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  1. I really enjoyed Alina's mother grilling Steven and his slack-jawed reactions. And he made some comment about having had sex because now he knows what he is sacrificing by abstaining? And sorry, just because a bunny picks a fortune for you saying he loves you is not a reason to stick with this rodent-faced hypocrite. I did NOT enjoy the ongoing Corey-groveling. He doesn't seem to be aware that he looks like a mealy-mouthed doormat with a "kick me" sign on his back. One theme on this show I can't stand is that one partner treats the other like dirt, and then the abused person makes a mis
  2. I don't see "tantrums" at all. She might come across as a glass-half-full kind of person, which also could be heavily due to producer shenanigans. She does take note of negatives, but she is mild about it ("the sound of the ocean would be nice here...") but the way they show montages of her comments strung together tells me she may not be a constant Negative Nancy. I was SO hoping that Brett would ask Ryan the exact question that Cal told her to: "when did it turn for you?" I also really, REALLY want to know how she acted on the plane to their honeymoon that made him reference it several
  3. How many times is Johnny going to ask Bao what SHE is doing to improve their relationship? How many missed opportunities will Bao have to ask in response, "what are YOU doing to improve the relationship?" I know it's been said a lot here- but he does nothing but sit and wait for her to perform some microscopic slight so that he can then proclaim that it's not working and he's unhappy. And oh, the drama. Walking out, holding his head in his hands with a pained expression- he needs to stop saying he will "try" because he never has. He's an A-1 jerk and now every time they talk (which he always
  4. Cory is a big guy. The dynamics of their relationship seem toxic, but I'd hesitate to call him weak. He isn't physically weak, he is emotionally weak and a total doormat. He took her word when she kicked him out and said they could see others. He sat there like a limp rag while she and her sisters emasculated him with the soup and laughed in his face. He followed along with covering their marriage up because she didn't feel like telling anyone (and admitted she really has no interest in marriage). He looked the other way when she slept with his friend- and bragged about it. He gave
  5. I realized after binge-watching the last 3 episodes (I'm home sick on the couch) that Rachel is a terrible communicator; and she is very willing to dive into the romanticized version of marriage- and along with it, the drama of a teen-like relationship at the expense of really scrutinizing their compatibility. What stood out to me was when she and José had the big fight after she called him by another name. Let's ignore the fact that it was really not an egregious offense- she didn't say "I love you, Bob-" and come on; they've known each other for a month. On occasion I stumble over my husban
  6. Their whole scene is what I call the current trend of "emasculation for entertainment." How many commercials and shows do we see where women insult and embarrass their (supposed) significant others for kicks? Think the commercial where the dumb husband changes the baby diaper on the kitchen counter (as wife discovers with rolling eyes) or the scene here where Evelyn gleefully watches and snickers as her sisters humiliate her husband? It's really awful and tiresome. This whole episode was rather dull and plodding. SteVen is just weird and Alina is naive; Jenny and Sumit are just so repetit
  7. Everytime I watch these two, I am torn between thinking they are either shameless attention-whores; mentally stunted, delusional and pathetic; or just really, really stupid. There is so little to their life beyond the superficiality of carving up their bodies, spouting self-help book sayings, and chasing "hot" foreign men to fulfill their warped visions of love. It's sad, maddening, and sick/funny all at the same time. And if a lot of this is TV-driven to keep this ridiculousness up for another season or two, they need to look at their desire to make money vs what this looks like not o
  8. Ari does too, so they are a match made in heaven.
  9. I'm not. I just think she isn't acting in the spirit of the "experiment."
  10. I think the problem most of us have with Myrla is that she was not dragged into this deal; she had to know what the risks were (i.e., that her match might be imperfect; that they may not mesh at all; that she may not have the wedding/honeymoon/married life of her dreams)- and most obviously that she is being FILMED engaging in all of this and doesn't seem to have any motivation to be a sport and play along. If it doesn't work out, she knows she has the option to end it in six weeks. So by not being a bit more flexible about the circumstances, she is displaying herself as a stubborn, snobby, ri
  11. This show is giving me whiplash. In the "previously" scenes, Darcy is blubbering in the back of the Suburban ("No more PAIN...AAAAH") - what is that? It's the way 13-year old girls talk. She did it again when her "friend' broke the "trash comment" news-( "He doesn't care about you, Darce..." "NO....WUHHH!") Cut to this week and she's batting her eyes at him at the door as he arrives with four bunches of grocery store roses. That's all it took! Three weeks later, she's waving her butt in his face on a bench at the beach and he's her fiancé again. As for the sweet sixteen being postp
  12. My thoughts on the most recent episode (on D+ now)... These dudes are duds. Flat, boring, just sitting there watching the women emote. The girls go on and on about their feelings, about "opening up," and Georgi and Florian just sit there. Darcey wiping all her makeup on the hotel WHITE washcloth with her dagger-like fingernails... aagggh Their breakfast- sitting at the table and the women grilling the men, saying with grim, sour faces, "It was nice to meet your friends last night..." Darcey has some significant armpit fat. I really can't figure out what great revelati
  13. Me either, until he pointed out, "I'm NOT 6 feet tall," which was code to me for "I'm insecure about my height." But I agree- I don't put a lot of value on a guy's height. My husband is only a couple of inches taller than me and I never gave it a thought. And we fit together nicely! I am reminded of that douchebag basektball player with the tiny, needy teacher and how I would look at them and think, "that would kill my neck." I like Brett and was pleasantly surprised that Ryan's wooden-ness seemed to let up this week. I have some hope for them, although she seemed to curl her lip at the "
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