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  1. marieYOTZ

    The OA

    Well, to be strictly accurate, the telepathic tree of the netherworld did mention him..
  2. marieYOTZ

    The OA

    Just finished season 2. I am not as off kilter as i was after finishing season 1 (honestly i could barely work the next day - i was like “WHAT EVEN IS REALITY?!”). I read some reviews that said this season was even weirder than season 1, but i disagree - in many respects it seems more straightforward. The story-telling format of Part 1 created a real sense of ambiguity, but Part 2 makes it clear that dimension-jumping through mystically-powered movements is a thing that’s possible. And i’m not complaining. I loved the confusing emotional power of part 1, but i really enjoyed the energy of part 2. I’m glad we got to see everyone from before - was so great to see the actor who played Prairie’s father in a brief scene (I believe i read that he has since passed away). I was not put off by anything. Not by - one of the great pleasures of this show is that it has me well conditioned to just go along with the “invisible river” of its narrative, without feeling the need to fight the current. I’m happy to float along and see where we end up. So mark me as one in the “well satisfied” camp. Hoping most sincerely for a Part 3.
  3. marieYOTZ

    S02.E08: Identity, Part I

    My thought while watching the scene where Isaac looked at Ty’s drawing and then dropped it was that he had scanned the image into his memory bank and then didn’t need the physical one anymore because he has a perfect replica of it in his mind. I was thinking that we’d get a scene in the second part where he recreates the image somehow, and Ty realizes that he DID value the picture - he just didn’t see a need to keep the “hard copy”. But everyone’s theory about Isaac being imitated in that scene also makes sense. I guess we’ll see! Either way, i hope the drawing gets mentioned again. My heart just broke for Ty when he was in that tree 😞
  4. marieYOTZ

    S01.E13: Twelve Seconds

    If i was Delilah, i would not have even mentioned that letter to the kids. “Your father wanted us all to know how much he loved me...”
  5. marieYOTZ

    S04.E12: I Need a Break

    I Hate Everything But You really resonated with me, and I’m going to make it the new song i sing to my dog, but maybe fiddle with the lyrics so it covers more of my top-hated things.
  6. marieYOTZ

    S02.E07: Haunted

    Count me amongst the weepers, cried like a child. City Slicker’s human partner seemed like a nice caring guy. I hope he and his new hunky-but-emotionally-damaged horse partner get a spinoff series.
  7. marieYOTZ

    S04.E08: Demons

    I thought the druid-primary’s take-down of Olivia made this episode wholly worthwhile. “You’re just a fool in a metal mask”, and all that. Excellent.
  8. marieYOTZ

    S02.E09: Vanishing Point

    My deep thought: While it’s definitely rude to throw any present away, a musical jewelry box with a spinning ballerina inside is a pretty terrible gift for a 16 year old, engraved or not.
  9. marieYOTZ

    S02.E11: Bryce and Chloe

    What happened to the polaroids of Chloe?? Did the lawyer not have them or know about them? Sorry, but when Chloe was like “oh i remember it was consensual” i’d have definitely shown her those pictures and been like “so this is you right after you consented? Drooling on the arm of this couch?” I can definitely understand a rape victim not wanting to come forward, but i’m struggling to believe as it becomes apparent that he’s raped any number of girls - and they all now know about each other - that not ONE of them is raring to look him in the eyes and call him a raping rapist. I mean really, NO ONE? It’s good to acknowledge that some survivors of sexual assault struggle to publically acknowledge what happened in the face of all that comes with doin so - but there ARE survivors who are like “lemme tell the world what pond scum that guy is”. I would think at the point they’re at in terms of their knowledge of what he’s done to each of them that they’d have some collective strength to call him out now that they didn’t when maybe they thought they were totally alone in what happened to them. I just don’t get it. Are they all planning to go to school with the guy for the rest of the year knowing that he’s a serial rapist?? I mean the evidence against him now is stacked a mile high - photos (assuming that the polaroids of Chloe are still out there, which i have to believe they are), a confession, multiple victims, at least one eye-witness - this is like the world’s most solid rape case - and still NOTHING?? What was believable when dealing with each individual case has become absurd in the aggregate.
  10. marieYOTZ

    S01.E10: Opening Night

    I will give it to them, I got misty eyed at a couple different points. It was a satisfying end to an uneven show - but any show with a musical theater element is worthwhile in my book! Now to wait a few years for the next short-lived attempt.
  11. marieYOTZ

    S01.E13: Tape 7, Side A

    I found myself struggling most with how to deal with the counselor. He seemed like a decent guy, and at times during his meeting with Hannah was hitting the right beats, but something about the whole "well if you're not going to tell me who did it your only other option might be to move on" exchange left a bad taste in my mouth. I can definitely understand why he didn't acknowledge that final convo to anyone after Hannah's death, because what a massive failure of seeing-the-signs. I found myself liking the guy throughout the series, maybe because i like the actor, but that final interaction with Hannah really disturbed me. Early on, maybe during the episode where she meets Jessica, she makes a passing comment about it being too bad that the lady counselor left. I did get the vibe that that lady, much as the girls were rolling their eyes at her, would have handled the final meeting witg Hannah with more empathy and alarm. I am happy to say that i know my high school guidance counselors would absolutely NOT have let that conversation end the way it did. I hope that most would not.
  12. marieYOTZ


    Just binged it - i was barely paying attention to it the first few episodes, but got more interested around episode 6. When they transitioned to the travelers spending more time trying to integrate into their new identities i thought it really picked up. I'm just sorry there's not more to watch! Time to scour the listings for my next binge watch.
  13. marieYOTZ

    S03.E05: Men Against Fire

    I really enjoyed this episode, thought the scene where he came face to face with 'roaches' down in the hidey hole was great - and then was persuaded to let that knowledge go... but what the hell was with his dream-girl showing up at the end? I completely failed to understand her significance.
  14. marieYOTZ

    S02.E13: Memory of Tomorrow

    I was annoyed as I was watching that he didn't just tell her what was happening, but I mulled it over while walking my dogs after viewing, and decided that Cole didn't tell her because he KNEW she'd be like "To hell with our happy life, we must fight the time war!" before pouring the red tea into him with a funnel if necessary, and he just didn't want to actually SEE how willing she would have been to undo their happy memories. I do wonder, though - if Cole had just played "chicken" with the red forest in 1959, would it have ultimately resolved itself when the Witness was stuck on the farm with his loving folks instead of heading to the future with him mom... And is Cassie still heading to whatever year to die and leave Cole the message - 2020 or whenever it is - and if she DOES that, wouldn't it seem that she IS in league with the Witness at that point, because it is that message that will set about the whole chain of events that leaves to conception of the Witness, and at the time it is left, presumably Cassie knows enough about what's going on to forestall it by just NOT leaving a message? It just makes my brain hurt when I think about it too hard. Anyhow, I don't post much here but have enjoyed reading everyone's comments this season -- 12 Monkeys is definitely one of my favorite shows, and I thought this was a great cap to the season, and I'm dreading the long wait til season 3. And I'm just TICKLED that Jones got a dog. I am, as always, way happier about the addition of a dog to this (or any) show than I am about the addition of a magic baby.
  15. marieYOTZ

    S04.E21: Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing

    I was impressed that they managed to arrest everyone involved with the case - girlfriend, wife, AND partner. Wahoo, everyone's guilty of something! Who the hell owns the ginseng now?!