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  1. Oh, he not only imported Nikki, she was from the SAME TOWN that his ex was from. He bought her the SAME CAR that he bought for his ex. He was attempting a do-over, hoping for a different outcome. ...and it's on video of him looking in the mirror and calling himself "a specimen." Yeah, a specimen, but of WHAT?!?
  2. There were a couple of "new" shows last night, but they were old rehashes with new pop-ups added. I think there might have even been a NEW NEW show on TLC, but I didn't get a chance to watch. Maybe they figured out that not everyone is willing to pay more for Discovery+. Especially since the advertised price is WITH commercials.
  3. She eats fish & seafood, but still considers herself a "vegetarian."
  4. Aw, heck no! With smaller boobage, she can wear the same bra but carry TWICE as much! :D
  5. Pretty sure, since that was new constructions, that it was a model home in an open-to-the-public development. Prior to Covid I used to frequent those because I wasn't wasting any salesperson's time. They're there anyway.
  6. To me that looked staged. There's Kalani, all alone, looking at a model home. Then she & the real estate agent walk into the master bedroom & there is Asuelu jumping on the bed with the boys. I call producer shenanigans. "Hey, Asuelu, why don't you jump on the bed with your kids? That will make GREAT TV!"
  7. I don't understand the reasoning she used for wanting a divorce - "I'm tired of doing it all alone." How is that going to change if she's officially divorced from him? Does she think she can find another man to step in? I'm so confused!
  8. Yeah, and that back seat looked a bit crowded. Did anyone notice Jovi's manspreading?
  9. But...but...but this LIFESTYLE just makes each of them BETTER! (sarcasm font)
  10. Kath94


    I wouldn't go THAT far, but he definitely looked better than now!
  11. My husband & I "ran away to Vegas" to get married. Just the two of us, at the marriage clerk's office. He was "visiting" California but had a previously issued work visa. We went to Las Vegas about 2 weeks after he arrived and "spontaneously" got married. That's our story and we're sticking to it. Because it was intended to look unplanned, my mother was aware of it but wasn't allowed to come with us. To this day I still don't know if she was more upset about that or because we got to go to Las Vegas (one of her favorite places) and she didn't. 😄 We followed it up with a fun
  12. I may be mistaken, but I got the impression that Natalie called him "out of the blue" to say that her Visa came through, and that she had a short time to fly to the U.S. to start the 90 days. I'd like to think that Mike thought they were over, but didn't think to cancel the K1 Visa application, so he was taken by surprise when Natalie called him with the "good" news. I think he agreed to have her come to the U.S. just for the TV show & for the Sharp money, but he was already done with the relationship. That was one of the "books" I got from my mother. You just sparked a memory. T
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