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  1. I really enjoyed this episode right up until the last few seconds. Everything about Bronn saving Jaime doesn't work for me. It doesn't ring true for Bronn's selfish character. It doesn't make sense logistically (where did all that water come from?) and it is an anti-climactic way to end the episode. I mean I like show Jaime ok (he's no book Jaime) but if he either: 1. Threw the lance at Dany and missed (left handed throw) then was killed by dragon fire. Or 2. Gotten to her but hesitates and then is killed by dragon fire. edit: 3rd outlandish option: doesn't burn because he is secret Targaryen! Would have been a grand way to go out. It really felt like the show pulled it's punches by not having a major character go down after so much destruction. Also, let's send Bronn to fight the white walkers. His plot armor will let him take down the Night King.
  2. I think overall I liked it, lots of laughs and the GotG themselves are all very endearing. However had two major gripes: 1. Lots of telling rather than showing for emotional beats. I already knew from the first movie that the group is a family. You don't need to say it out loud. Conversely, all the Yondu stuff didn't work for me at all. 2. Action scenes were weak. Some might say that this is a different breed of superhero movie that has a more comedy focus, but either do it well (True Lies) or do it less (Hot Fuzz). That last act in particular was such a bore to me. And one minor gripe: 1. I couldn't follow or care about any scenes with Sly Stallone's character.
  3. jellysalmon

    Logan (2017)

    I also enjoyed this immensely. I don't know where they found this X-23 actress. She was amazing. I didn't think they could pull off that character with her being so young, but they did. Hey intro scene was aces. I almost wished they hadn't spoiled it in the trailers.
  4. At least he recognizes that it's flawed. Pensfanboy however needs to re-calibrate his masterpiece radar.
  5. I finished FFXV this weekend and...mixed feelings. I'm usually all for light exposition and whatnot but I'll admit I wasn't sure what exactly was going on in the ending sequence. Not that it ruined the game or anything, it seemed like the characters knew what they were doing so I don't need some long-winded explanation about mystical mumbo jumbo, but a bit more context would have helped more than hurt IMO. However, similar to FFXIII, I will go to bat for it because I liked that it's trying something different. Some things worked, others didn't. I agree with @PrincessEnnui that every new FF will be "worst one ever" in the eyes of the public. Worked for Me: Battle System Group Banter Summons World Didn't Work for Me: The gang's outfits. Just awful. Thankfully they have alternates, but I couldn't fix Prompto's lack of sleeves and Ignis' ever-present gloves. No party variation. There are some guest characters that I wished could have joined the group. Chapter 13. Just awful. Way too long. Some light technical issues. Trees in my way, hitting x and jumping instead of talking etc.
  6. I was thinking of what my least favorite movies from this year were and I settled on: Independence Day 2 Suicide Squad Batman v. Superman All three had Asian actors in minor roles. So minor that it's hard not to wonder if the producers went for some sort of "Asian Participation Score" and just threw in one character to meet the quota. I realized that one of the reasons I am apprehensive about Rogue One is that there is an Asian character in it. Not to say that I don't want Asian characters in my movies, but having one in a bit part seems to be the mark of a studio-tempered movie that I might not enjoy. It's not enough to have them in the films, I want them to be meaningful characters in the films.
  7. Yes I agree wholeheartedly. Overall I enjoyed the episodes but every single one could have been edited down by a good 15 minutes. Most of them have scenes that don't really add anything to the narrative, it's just more 5-star rating interaction/Blackmailer coercion/hanging out in San Junipero etc. But this one feels the slowest because the reveal is so obvious that the payoff isn't that surprising or satisfying.
  8. Yessss. I was just telling my friends that I want to use it all the time but worry that people will assume I'm having a stroke.
  9. As one of the biggest Lannister apologists out there, this was irredeemable from Cersei. I mean screw the High Sparrow and his holier-than-thou ways, but yeesh. Also I know she felt like she was stuck in a corner, but her current position doesn't seem much better. Gunning for her: Dorne + Tyrell Armies. Relatively untouched and fresh. Varys, Olenna, Tyrion, Ellaria. 4 people who are pretty good schemers. Dany + dragons + Dothraki + Unsullied. Arya? General populace? They didn't like her to begin with, so the thought of them killing their Queen and spiritual leader won't go over well. Brotherhood without Banners (+ The Hound)? Maybe. They supposed to protect the people and lots of people were killed in that explosion. Who does she have on her side? Qyburn + little kids with knives. Zombountain. Jaime? (Not for long) Freys Boltons Who can she recruit? And she better do some Tywin-tier letter writing or else her reign will be shorter than Tommen's. Euron Greyjoy Littlefinger/Vale
  10. I'm hoping that House Tyrell in the books isn't completely wiped out, even if they're not longer Lords Paramount of Highgarden. Even if Margaery goes down (and I hope she doesn't), there are two others. Willas Tyrell in particular I want to see. It doesn't look great for them by the end of DwD, but I'm hoping we get a Tyrell POV character of some sort. Also, from GRRM:
  11. Whoa I forgot that I made this topic. RIP Tyrells. You will be missed. Honestly this was the most upsetting death for me since The Red Viper vs The Mountain. I too thought she would make it out alive, but not as Queen. I heard Natalie Dormer wanted out so she could do other projects though. And you're right, the fact that she goes to get her brother before trying to leave shows how much she cared for him. That's really what doomed her to begin with, her support of her brother. It was endearing that she stuck with him until the end. I feel like if GRRM was writing this, he would have had Margaery to inspire Loras to fight through the Sparrows, only to have them blow up anyways.
  12. *biased I mean if we're going to nitpick character setbacks, let's nitpick character setbacks. Dany: Killed her mother during childbirth, exiled for most of her life, forcibly married/raped, lost her husband, lost her posse, lost her dragons (lol), lost her queensguard, had to exile her bodyguard because he's a creep, lost her dragon again, gets placed at Club Med Dothraki. Brienne: Loses Renly, loses Catelyn, almost raped by mercs, almost killed by bear, lets Arya get away, lets Sansa get away. Also, if you think that Reek/Miranda mean anything to Ramsay, Ok but really, I kinda agree that Dany gets too many lucky rolls, but just because she has "rollover the competition" story arcs doesn't mean Ramsay's are any less frustrating to watch.
  13. Agreed. Also I don't know if I would consider Dany or Brienne as rolling over anything either. Brienne vs the Hound. Or vs Jaime. Or even vs Loras. All had her struggling a bit. Meanwhile Ramsey has barely broken a sweat.
  14. Saw it last night. Looooved it. Other posters have gushed on why it's so amazing but I had two minor quibbles. 1. The volume was a bit low? This could have just been my theater but there were numerous times when I thought there would be a loud boom, but instead got a moderate one. Usually in action movies I think it's too loud, so this was a strange feeling. I sort of regret not seeing it IMAX. 2. I agree with @deaja that the action in the first 1/3 is hard to follow. Lots of up close shots. They did this in Winter Soldier a bit too. I'm wondering if it's a filming technique to give the illusion of super strength without the help of CGI. But these are minor problems in a movie that got so many emotional responses out of me. Laughs! Awe! Sympathy! I agree that this feels like an Avengers movie more than a Captain America movie, but it really shows how he's the heart of the team. He has heartfelt conversations with: Wanda, Natasha, Tony, Sam, Bucky. Also Ant-Man and Spider-Man's reactions to him show lots of respect. But really everyone has their moment in the spotlight. It's crazy how many characters are in this movie and they all get something to do and all of their motivations make sense. Meanwhile BvS couldn't do that with 4 characters. Question: It's been awhile since I've seen Cap 1 & 2,
  15. Have any of the trailers shown Sophie Turner speaking? Her acting is a bit hit-or-miss on GoT and i'm wondering if the studio is hiding something. Although that being said, Storm, Psylocke and Angel have had any spoken lines either.
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