listing photos and pointing to a Starcasm article showing her signature on a doc: https://starcasm.net/sister-wives-christine-brown-sells-flagstaff-home-lists-utah-address/ (although the image posted on Starcasm looks doctored to me - and poorly at that).
  10. When Ryan's sister mentioned it might be because his mind/heart is elsewhere, Brett seemed to perk up a little. At this point, it almost seems like she would prefer, "he's interested in someone else" to, "He's just not that into you." I get it. One would likely feel to her like his character flaw, while the other might feel like there's something wrong with her.
  11. Definitely some bold and interesting choices. Do I need to say it? There's a topiary monkey hanging from the dining room chandelier. I like little touches of whimsey in design, but that felt random to me. Here's a chandelier probably costing five to six figures. How can we enhance it? I know! Let's hang a topiary monkey from it! I always loved Yo's fridge. I also always knew it would be an impractical and sometimes embarrassing choice in my house. I raised two boys and their friends were here all the time. I could have the fridge spotless, walk away, and 30 seconds later I'd open it and
  12. Johnny's "Bao, Bao, Bao, what am I going to do with Bao" and how he repeats her name over and over when he's raging is chilling to me. It's like he's using her name as a weapon.
  13. Maybe. But trust me, my sister would tell people bad (and I believe untrue) crap about me - but she's super self-absorbed and overall not a very nice person, and I'm one of her least favorite people on the planet. Sisters have weird relationships sometimes.
  14. Saw this last night just before I went to bed. Thank god I didn't have nightmares about the sister wives coming for me. I'm pretty sure I could take all of 'em except for Meri.
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