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  1. I definitely have heard apologies for that same word on other cable news programs. I assumed Rachel had to do that, or at the least, was covering all bases. (Most hilarious example ever was the 2004 national Dem convention with the balloon drop and an open mike on CNN. Anyone who heard it, remembers it 😂 -- many apologies followed.)
  2. Mika to John Boehner about January 6: “If you were serving in the Senate NOW, would you be willing to speak up?” Holy cow, Mika, he was Speaker of the HOUSE. You *just* read the title of his book, On the House. To be fair, someone in her ear told her to correct this a minute later.
  3. Yes, I assumed the same thing. Because she had seen up close how terrible the effects of this virus can be, and had been so terrified, I am sure that a lot of this flooded back in that half-hour she had to wait after the shot. I like that she did this as a solitary activity -- I suspect that without any distraction of conversation, it became a very layered set of reactions (not vaccine reactions!). I am glad that parts of this year turned out well (election), because sometimes, like with this opening, we can see the weight of concerns that she carries with her.
  4. They are not exactly a PSA for getting vaccine shots, despite the nice things they are saying about the miracle of the vaccine. I had both shots and no side effects at all. Is Mika not getting that Joe is quoting “Cat’s in the Cradle”?
  5. Oh, Mika. Near the start of the show she struggled with “Preced... President...Precedents...Presiden.” I’m still not sure she landed on the intended word. And she just said “corpseman”, not “coreman” for the “corpsman” in her script.
  6. Today, Joe: children have to be back in school. Sorry, teachers, this is what needs to happen. Joe: it’s a terrible mental health crisis for children. Joe: it’s really about the economy. These parents need to get back to cleaning buildings. Getting children back in school will help the economy. All this in less than three minutes!
  7. Oh, thanks -- I had seen a sub and assumed that Rachel was off today, so never came back. But I did watch the repeat, and yes, RIchard was absolutely terrible at reading the words on the monitor. I mean, several sentences were not even grammatical. I know it's hard to step in on no notice, but I expect a news professional to be able to read a prepared script off a screen. Ali did great, and I liked the little chyron telling us to hang in there:
  8. I tuned in about four minutes in, and saw a Richard hosting/- was Ali after that?
  9. freddi


    Thank you. It really is his insistent tone of voice that is so irritating that I cannot focus on what he is saying, so I just skip that hour. I noted this over in the "All In" thread, but this seems like the place to find some solidarity! Hope Chris has had a good week with his family.
  10. This is such a different show with Mika and Willie hosting. More about the stories than the hosts. I’m sure they were required to start with the new Gaetz headlines, and I am so tired of this. It’s disgusting, but I’ll wait for the courts to deal with it/him. Michael Schmidt apparently got to sleep for three hours between live appearances last night and this morning.
  11. I am glad that Chris got the week off, and hope he is having good family time. But the replacement anchor, who has filled in for Chris previously, has *such* an invasive voice, more than loud, and aggressive in tone. He is one of the few anchors I just cannot listen to.
  12. Did Mika just say “I don’t like movies”? (But liked Field of Dreams)
  13. Oh, man, it’s a JoeRant day. Masks and the non-wearing “idiots” that should not be at Fenway Park when Joe takes his son there. Ten minutes and he is still yelling. Yet, he makes no reference to the idea that freedom of movement, post-pandemic, might mean this show could get back in the studio. Joe is all about concerts and baseball.
  14. Rachel is wrong that no one is shouting from the rooftops about how to access the monoclonal antibody treatment. Dr. Vin Gupta has been on several MSNBC news shows talking about this for over a month, and he also provides the website for finding the treatment near you: https://combatcovid.hhs.gov/ I was waiting for her to announce this website, which is the real key to getting the treatment.
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