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  1. These two kids are high school age. Why does that 'algebra' screen look like it's an introductory lesson in algebra for a 2nd grader? I highly doubt that they are doing high school level algebra. Most likely algebraic concepts...entry level stuff. I agree that the computer in the middle of the kitchen is not a good idea. Too much noise and too many distractions with all those people at home. Not a place to learn algebraic concepts.
  2. "Funnest"??? This family's grammar is atrocious. Kelly is the worst one.
  3. I think the United States flag is supposed to be hung slightly higher than any other flag. They have it here hanging at the same height as the Arkansas state flag, which is incorrect. Idiots...yet again.
  4. They didn't serve?...but, but, but, didn't they all go to ALERT? At least they didn't say 'HAPPY Memorial Day" this year like they did last year. They were called out for it, too, and rightly so. Memorial Day isn't a 'happy' holiday, it is to remember and honor those who lost their lives in the service of our country. Certainly, not anything 'happy' about it. Idiots.
  5. Maybe the 'no fear' sign if about Covid-19 and not about how she was raised. Do we know to what this sign is referring to? Did Jill say?
  6. I remember one of the older girls, not Jana, said on camera that their suitors were 'weirdos'. You could see the visible discomfort of Jim Bob that his daughter actually said that out loud on TV. Yes, it's their opinion, parents included, of these potential suitor applicants, but even the parents knew enough not to reveal their true opinions on TV. I remember that segment airing.
  7. Here in Florida, I didn't think that 'vacation spot homes' were open to renting at this time.
  8. I agree that Audrey has worn out her welcome in complaining about her sore boobies when breastfeeding. The solution is right there...use formula. My sons were bottle fed and they are strapping healthy men today. She is an attention whore.
  9. I would think that a student at such a conservative believing seminary would not be allowed to pursue an influencer-type side career. It isn't modest, nor is it Godly to highlight yourself and pat yourselves on the back for being 'so great'. Humility just isn't present in Jeremy's life, is it?
  10. That mustache just ages him. It's just not flattering. Derick needs to give up on the attempts at facial hair. He also needs a better haircut (style). His hair over his ears just doesn't look good either. Jill needs to quit giving him those 'home haircuts'. She isn't good at it.
  11. I never shut the door when I put my children down for their naps. I wanted them to be able to sleep with normal noise during the day. Baby monitors did exist back then but I didn't use them. My boys learned to sleep with activity around them. I'm not a fan of 'dumping the kid' in their cribs or playpen to sleep. We had a routine for that too, just like at night. I would slightly close the blinds in their room but not leave them in the dark..just dimmed the light a bit. To each his own, I guess. I agree that Jackson should not have been greeted by the parent holding another baby. He clearly was overwhelmed at the hospital.
  12. Derick needs to give up on the facial hair. He looks better clean shaven. He tried a mustache before and it was awful. Didn't he see that?
  13. I watched the recent episode of Amy & Chris painting the bedroom wall. Amy has never painted before. She didn't know what she was doing applying that paint in straight rows like she did. Chris showed her the "W" technique, which is correct. IMO, she didn't like him instructing her on the right way to apply paint to a wall. She covered it up by 'playing sweet' with him. I noticed that wasn't her true self. He should know what he's getting in to with her by now. He has the previous relationship experience that Amy doesn't have. Good Luck Chris.
  14. I, for one, didn't want to be dragged through someone else's divorce. These two have made their intimate personal issues public on their show sometimes as the show's main focus. Why do that? It brought me down, so I stopped watching for while. I don't need their drama about that and I still don't. Amy needs to either commit fully to Chris, her present and her future with him and put the residual baggage down from Matt. They will never be 'alone' in their marriage if she does not do this now. He's a foolish man to make a marital step with her holding this bitterness. It will affect their relationship. This is my opinion.
  15. I watched the soup video and the chocolate cake one. I was quite surprised at Amy's performance in both. Substandard, really. In the cake video, she began with a stained apron. Why can't an 'experienced home cook' for over 30 years not eyeball the amount of lentils and vegetables for the amount she wishes to make and for the pot size she is using. That pot was too full. It's not stew, it's supposed to be soup! The chocolate cake video was just a disaster all the way around, IMO. Unprepared, clumsy and unfamiliar with the recipe she said she had made before. Yes, I agree the counter was too high for her which didn't help her gracefulness. NEVER, NEVER lick your fingers in a public cooking video. I didn't like the frosting recipe one bit. She really had no idea what the ratio of powdered sugar was supposed to be along with the chocolate chips and cream. In the end, she just dumped the whole bowl of powdered sugar in with the melted chocolate chips. No way is this person ever going to get a cooking show. Her hair was a mess in both videos and didn't look appropriate for her 'little kitchen'. On another note, did she ever say if she was a sun-bather in her younger days? I ask this because her skin seems to be hard like leather and blemished. She looks 'cooked' to me and it could be from earlier sun damage. If I were her, I would wear proper makeup whenever I was going to video something OR take my own picture. It could help that hard-skinned look. I agree that she needs to stay away from the cookies and cakes. I was surprised at the weight she has gained in her upper arms, behind and thighs. I would think that this weight is not very healthy for a woman of Amy's size combined with the issues she has being a little person. Her joints are under unnecessary stress from the extra weight. I also find it curious that Chris fell for her. He's a good looking guy, mind mannered (or so he seems), never married, no kids. why would he choose someone like Amy for a wife? I'm not knocking Amy fut someone else with similar life experience might be better suited for her and someone with less ties and residual bitterness for her former husband might be better suited for a guy like Chris. Any thoughts on this?
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