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  1. I'm sipping some tequila and waving at you with my legal Oregon pot.
  2. I'll tell you what he doesn't know....enough information to pass the bar.
  3. This. I used to look forward to RHOC. Now, if there is absolutely nothing else I can think of to watch and I have absolutely nothing else to do, I find myself thinking, "well I suppose I could watch RHOC," and then spending time trying to decide if I'm really up to doing so. I think I'm out on BH, I haven't watched NJ or ATL in years, I've never watched Dallas or Potomac, and I'm on the fence about NYC. It's the screeching and how absolutely vile these shows make women look (or the women make themselves look).
  4. Is that an option? Because if so, I'm in. Oh also - what was on Uber guy's table when he was on the phone to his Uber-gal? Was it beans? Old, crusty, dry, spilled beans? Does he not own paper towels?
  5. You know, I think I understand how Benjamin feels a little bit. It's difficult when you buy something on layaway and have to wait to receive it.
  6. When these people say they connect on an intellectual level - I don't believe it means what they think it means.
  7. Holy Jocelyn Wildenstein is that face morphing into something unrecognizable as human! Plus she's making it worse by trying to look sultry with her facial expressions and postures. I'd say "Oh Darcy, don't ever change...your face." But too late.
  8. It's available! Whew. That was almost too big of a blow I was dealt.
  9. There are psychological studies that show that intermittent reinforcement is actually the most powerful type of reinforcement in conditioning. In other words, the fact there might be a reward is actually more reinforcing than when there's a guaranteed reward. People are weird. Gambling is definitely an intermittent reinforcement kind of activity - it keeps hope alive while usually kicking your ass. I believe I read that is one of the reasons that for certain personalities, it is so addictive.
  10. I'm 54 too. Or will be in December. You look fab!
  11. It has never once occurred to me to post a photo and say, "look - no filter." Also, losing weight doesn't get rid of freckles 'n shit.
  12. Is "coming back from menopause" an actual thing? And why oh why would you want to?
  13. My thought about the whole Caelynn-Blake-Kristina-everyone else at Stagecoach thing is this: If you can't handle no-strings sex, don't offer it. If you think you can offer no strings sex as a way to get "in" with another person and make them fall for you, don't. Life is not a rom-com and people in rom-coms do not act like real people - they are the product of a writer's imagination. If you're offered no-strings sex, don't believe it or expect the other person to behave as if that is what they offered in the first place. If you did offer no-strings sex and someone took you up on that, you've given up your right to get mad when that person takes you at your word and believes the sex was truly no-strings. Makes me nuts when people claim that it's just an easy, no-strings attached sexual relationship and then get all bent when the other person believes them and acts like that. I taught my now adult son that just because a woman claims they won't be attached if they have sex doesn't mean it's true. Nobody can predict how that post-coital neurochemistry will affect them - it can be as powerful as a hit of heroin and activate cycles of addiction that people mistake as "love", even when the original agreement was, "It's just sex and nothing else." I've known many people who claimed they could handle that, but really they thought it was a secret backdoor way into the other person's heart. As Blake was trying to defend himself onstage and everyone was villainizing him while taking up for Caelynn, all I could think was, "Blake is not wrong here." What the hell was he supposed to do? A true gentleman doesn't kiss and tell, but neither does a true lady. What a ridiculous bleeping double standard the whole Bachelor ethos has.
  14. That's the thing with abusers though. Their abuse victims can be "perfect" - that is, they can do everything the abuser demands, keep their head down, etc., and the abuser will still find a reason to get angry and become abusive. I find her disgusting. It is very hard to watch abuse as entertainment.
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