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  1. "Yeah, Whatever, Like"...Jill was making me crazy with her speech pattern. So what the heck did these two actually say? I'm still scratching my head trying to figure it out. Did Derick date other girls before Jill or not? For two people who say their children are only 5 and 3, they sure did waste a lot of time speaking about 'what that would look like in 10-15 years." They actually have no idea who they will be or what they will be like in the future as individuals, a married couple OR as parents. So, why did they go on and on about their sons' future adolescent lives? These two sure do analyze the hell out of everything. If this is an example of Derick's public speaking skills, he will be an awful lawyer. I hope he does NOT ever appear in court. I need an aspirin!
  2. If these two marry for Valentine's Day, I think a baby will be on the way by Memorial Day.
  3. Regarding the timing of Mike & Molly's relationship....Molly was a willing participant in the relationship. She was glad that she found a good guy in Mike if I remember. Abishola has been hesitant to say the least. Bob had been pestering her and forcing the first 'date'. I still think this is unnatural to have an engagement. I would have enjoyed seeing their relationship build; not on sex before marriage, as are Abishola's beliefs, but a real, mature 'already married and hurt' adult one between them two. Mike learning about Abishola's culture and practices would have been interesting as a taking it slow couple. I don't know what the writers actually have in mind but so far, I'm not on board with it.
  4. An engagement ring? Did I miss a whole year of this show? This program is moving way too quickly. The viewers haven't seen this show in months; we need to see a real relationship between two grown up-already married-experienced people move cautiously towards another relationship....not another engagement. We hardly know them and they hardly know each other. I hope they slow it down and allow us to be courted towards an engagement between Bob and Abishola. The audience should want to see it too to be believable.
  5. Oh, that mac and cheese video...a little better presented but this woman does not know how to speak....EL DANTE?? How about trying to say ALL-DENT-EH.... REGINANNO? How about Reggie-ah-no. Amy, please do your English homework before posting a video? Thank you.
  6. Yes, my feet grew one half size after my first son was born. I was always a 7.5...then I wore an 8 and still do.
  7. When I bake chocolate chip cookies, I load them up with the CHIPS! I also make them from scratch....not an 'add water' pouch. Perhaps that's what Anna used and called them 'homemade'.
  8. Well, to me, the new Anna-Kat comes across as sarcastic and nasty. The actress needs to tone it down. I'm not liking her much so far. Julia Butters representation was not an angry, nasty little girl.
  9. I have yet to see a photo or video which shows an adult properly feeding a child in this family. I would never have dumped food on a table and walked away expecting my child to fend for themselves and try to figure out how to feed themselves. I think this is their method. A small child needs to be FED by an adult and TAUGHT how to eat properly with proper utensils made for little children....this is like feeding the chickens in the yard....just throw the feed out on the ground and let them fend for themselves. No wonder none of the Duggar children have any table manners and some lick their plates clean. (I would worry that my child may choke on their food if not attended to.)
  10. Two of those little pouches a day isn't enough to feed a large dog like Zach and Tori have. I agree. Someone needs to let them know that.
  11. Of course she doesn't care about anyone else's traditions. That was clickbait. Anna lives with blinders on and plows forward like a plow horse.
  12. My husband was passively hearing the show while in the room doing something else. He really had no idea about the Roloffs and their stories. He said to me 'but do these people do nothing else but complain all the time?"...How depressing they are. He was exactly right. This show needs to go. Quit bringing viewers down and quit complaining while all the time sitting in beautiful homes with a paycheck from the network.
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