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    S08.E15: Finale Reunion

    I agree. I felt like the subtext that he wasn't saying is that even though he was turned on when she was in her lingerie, he knew it wasn't going to be a long-term thing because he wasn't that into her in other ways, so he didn't want to lead her on with sex.
  2. NoWhammies

    S10:10 Moving Meltdowns

    My thought about the Sludge and Pudge Meri moving conversation is this: Kody expressed repeatedly that he didn't want Meri to help them move because of his needs. So he probably appealed to Mariah, who, after all, has the same daddy issues as her other sisters. So she was just doing Kody's dirty work for him.
  3. NoWhammies

    S11.E03: It's a Clam Shame

    Truth! I have a friend who used CBD oil in Oregon. Or it claimed to be CBD oil - she bought it in a legit shop. It almost killed her - she crashed, died, and was revived. Happened super fast. Turns out it was synthetic CBD oil. So that's terrifying.
  4. NoWhammies

    10:09 Kody's Secret Plan

    I heard sirens in the background when they were digging up the time capsule. I totally expected them to panic, throw everything in the back of a moving van, and speed off.
  5. NoWhammies

    S08.E11: My Little Secret

    Luke asking Kate not to talk to the experts about them having sex is just another way to isolate her. Abusive twatwaffle. AJ, AJ, AJ....grow the bleep up, you big baby-man.
  6. NoWhammies

    S08.E11: My Little Secret

    I feel like if you're an "expert" setting someone up to marry a stranger, certain things should be off the table. Like setting someone up to marry a complete stranger with residual issues from a TBI, diagnosed with mental health issues, diagnosed personality disorders, terminal or serious illness, certain physical conditions (such as inability to have children), or other things like being on the Autism spectrum. It's not that I feel people with certain issues should never get married nor do I think it precludes having loving and satisfying long-term relationships. However, as someone married to a man on the autism spectrum, I can tell you this: certain relationships are more challenging, and both partners need to go into them with their eyes open. With some of my husband's differences, I think if I'd had it foisted on me by someone instead of choosing it because I loved him, I would've felt very angry and burdened because regardless of how wonderful I find him and how much I love him, there is a certain level of care taking that has to be involved in my role as his wife that wouldn't be there if he wasn't on the spectrum. My relationship has challenges and requires adaptations I wouldn't have had to make otherwise, and I can't imagine having gone into it without realizing those might be present. Blindsiding someone in an arranged marriage for a TV show when there are challenges like these doesn't create the type of environment in which such marriages can go forward in a healthy way. I suspect I'm explaining this badly. I believe everyone regardless of condition (well maybe not sociopaths and psychopaths) is capable of having a loving partnership and deserving of love. But I also feel in certain circumstances, informed consent needs to be a thing. But then, I'd never marry a stranger, so... ETA: I also think a known criminal background, committing a felony, having a pattern of misdemeanors, or struggling with addiction or a recent history of addiction should preclude people from being arranged in marriages by these so-called "experts." While these issues may be in the past - even far in the past - I believe they are "eyes open" kind of things that a potential partner needs to be able to consider before being, as we are so frequently reminded, legally married to someone.
  7. NoWhammies

    S08.E10: D Day Comes Early

    I base this on nothing other than feeling, but Luke's mom gives me a vibe that suggests the apple didn't fall far from the tree.
  8. NoWhammies

    Bailing Out of Season 2: Who's the Worst?

    It's so hard to pick the worst because they're all the worst in some way. I ultimately chose Lizzie because she's old enough to know better and she was just cold in her final speech to Scott followed by "Were are you going?" as he tried to leave. She has such a hugely high opinion of herself, which is why I voted for her. But several were honorable mentions. For the worst civilian, I picked Megan - and that's because she almost had me at the end when she seemed to genuinely get her relationship with Michael was harming his wife and children - until she then went back to it anyway. I feel personally assaulted by Sarah's code switching. Also Lizzie's cleavage because put that shit away - nobody needs to see that.
  9. NoWhammies

    S02.E14: Prison Blues to Wedding Bells

    Who meets a dude at a gas station and allows him to lure her to his garage to "pick out a bike"? Who does that?
  10. NoWhammies

    S11.E01: Divided, They Summer

    My favorite Ramona is, was, and always will be fashion show Ramona.
  11. NoWhammies

    S23.E06: Week 6: Vietnam

    This. As she was walking to her Deduction of Doom in Colton's room with all that hair and her teeny teen girl body, all I could picture was my Barbie's little sister Skipper doll or my Dawn doll (if that doesn't date me, nothing will) from when I was a kid.
  12. NoWhammies

    S08.E06: Honey, I'm Home?

    I look at their division of finances like this: These couples are right now, at the very most, dating. Yeah yeah yeah - real marriages, piece of paper, blah blah blah. But this is a trial run. There's no way I'd want to co-mingle finances with someone I was dating - or worse, someone who had either friend-zoned me or whom I had friend-zoned. So in my opinion, co-mingling finances is premature at this point in all of these relationships because what they really have are getting-to-know-you relationships regardless of how they are labeled. In that case, regardless of who makes what, 50-50 split of household bills makes the most sense. I wouldn't, for example, expect a roommate to pay more of the rent/utilities because she made more money than me. And these people are roommates right now. Maybe some are roommates who bang, but they're still roommates. My husband and I each paid our own bills and managed our own money plus split the household expenses 50-50 when we moved in together. We didn't start sharing finances until we got married and bought a house. My husband makes a lot more than me. Like about 4x what I make. We don't keep score really. Once we made the agreement to merge our finances, we merged them. He actually told me several times I could stop working if I wanted, and I couldn't bring myself to do it. My solution to the work-mom-life balance was to be a work-at-home mom. I'm very lucky I've been able to do that, and it's kept me sane. I will say we both work full-time, our kids are grown now (in college), and the division of labor in the house still is about 80-20 (I'm the 80). Would I like him to do more? Sure. But it isn't worth it to me to keep score either financially or about division of labor because I feel that tit for tat stuff harms the relationship. Likewise, he's not really on my case about the fact I make less money than him. I make enough and I work full-time. We figure in the end it all sort of comes out in the wash and we're contributing in the best way we can. My previous husband and I kept our own finances...paid our own bills, maintained separate accounts, credit accounts, etc., and split our living expenses 50-50. We did that even after we were married until I got pregnant with our son and I realized what a mess his finances were. Then I co-mingled them so I could pay down his bills so we could afford to have the baby and pay for his education, etc. Even after giving birth to our son, I was the primary breadwinner and I did 90 percent of everything with the kiddo, with the house, etc. I couldn't begin to judge someone else's financial arrangements in a marriage because there are just too many factors contributing to how it all works out.
  13. NoWhammies

    Tracie & Clint: Bless Yer Hearts

    Yes, but how much would a 1 carrot diamond cost?
  14. NoWhammies

    S23.E03: Week 3

    I'm finding Colton surprisingly genuine. I think his age shows when he gets caught up in the beauty queen drama instead of walking away and saying, "nope - ot for me."
  15. NoWhammies

    S10:E1 Meri, On Her Own...

    How did she get a business loan without a viable written business plan?
  16. NoWhammies

    S10:E1 Meri, On Her Own...

    Meri has perfectly lined up the vehicles for a clean escape from the mess that is the Brown family: no children at home, her own income, a place to live, a legal divorce. Now all she has to do is make the decision, but I think in her mind what's missing is a man to drive her away from all of that.
  17. NoWhammies

    S10:E1 Meri, On Her Own...

    sometimes when my dog steps on my laptop keyboard like when I leave it on the couch when I get up to go to the bathroom, she is more literate than this. This. More proof he is a poo poo head. I think Mary's hair is morphing into Kody's hair. Ysabel is starting to look a lot like Aspyn.
  18. NoWhammies

    S02.E07: Rings and Runaways

    yes - Roy, WA is a terrible choice. I've been to Roy. There are no jobs there.
  19. Although one would have to assume the jumpsuitee wouldn't be sexy enough for her.
  20. NoWhammies

    Kalani & Asuelu: Cheeto Dust and Slut People

    I was just thinking about this last night, actually (not in relation to 90 DF - but in relation to someone asking for translation rights to one of my books and what it would be like if I did a book tour in that country). I speak a few other languages at a rudimentary level. I would get by if I visited places where the languages were spoken, but I'd sound like I was not very bright. Although I like to think I'd avoid barking and hitting myself when I got frustrated. However, in a culture where that is the norm, they might think there was something up with my calm facade when something went wrong.
  21. NoWhammies

    S06.E13 & E14: Tell-All

    Wow - she looks fantastic. However, if at 56 I am hosting a shitshow like that tell all, I'm going to be seriously questioning my career path.
  22. I dunno - maybe Larissa should stay in jail. She can get her three hots and a cot, plus health care and maybe air conditioning.
  23. NoWhammies

    S06.E13 & E14: Tell-All

    I tend not to get all upset about stuff I see on reality TV because it's often manufactured. However, the thing with Eric and Leida that I just can't understand why people aren't making a big deal of is this: THEY TOOK HER BED. Who does that? (and by "people" I mean people on the tell-all, Tasha herself, hosts, etc. They took her damn bed, y'all.)
  24. NoWhammies

    S23.E02: Week 2

    I always find it amusing when super young chicks think they've got something on older women. Youth is fleeting, girls. But character, experience, wisdom, and maturity? That's forever.
  25. NoWhammies

    S06.E13: I Said I Got It!

    Well of course it was passive aggressive. It was also a move perfected by my sister back in the 80s. And also by some road ragey guy in his muscle car (where it actually is dangerous). Was it Kate's finest hour? No of course not. Was it dangerous? Of course not. People do jerky, passive-aggressive things sometimes.