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  1. Since the kids themselves said how they would 'fight' over the leftover steak, I guess, yes most of them would have loved to eat a steak or half a steak each.
  2. The Bates parents should have purchased steaks for the children to eat instead of going out for a "date night" and enjoying steak themselves. Selfish and uncaring of these two IMO.
  3. Gosh, those two 'love birds' look so uncomfortable just standing next to each other. I can't believe that the first time they ever be alone is in a hotel room, standing next to a bed. I don't want to think what the 'next step' would be in that scenario.
  4. Are these the Bates brothers who are employed by Daddy's tree cutting business? If so, this shows me that there is little need for them to work with their father. They would never have the time to fly down to Florida on a pseudo-vacation to do some handiwork in Alyssa's house. I guess the tree cutting business isn't booming right now up in Tennessee. Zach is working on his house; so he's not can't be chopping down many trees...not enough time to do both...so, how do these people support themselves? Still a mystery to me. Alyssa needs to FEED her family. There is absolutely no need for Jo
  5. Great question....has anyone found the marriage license at the county office yet? I tried to look it up but I am unfamiliar with the state of Oregon's local government websites. Please, someone who's familiar with this, check it out and report back.
  6. I agree that someone with a bachelor's degree in education should know the basics. Possession carries an apostrophe..."brother's" scooter.
  7. To me it is simple...Anna cannot function on her own. She can't live without a husband or a responsible adult overseeing things for her. She was not brought up to know how to do those things in the first place. She also has minimal education or training for anything but taking care of children and her own household. If her parents were worth anything themselves, they would take her and her 7 children in with them. After all, they had 8 children of their own in that mobile home. To me, they stink as parents. Who would not protect their own daughter from this mess? If they believe that God will
  8. Is "Best Mama Ever" going to be the matron of honor again? Who would want to be the first daughter to get married and NOT ASK their mama to be matron of honor? My guess??? None of them would have the guts to choose someone else. So sad that Jill needs to be in the limelight all the time.
  9. I can understand if Chris's family wishes to remain out of the show but I found it strange that they were not even mentioned being there. It's simple to say "Chris's brother, sister and families, etc attended the wedding and had a nice time...etc"... Nothing at all about them even being there. I find this strange. No photos or names had to be included.
  10. I think those frames look awful on Amy. They are way too large, dark and heavy for her. They can't be comfortable IMO. She needs to choose again.
  11. So, how does Jinger KNOW that she is among the select saved? I was taught that Jesus died for everyone. It was Jesus' death & resurrection that gives hope to all for forgiveness of sin, not a pre-selected group. I can't justify this belief in my mind or heart that only some are pre-destined for heaven....we all have that hope if we want and ask for it. I call them Christian snobs.
  12. The body language in that engagement photo is telling. That Rod girl, Kaylee(?) is leaning away from the guy. He looks quite nervous and tense. I doubt they know one another at all, really.
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