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  1. Okay, so I guess I'm in the minority, but I went into this episode fully expecting the whole Night King and Army of the Dead stuff to be dealt with by the end of the episode. Like, I get that the White Walkers were a huge threat, and one that's been building in power since the beginning of the series, but, as an enemy, they're also just not that interesting. For a couple seasons now, the refrain has been "nothing matters if we don't defeat the White Walkers," which, while true, doesn't make for a particularly nuanced story. I'm not saying we're gonna get that with the fight for the Iron Thr
  2. I think it was a flute. I have no explanation for why she would pick that, why it was there in the first place, or why anyone would hold a blunt weapon up against someone's throat to end a fight, but it was definitely either a flute or a flute shaped instrument of some kind.
  3. Yeah, I think that's the reason they've started doing the double U-turn, instead of the regular one like they used to. Theoretically, it should mean that two teams are in a bit of a head-to-head thing. The problem is that, if only one team uses it, and it's on a team that's already in last, there's not a whole lot that team can do. I agree that the whole u-turn thing worked a lot better when you had to finish the detour to use it. It put a lot more pressure on all the teams during the detour tasks, plus it made for some uncertainty, since teams didn't usually know, for sure, whether ot
  4. This is 100% the reason that I hate the argument that Green Arrow and Black Canary are some kind of comic soul mates. If Dinah Lance has a comic soul mate at all, it's Barbara Gordon.
  5. I realize that, considering the source, I should probably just ignore this, but I'm genuinely curious what would qualify as "superheroes and bad guys" to them. Like, Prometheus was going around murdering people. If I recall correctly, Savitar was giving people powers and then murdering them (or something like that; I don't really watch the Flash). Like, I get that there were other elements to their respective fights with Oliver and Barry, but in what world is that not a story about superheroes and bad guys?
  6. Yeah, I'm also pretty doubtful about Maggie being deported. On top of everything else, she's a cop, which is not a super logical job to have for someone who's in the country illegally.
  7. That's what I was thinking, too. I feel like they have the makings of sort of a Pride and Prejudice-esque thing, which I think could be fun. I agree that I wouldn't want to see Sara with someone who looks down on her (well, figuratively, at least).
  8. Yeah, I think the part in the casting announcement where they were saying her past relationships haven't worked out is kind of a flashing sign saying she's going to hook up with someone on the team, and the fact that they shared a scene in a trailer that had almost no new footage seems to indicate that the smart money's on Sara. Personally, I could see them being an interesting match, under the right circumstances.
  9. Yeah, that's the main reason I feel like it's probably better not to close out the crossover. Like, I get that Legends episode had the big final battle and more of a resolution than the other episodes, but it also had by far the least focus on it's own characters. That being said, I don't know how much of that was because it was the last episode of the crossover and how much was because it was the Legends episode, since Legends is basically the red-headed stepchild of the Arrowverse. I'll be interested to see if they actually make it as much of a "one long movie" thing as they've been s
  10. If this is Damien back from the dead, I hope that means Sara gets to kill him. I feel like she's earned that.
  11. I'm not sure if you meant this to refer to Sara/Caity Lotz, but, if so, that's not what queerbaiting means.
  12. Yeah, I feel like this is one of those things that happens when people conflate one ship (which is explicitly not canon) and the LGBT+ community. Like, if they were talking about the show's treatment of its actual queer characters, that might be different, but reactions to specific romantic pairings are questions of preference, not representation. That being said, however, making fun of your fans is always kind of a dick move. Like, I don't blame him, or anyone else in the cast, for having a problem with shippers who've taken things too far, but they probably insulted a good number of p
  13. Yeah, I feel like that's the biggest problem I usually have with stories like this. Like, the whole world is vastly different and all the heroes are evil, but they somehow still look recognizably like themselves. Then again, I'm kind of over the whole "any hero could be an evil fascist, given the right circumstances" type stories, so I'd probably find it stupid, either way.
  14. Yeah, the question in the interview was about how she'd interact with the team, and it seems like whoever wrote the accompanying article took it to mean something romantic. I think it's the same thing where, last season, they talked about Amaya's relationship with Mick being important, and a lot of people assumed that meant love interest. Plus, I'm pretty sure that if they were actually planning on doing something romantic with the two of them, he wouldn't have mentioned it the way that he did. I thought the same thing. It's probably just because they announced her joining the tea
  15. Yeah, from the sounds of it, Overgirl is more comparable to Superboy than Supergirl, as far as origin and powers.
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