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  1. garnetarden

    The Tick

    So I finally got around to watching season 2. Such a bummer it’s already been cancelled. I really enjoy this show — it’s got such a weird charm about it. I too am all about Overkill and Dot, but they really did great adding some unexpected depth to not only Dot, but also characters like Dangerboat and Kevin. And Superian — I was “meh” on him in the first season, but he was oddly hilarious this time around, and I loved all the Superman parodies. I’m gonna miss these characters.
  2. garnetarden

    Emergence in the Media: Emergence, See?

    ABC has decided to take this pilot off NBC’s hands and has given it a series order.
  3. garnetarden

    For Life in the Media: Behind the Bars

    New show just ordered to series by ABC:
  4. garnetarden

    The Unicorn in the Media: Awkward Family Portraits

    Looks like show is among four comedies that CBS picked up to series.
  5. garnetarden

    neXt in the Media: Somebody’s Watchin’

    It looks like this show was among four dramas Fox picked up to series —
  6. garnetarden

    S14 E20: Moriah

    Please stay on topic. This thread is for discussion of the season 14 finale episode — not speculation about the show’s future or discussion of other fan groups.
  7. This is an NBC pilot starring Kenan Thompson as a recent widower, trying to maintain his household while including his father-in-law in his children's lives.
  8. CBS pilot for the 2019-2020 season, with Walton Goggins set to star —
  9. garnetarden

    neXt in the Media: Somebody’s Watchin’

    Fox pilot starring Eve Harlow for the 2019-2020 season —
  10. garnetarden

    Fake Book Title Testing

    Legos got nothin’ on you!
  11. garnetarden

    The Widow

    Season 1 premiered on Amazon today:
  12. Your Spoiler Topic!