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  1. IMO, Katie was nowhere ready for marriage let alone moving away to another state. It takes a "grown up person" to handle that. Why couldn't her parents see just how immature she is? I think as time goes by, Travis will be a little frustrated with her if she does not adjust.
  2. Sorry, but I'm just not a fan of any of those awful first names they mentioned in the video. Cole was the best one IMO. Why not use Patrick as a first name? ie, Patrick Elliott Stewart?
  3. When my then-husband and I were first married, we shared one car and worked 1 block away from one another. I have spent many evenings in the courthouse hall way waiting for verdicts from a trial he did that day. Juries could deliberate well in to the evening, even 11pm if the judge wants to wrap it up...OR they could go until earlier and return in the morning. We just won't know which way this judge will swing.
  4. Did Katie smear Travis' face with cake at the wedding?
  5. I hope she sends Sam to pre-k. He would enjoy it so much...being a big boy like his brother, Israel; going to school.
  6. Grandpa Duggar was found guilty of running a shady used car dealership; likely tampering with the odometer, etc. He most likely did some time in the county jail...nothing like his wonderful grandson, Joshie is facing now. Grandpa Duggar was small potatoes as the saying goes. Still, it should be a shame on the family to have someone do 'time' in any jail. They still mis-represented themselves IMO to TLC and the viewing public. Liars they all are.
  7. I had nothing else to do yesterday so I watched that Chicken Pot Pie video...Amy still insists on endlessly talking in her recipe videos. We don't need all that chatter before starting to prepare the recipes. We also don't need to watch her chop up EVERYTHING. Why doesn't she prep her veggies, etc before starting? That is what most "professional" video chefs do. Same old actions, waving her hands, arms around, doing that silly little 'dance' when she thinks something tastes good; taking too large of a bite...etc. She needs to call a pro for some actual pointers on how to improve. Does Amy have
  8. That is a nice dress that Michaela is wearing. I hope she didn't ruin it by wearing those awful white sneakers with it. Anyone know?
  9. The only one who knows if Josh is truly guilty of these charges is Josh himself. The prosecution's job is to try the evidence, not the defendant's guilt or innocence per say. IF the evidence proves the charges, then the defendant should be found guilty. A case is only as good as the presentable evidence they have. This is what my ex-husband ( state prosecutor) has always told me. Those here on our board who are in the legal field...is this so?
  10. I tried to find the birthday video with Carson & Kade. Where is it? I'd like to see it. thank you in advance...
  11. Someone get a vacuum to that filthy rug in the TTH...I would NOT want to walk on it withoug shoes.
  12. Remember, Amy was trying to have a country music singing career...any port in a storm for her. The show was exposure for her.
  13. I see no need for 6 'pre-wedding days' of activities. It's not like this is her only sister OR sibling who will be getting married....a wedding happens every other month with these people. Doesn't her husband have to work? Who is answering the a/c-heat calls at the office? How much can John's brothers spread themselves around the greater Orlando area? Selfish, immature woman. On another note, I think it was the Thanksgiving video I viewed but I was absolutely shocked at the filthy oven that Alyssa has in her brand new kitchen - brand new appliances included. That oven is new and it's filt
  14. Anna made the choices she made by staying with Josh even after two known offenses. She can't be very surprised by this situation. I think her fear of being without Josh outweighed everything. Inside she is still a little girl; just like the cult wants them to remain...dependent on the man and/or men in their lives so they can't escape. Render them powerless.
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