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  1. Don't forget that Sumit has also suggested that he likes being dominated in bed. In such a patriarchal society, I doubt he has many options there. 🤢
  2. Didn't Steven learn Russian as a Mormon Missionary? Being a returned missionary with a job, and a young 20-something makes him a CATCH in his world. Of course, being LDS, the reason to get married is to start reproducing ASAP. I think that's what turns him off. Because he'd have to grow up and he couldn't be the quirky childlike guy he is today.
  3. It seems that these chuckefucks always quit their jobs. I think they make better money from the show, and they need to be available to film when the crew is around.
  4. Oh, for goodness' sake, people! Ari's "nanny" is called Mimi. Bini has two sisters on the show, and they're called Wish and Mimi. Sister Mimi looks NOTHING like nanny Mimi. Ari did all but come straight out and ask Leandro to take her back. She was ALL over him, even though he was trying to be tactful. He has more common sense. He said he'd like to come back and visit "you two" but Ari had nothing but eyes for Leandro. She's looking for any excuse to leave Ethiopia and return to Leandro, and made it well known to Bini & the camera.
  5. Yes, they deliberately showed her messing with her eye. I thought she was putting the contact lens IN, but after reading your comment, she very well could have been taking one OUT. It was definitely NOT Masha imagining Carmel looking like her shooter.
  6. Jenny is just hoping to outlive Sumit's parents and force him to come up with a new excuse to not marry her.
  7. Did anybody catch Martin, Short, and Gomez on Late Night with Stephen Colbert? Awkward as it could be. Steve Martin & Martin Short are great together, but Selena Gomez looked like she wanted to be anywhere but there.
  8. I used to work international airline reservations, and we all had trouble with Indian travelers accepting "no" as an answer. Finally an Indian supervisor gave us some insight & suggested "that would be very difficult" as a response, and that seemed to be accepted so much easier than a simple "no." It IS cultural.
  9. ...and worst yet, getting married will end ALL of their problems. This reminds me if Nicole & her Arabian Prince. "Why can't we just get MAAAARIED, then we start our LIFE TOGETHERRRRR!." Sit back, hon, this IS your life.
  10. They're young, they're in love. There is absolutely NO reason they couldn't wait out the pandemic. If they're meant to be together, they'll be fine. Instead, they're forcing it. But then they wouldn't be on teevee.
  11. So, they've never met in person but plan to live together in a country that neither has ever been to. Makes perfect sense to me. I understand why they're on "TOW" because the K1 requires that they have met in person within the last year, unless their culture or religion forbids it. SWaV is definitely on the spectrum.
  12. With this no-drama couple, my guess is that he is "in love" with his children or grandchild.
  13. I knew that Ari had been married before to an Argentinian, but was this the first they mentioned that she brought him over on a fiance visa? No wonder she hasn't tried that with Bini. She already burned that bridge. ...and "she wanted to travel, he wanted to get his doctorate" is a really poor excuse. So she just up and left. Such a sensible girl, our Ari.
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