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  1. These women don't understand that they will not be happy just because they find some "hot" (subjective) guy to put a ring on their fingers and say "we're twin flames" to. I honestly can't even understand what kind of connection they have with men who communicate at best in broken English, have no jobs, don't seem to have much motivation, and overall kind of suck. Darcey, especially, seems to think that "happiness" is exclusive of ordinary life, drama-free days and just letting things happen. Her constant analysis of everything, always talking about "this relashhhip" and acting like life
  2. My impressions: Sure, Michael- you don't masturbate as it's "against your religion" but you had some sort of FaceTime sex session with Angie and you didn't get yourself off? Did you rub on the screen? And Angela, be sure to scold Michael that he will have to do the FORBIDDEN THING in order to bottle some sperm (and "LOOK AT PORNOS")- how sanctimonious of you! But you can talk about your future plans to rejuvinate your wet t-shirt champ status with your hot new bod (that you suffered to get since you are "improving your health"). Oh, the irony. I am pretty much certain that the Pottha
  3. Despite her little breakdown about the jerseys, I found Bao likable and I could definitely identify with her as an "anxious" person. I could never submit to marrying someone sight unseen. Way too out of my comfort zone, but I give her credit for sticking her neck out and going for it. She and Johnny are genuinely cute together and looked truly happy walking down the aisle. Jamie O is tipping into "I've overdone my cosmetic procedure" territory really fast. She loves to post about loving herself as is, embracing baby weight, etc- but look at pictures of her from her season (season 1). She
  4. why are people hesitant to just say it?
  5. Tiffany's whinging on and on is the kind of "communication" that give women a bad name. I mean, Ronald is no prize (to start, he keeps saying "you don't appreciate all I've done for you," but I don't see him, um- working for example). But she goes round and round and never says anything. "I shouldn't have to ask. I do this all myself and you need to step up." All the dumb, pointless babble. First of all, Tiff- you chose to risk getting pregnant when you barely knew the guy and raise yet another kid alone. And yes, you are a single mom but if you cannot even afford on your own to pay for Rona
  6. I was fascinated by him obviously digging into her pants while she was trying to drive.
  7. I don't get this. If this family is hanging around her smoking and eating junk food, they certainly could benefit from eating better. It isn't a punishment to eat in a more healthy way... but that smoothie wasn't a good example of it.
  8. She did better; she asked him to do something illegal ON camera. Honestly, every time I think maybe Angela is just good ol' Angie the country bumpkin, she releases the venomous hatred she spewed last night. She is a classic, classic abuser: she reminds the object of her abuse of the control she has over him; she blames him for her abuse ("YOU MAKE ME ACT THIS WAY!"), she insults him physically (something about the size of his package), she paints herself as used and abused all while screaming at him at the top of her lungs. Nothing he says is adequate (he asked about her health and she
  9. Chris is the kid who cried when Mom yelled at him, started fights on the playground when he wasn't the leader, and stomped off when someone called him out. And he's still that kid. I am so sick of Paige's trite phrases: "I had faith in this process;" "I wanted to make this work;" "God put us together for a reason" (no, God didn't- you put your faith in a bunch of "experts" who couldn't see Chris's sociopathic behavior closeup even though it's apparent from miles away). She is either playing a role or just that stupid. She really saw "potential" in him and the relationship? He is ambitious (I g
  10. Just finished and here are my takeaways: Brianna, you can't tell Vincent you find him "unorganized" (I get annoyed by that because I was taught the word is "disorganized")- in your pompous, holier-than-thou way ("I figured I could help you with that," she says)- but then cry to mommy when he mentions your "bossiness" and say "that is insulting my character!" Stick with one rule. Either criticism is allowed, or it isn't. I think producers just made Jake and Haley act like they got along and make the "maybeeee" statements just because they are pretty much done and boring. And Jake, tha
  11. I was fascinated by Meri's makeup choices in the picnic scenes. I know heavily drawn-on brows are the rage these days, but she paints hers so far towards the middle they practically touch. And the harsh eyeliner... so unattractive. She looked better in her talking heads. I can't get over the swearing and "I don't give a shit" attitudes the wives have all developed. Look back at season 1 (and pictures pre-TV) where they wear modest clothing (even at the gym they wore long sleeves under their workout tanks). They all look old, tired, and over it.
  12. Regarding Janelle's pronouncement that she was going to help Madison with her kids: I couldn't believe that Kody truly had no reaction at all. If, heaven forbid, my granddaughter needed serious reconstructive surgery and my daughter-in-law and son were far away (they are) you could bet I'd be out there in a heartbeat and my husband would be backing me 100%. It's his GRANDDAUGHTER and she has a serious condition! He was like- womp womp, guess we won't see each other for a while. Janelle seemed like it really bothered her, which is weird; I view her as rather asexual and just likes him because
  13. there is no reason insurance wouldn't cover it: severe scoliosis can cause long-term health issues: chronic pain, deformity, and damage to internal organs. I think they just weren't insured for a very long time. I don't see much income (except from the show) and Kody hasn't had any sort of "job" that we can see in a long time. They did some bogus treatment with exercises years back. It didn't do much (surprise). (I used to work in spine surgery).
  14. I haven't read any comments yet, but let me just say this: Kody's gleeful excitement at Christine being shot down about moving to Utah because "I'm not the bad guy!" and his denial that they had discussed it made me see RED. Add to that his total disregard for Ysabel's pain and need for surgery (but why New Jersey? There are certainly many surgeons who could do the procedure closer) just made me realize what a scumbag he is. And then the other wives just sit there on their lot, stony-faced as she cries and bares her pain. I really feel for her. She needs to just go. Sadly, she has no way to
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