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  1. NoWhammies

    S15.E09: Week 9: Hometown Dates

    It'll have to be on my 1960's Schwinn because that's about all I have left.
  2. NoWhammies

    S15.E09: Week 9: Hometown Dates

    That's super weird because I just spent five years paying for my son to get a college degree in....MUSIC. I know it's real because the university just sent the degree in the mail to him (they give fakes at graduation) and it was a thing. Also, he just got engaged and still manages to do his music career stuff (as does his fiancee, who also has a college degree in music), so....whatevs Jed family. Perhaps what she should have said is, "you can't get a college degree in music if you have no talent." Because most college music programs require an audition. If you don't audition into one, it's true. You can't get a college degree in music.
  3. NoWhammies

    S07.E32: Angel & Remy

    I just caught up on all the episodes from this season last night. That's some depressing television "marathoning" there. With the exception of this episode, it appears Catfish has done away with its budget for Airbnbs. The young girl in this one seemed terribly naive, but her mother seemed lovely and gracious. Also, I really like Elle King in the Max position.
  4. NoWhammies

    S15.E08: Week 8: Amsterdam

    Oh Tyler. For seven weeks, I thought I couldn't quit you. But I'm sorry. "Nip it in the butt" is a deal breaker for me. I'll miss the time we had together.
  5. I assumed his face was frozen into a rictus of faux delight because once he heard the first tone-deaf note out of the countess, he went temporarily deaf and didn't want anyone to notice. Is hysterical deafness a thing? Because if it is, this is a portrait of it.
  6. NoWhammies

    S09.E03: Don't Kiss On the First Wedding Night

    I get it. Sometimes the family of your birth just isn't in a good place and you have to separate yourself from the madness either for a while or permanently. I don't think it's necessarily a red flag.
  7. NoWhammies

    S09.E03: Don't Kiss On the First Wedding Night

    And we saw how that worked out. Who knew "looking sexy together" didn't predict a long and happy life together.
  8. NoWhammies

    S09.E03: Don't Kiss On the First Wedding Night

    My favorite still has to be, "We matched them because they looked sexy together."
  9. NoWhammies

    S11.E16: More than a Feelin'

    Also, for the record: LIFE IS NOT A FUCKING CABARET. It's many things, some wonderful and some less so, but it's always interesting. So why would we want life to be a shitty, boring form of entertainment such as a cabaret? Whew. I feel better getting that out. That's been eating at me for several episodes now.
  10. NoWhammies

    S11.E16: More than a Feelin'

    Calling Lu a "bit self-absorbed" is like Azan from 90-Day Fiance saying Nicole is "a little bit big." Or perhaps calling the Grand Canyon a little hole in the ground. At the same time, to all of these ladies, hello...pot, meet kettle... Also, I just lost my 16-year-old Toy Fox Terrier a few weeks ago and we lost our Pomeranian about six months ago. That was after losing my dad about a year ago; it's been quite the year here for us. I feel for Tinsley. Losing a pet is a difficult thing; we loved those dogs. And now we're down from four dogs and a cat (who went to live with our college-aged son in his apartment and is now dutifully employed as his girlfriend's "emotional support animal" - we're still waiting for the cat to send us a little $$ from her employment checks...) to two Brussels Griffons. When you go from a busy house full of kids and pets to two small dogs and no kids, well, it's a change. And we had a lot going on. Tinsley only had the dog and Scott. I would imagine she's reeling. For the record, our dogs are both buried in our backyard. I was with both when they died; it's a difficult thing. I was deliberately vague about the details because I didn't want to upset my kids or husband. And we buried them right away instead of freezing them because a) ew; and b) I'd have to throw away everything in my freezer and possibly get a new freezer.
  11. NoWhammies

    S11.E16: More than a Feelin'

    The look on Ramona's face as she was hugging Tinsley was so very....Ramona. Love her or hate her, one thing you can say about Ramona is that there is very little artifice there. She is always uniquely herself.
  12. Perhaps a silent auction and the highest bidder gets to be the smacker. My kid just graduated from college, so I've got some extra money rattling around...
  13. NoWhammies

    S15.E03: Week 3

    The clothespins on nipples was a bit much. I spent two years of my life and even when they got teeth, I can't imagine it was as painful as a clothespin on a nipple.
  14. NoWhammies

    S15.E01: Week 1

    I thought we were going to get the ambulance out of the way right away this season for the guy (I think Luke) who said his heart was "literally exploding."
  15. I'm from the 80s and I wouldn't be all giddy if I was in a room with Boy George and Billy Idol. Washed up 80s musicians are a dime a dozen. I was waiting for Rick Astley to come strolling in with Tiffany on his arm. Edited to add: I don't like Teddi either. She seems like her personality is very curated until her inner lying asshole can't help but leak through.