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  1. Wow, what a relief! I did not think her departure was likely until I heard Ali Velshi give her that wistful mountain of praise about a week ago in the handoff: "You are incredibly important to me, and also to this network, and I want you to know that." It sounded like the beginning of a farewell. (and a hope of Ali to move into primetime?)
  2. So terribly sorry to hear the news about Christina Applegate this morning. She may be able to continue to act, depending on the kind of multiple sclerosis she has, but what a shame to have to figure our how to deal with this diagnosis on a personal level. Even if she decides not to act, I really hope she can find a way to enjoy the things and people she loves best. Please take care. I have enjoyed every major series she has been in.
  3. That was quite quite a little tantrum that preceded the announcement of "Rachel will be back on Monday"! I could not take the time to watch it, but it sounded like it could have been edited a bit and still made the point.
  4. At least Nicolle Wallace recognized our collective dismay at not seeing Rachel in the chair, "Rachel is still on vacation, I know, I know, but we'll get through this."
  5. It has not been filmed already; and as others have noted, with Jill's second baby about to arrive, and with her committed to filming a Christmas movie (I seem to recall?), it will be at least the New Year 2022 before any filming can occur. That would make the earliest possible air date around Spring 2022, even with their quick production process.
  6. I got the sense from Ali's signoff (on Rachel's show on Friday) that he planned to be back on the show on Monday. I have to say that I also am looking forward to hearing anything Col. Vindman wants to tell me. I applaud Rachel for taking vacation time. We are all the better for her coming back refreshed. I only object to the idea it needs to be a secret in advance and while it is happening!
  7. I love Mystery 101 and the main cast, but I totally believe that they shot this in 16 days. It felt very thinly plotted and if I could have jumped to the ending, I would have. So, it appears that they are trying a format that is serializing this series, with cliffhangers and convoluted love-life plot lines that cut across the end/beginning of adjacent episodes. I thought this worked fine as stand-alone episodes. I did think they did a good, unobtrusive job with Jill's pregnancy wardrobe.
  8. I can't imagine it is because of the Olympics -- MSNBC is still being MSNBC with all its programming, with the bonus that the September 6 hearings have begun. Plenty of actual news that matters.
  9. I went back to the video of the Friday July 23 show, and Rachel said at the conclusion: "I'll see you on Monday." Not "We'll be back on Monday." But here's Ali!
  10. The pandemic has pushed filming of the next series into 2022 -- this short statement from the producer, McClunes' wife Philippa Braithwaite to a writer in the U.S. who covers the show: https://karengilleland.wordpress.com/2021/03/03/doc-martin-season-10-production-postponed-to-2022/
  11. Rachel seemed a little time-zone challenged on Olympics Eve -- amazed that there would be coverage at 7:00 AM, but also saying that meant that the nighttime shows would go from her repeat right to the Olympics (I think Ali was agreeing) But that is not how night time works, because there are still hours between 5:00 AM and 7:00 AM. And sure enough, "Way too Early" came on at its regular time of 5:00 ET/2:00 PT. But Rachel will never know as she is asleep. A lot of the China Olympics was in real time, also, in 2008, so with big meets in the middle of the night (Phelps!).
  12. Joe and Mika were quite excited about the studies coming out of Iceland, showing the benefits of a four-day work week. Then they realized this would increase their work week. 🤣
  13. On a much less serious note, was there some subtext that I was not getting in the handoff? It seemed like there was some rumor about Rachel having a fun or busy weekend that the LOD replacement seemed intent on needling her about. Rachel was clearly trying to sidestep the question ("reading transcripts", "definitely NOT fishing"). Was it just a clumsy way to call attention to the soccer match?
  14. The new Mystery 101 will premiere on August 1. Saw two trailers for the new episode early Saturday morning (July 10). The turnaround time on these is so quick!
  15. freddi


    July 4, 2021. Four hours of Chris Hayes in a row is a whole lotta of Chris Hayes, especially when it is a lot of repeated material from past issues. Especially when hours three and four are repeats. They have all year to plan for the holiday "breaks" they want to give the main hosts -- I would certainly tune in for a new hour of Chris Jansing. I have no interest in old "news", and I just go to CNN when they do this.
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