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  1. Jessa, after you're done pressure washing the steps in front of your entryway door, you might want to pass that pressure washer over your dirty deck, too.
  2. Since the Duggar family is so Christian, good and moral, there should be no need for a relative to sign an NDA. Boob has many things to hide form the general pubic apparently.
  3. Since they are champion breeders, why doesn't this family invest in some proper baby sized utensils? That adult size tablespoon made of metal is not something Ivy should be eating out of. It's way too large for her little mouth. Stupid people...Jessa is just like her mother in this respect..oh, I noticed Spurgeon's sippy cup had his name on it with black magic marker...just like Michelle did, or rather Jana.
  4. Carlin is a ditz and likes to emphasize it to the world. I wish she would keep her tongue behind her front teeth when she speaks. Annoys the heck out of me.Tori is an impatient complaining bitch. Her poor husband, (what's his name). I bet the best he gets back from her is mild annoyance. Poor inexperienced guy. I also remember Kelly saying on TV that all of the daughters had been tested for that blood disorder. The Bates AND this network are all liars just like TLC and the Duggars. Do these networks actually think their viewing audience doesn't remember facts that were made public?
  5. Why didn't Jessica have her mother with her to shop for a wedding dress? If her own mother wasn't there, why did she need Jessa there? The girl has sisters of her own. No need to drag continually pregnant Jessa to Atlanta. This reeks of a planned TV show, not really shopping for a wedding gown.
  6. What is that stupid 'piano challenge' going to do?
  7. A typo in my 3/14 pos...I meant to type ' a POOR white man." Sorry.
  8. I checked my guide for March 18th....no American Housewife listed. Where did this show go? It has been off for a few months...not a good move if they want viewers to 'remember' to record & watch if they don't let us know when it's on.
  9. Wisdom, IMO, comes with age and life experience. These two are just starting out and have neither.
  10. I wonder if Abishola's aunt and uncle would like Bob so much if he were a 'pool white man'? I like their characters as they are entertaining and funny but I think they're chasing the 'bucks' here for Abishola and themselves. Remember in an earlier episode how impressed they were with his house and pictured themselves living there also? Abishola just isn't in to Bob and she has been forced in to spending time with him. Why Bob is still chasing her, I'll never know. They introduced yet another difference between them, that being her devotion to her religion and Bob growing up with really no religion. He can't relate to it as it appeared to me in the episode. Why then would they continue?
  11. I thought it was just my computer that jumped around. I'm quite tired of it too. Not a good thing to be happening here. Just when I think it's stopped and I can read something, it jumps around again. Can anything be done about it?
  12. Dillards? I'm shocked that they would shop at such a higher end store. What happened to thrift store finds? They preached that was the way to go. Still, nothing those women have worn looks like they purchased anything there yet.
  13. I think Jill was invited to lunch and shopping because Jinger was visiting ( an opportunity to see her) and that those activities were not at the TTH. Sad but true IMO.
  14. Thank you for posting the haircut video. I liked Ben's hair before this hairdo. He looks scalped and yes, I agree that his face isn't suited to this style.
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