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  1. PJ123

    S03.E02: London Bridge is Falling Down

    I kept waiting for her to twirl her invisible mustache like the old villians in silent movies..sigh.. Why are they doing this? So frustrating.
  2. PJ123

    S13.E12 Will Returns to China

    Cute episode but it really could have been an hour. However, there is a cable car that everyone could have taken to the top of the wall to avoid walking it. Also, how do the kids miss so much school with the travelling and Jen miss work?
  3. PJ123

    S13.E12 Will Returns to China

    Sigh...I'm 15 minutes in and why are they forcing Zoey to participate in the school? She is exhausted. Someone take her back to the hotel. But I see nothing is changed since I stopped watching over a year ago. The cameras are on so everyone must play their part. Poor thing. Also, Will is pretty young so I am not sure he will completely understand this trip is about. Unless they are mature for their age these heritage trips are usually done when the kids are older like 10 and up. But YMMV.
  4. PJ123

    Josiah and Lauren: He Has To Marry Somebody

    First of all I love how the video next to it is about Jazz...haha. The video itstelf...yikes..."I made a priority years ago to slow down.. for my first year of marriage" From what does he need to slow down from?
  5. I know Crying Pam is up in a few minutes but if I remember I think she also said or indicated at the beginning of the show that she really wanted Frank to do the room and even though she got to work with Frank she was peeved that he was not doing her room. The reveal was the last straw and then she lost it. Total control freak. Now hearing in this thread that Frank actually stayed overnight to help her. I guess she got her way as Frank did (sort of) do her room. I hope this season we dont have this kind of drama. People should definitely know by now what they are getting into or do sign up for the show.
  6. PJ123

    S02.E05: Once Bitten

    While watching this it seemed every picture they showed she had the "crazy eyes" look. Even in the picture with her kid. I am confused...so she just stopped pursuing the guy after the murder and went on with a "normal" life by getting married to someone else and having a kid? You would think she would still be stalking him to some extent unless he moved out of town or something. Or like someone else mentioned having a bit of a control/anger issue post murder. I guess it could be excused with the high pressure job of being a detective.
  7. PJ123

    S11.E07: I Love Candy!

    My guide for next Tuesday's show describes this and I think the title is "I'm Not a Baby!". Now not sure if its a full show or just some extra clips. I hope its a full show because this is a very important topic.
  8. Exactly this. Bill has said on more than one occasion how he is their "friend". Big mistake. I get the sense even though Bill has his support of his own family growing up, he does still have that insecure child need to "prove" himself. I realize he has had a very rough life, but he is now an adult (for many years) and parent and needs to get over himself. I am also surprised no one had commented that Bill, his Dad and Stepmom (and later Jen) brought young children to a distillery for a tasting. No one has a problem with this? It was all about Bill's selfish wants. News flash you are a parent not there to re-live your frat glory days. The fact that the other adults all went along with it really irritated me more than the kids going a bit wild at the castle tour (although that should have been nipped with simple discipline quickly). I am no prude and enjoy a good beer/wine/mixed cocktail and not saying he shouldn't do that but leave the kids with grandma to play while you get your alcohol fix. We saw them at 2 parks later in the show so I dont understand why the kids couldn't have been brought to one while that was going on and meet later to eat. Adoptive mom here. My kid has ADHD and sensory issues and we have worked hard with her behaviors and she at that age still did not do the kinds of things I saw last night. And yes kids like Will and Zoe do have trauma/delays from the orphanage, but that does not excuse their behavior in the castle at all. Boundaries are needed and required for proper growth. Both Bill and Jen use that sing-songy tone of verbal discipline that is useless. The kids know they dont mean it and ignore it. Say it once firmly (no yelling) and mean it. Finally, I really wish they would have touched more on Will saying he got called a baby at Karate. All we got was a voice over response from Bill about how he hates seeing his children hurt. Bill what are you doing about it? Now is the time to give Will and Zoe the power to defend themselves. I am sure it was editing, but why have that scene at all? Its not like they were pressed for material. PS how did Bill's brother get that puppy home to FL? They flew to Houston. Dont think they drove back.
  9. PJ123

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    Looks like it got pulled. Great work!?
  10. PJ123

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    Frankly I am shocked that no one from OSU or Wal-Mart hasn't come out already and talked about Derick during his tenure at both places. Figure at least the Daily Fail or InTouch would be flashing some cash around for any type of story. He seems to have gone all in much like some recovering addicts (not all) who attach themselves totally to a religion thereby replacing one addition/insecurity for another. All I can think of is Kirk Cameron the TV teen idol back in the 80s did something very similar - normal kid to the best of everyone's knowledge. Then had some sort of crisis, found his "calling" and has never been the same since. That kid from Two and a Half Men was another one. I would not be surprised in the least that this did stem from TLC saying they didn't want to do another set of shows in DA. Then on top of them getting rejected again to be real missionaries will also prevent them from going there. In his mind not going would expose him as a fraud which is really what eats him deep down. As long as he is sacrificing himself above all others (even his own family) for his cause he will not be exposed. Derick hates TLC in some aspects but if its for the cause (and that sweet sweet cash) he will go with it. So Derick threw a pity party tweet against someone that fits in his cause who he thought would not fight back. It is always easier to deflect your own problems and self worth by attacking others instead of resolving your own issues. Very sad. Do want to clarify I am not bashing finding one's faith/calling. It is this obsessive, judgmental, dangerous, spewing hatred all in the name of <enter deity here> and doing absolutely nothing while grifting for cash is what I am talking about.
  11. PJ123

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    Sadly, King JimBob is going to do nothing. They all agree with what Derick said. If Joshgate 1 and 2 and the "we play missionaries on TV" grifting got them a pass this will too. Besides, in JB's view men are never wrong, so to "punish" Derick would be to admit he did something wrong. Not going to happen. It will be more baby pictures until this passes. Expect more kid pics from Jessa as well. Isn't Josh and Anna expecting #5 blessing soon? They cannot derail the Josh forgiveness tour now. Its obvious TLC is going to do nothing as they issued the standard PR statement. Even if TLC pulled the show that will play into the "woe is our family...give us money" and the leg humpers will do just that. /sorry for the ramble...very disgusted at them all right now but what else is new?
  12. PJ123

    S05.E04: A New Baby

    In addition to adopt a "healthy" child from China the wait has grown to 11 years. There that are those labeled as special needs (SN) and the process can be completed in 6-12 months give or take depending on various factors (mainly the lengthy paperwork completion). That 2,231 number was probably 99.9% SN kids. SN's are a variety of needs such as Down's Syndrome, blindness, deafness, mental delays, cleft palate, club foot, other physical deformities, cerebral palsy, heart conditions, to name a few. Some kids have multiple conditions. Not to mention the possible institution issues - delays, malnutrition, etc. You have to prove you have access to specialists to take care of needs and now you have to turn in home study updates throughout various times since the child was brought home. Home studies that must have the status of said child's medical condition(s). Since they seem so anti-hospital and the excellent care the family gives Josie I doubt they will adopt from China. Also, I think in Ethiopia you have to stay a long period of time to get your court date, but Ethiopia is really clamping down too as its been shown to have some corruption issues like Guatemala. Families being tricked into giving up their children under the guise it is temporary for the child's education and that they will return once schooling is complete is an example. I would bet that they "adopt" either a relative's child (like MEshelle did) or one from another Gothard family if they do any of that at all. Depends on how desperate they are for TV attention to do something dramatic for ratings.
  13. PJ123

    The Duggars: In the Media and TLC

    JB has always believed that Joshy is first born and heir-apparent to the Duggar empire because it is written. So this "sin" was just a weak moment - Josh has repented, went to "counseling"/time out and is now expecting his latest "miracle". All is forgiven. So why would JB not push to get Josh back on air? Josh is perfect to JB and Me-shelle. Figure the book tour and such will be after the baby is born. I see the cover now with Josh and Anna in an awkward embrace holding the "miracle" surrounded by the other kids. I'm sure it will have a catchy title about finding strength in faith or some sort of nonsense and never really admitting wrongdoing and true remorse.
  14. PJ123

    Jill & Derick Dullard: Counting On (Donations)

    Well its a lot easier to control what information gets out in CA vs. locally here in the US where there are cameras and cell phones everywhere. So they can say "look how we are helping" and no outside party is there to call them on their b.s.
  15. Wow I guess this whole People article is step one in bringing Joshy back to earning that sweet sweet money by appearances, books and such. Any bets on how he will worm his way back in the show? Guessing a very special one hour episode with him and Anna on their journey to forgiveness and recovery? Of course after the book comes out. How soon the public forgets (or so they hope). I never doubted for a second that precious first born Josh would be completely exiled and only a matter of time before he is heir apparent again.