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  1. How could someone with NO TEACHING EXPERIENCE be hired as a dean of any school? Ridiculous, IMO.
  2. What the heck does Derick's statement even mean? If he has something to state publicly, he should just POST IT.
  3. I agree that the photo is staged. You don't climb a ladder barefoot and those clothes she is wearing are no for painting. No matter what, you get SOME paint on them. I wear my 'wash the car', do the yardwork' clothes when I paint AND I wear my old garden sneakers. Good foot protection is very important when doing manual labor.
  4. How many times a week does Jill DO laundry? Let's remember that she does not work. She is home 24/7/365 and should have her weekdays planned out for her chores. We were a family of 4 (two boys also), a stay at home mom and I found the time to do the laundry and iron every piece of clothing before putting them away back in the drawers and closets. Yes, even when my boys were on summer vacation from school. She doesn't have an excuse in my book. Also, why is she putting clean clothing on her dirty carpet? I put the laundry on my bed (it's MADE for the day) right out of the dryer, fold and put away what needs to be put away. DONE. I also have a job outside of the home....I'm very much older than Jill. She should organize herself a bit more since they claimed (bragged) about being trained to be 'good homemakers'. I haven't seen any evidence of that yet from Jill. Sorry to say this.
  5. Yes, I remember Art Fleming..Jeopardy was on at noon when I was a kid in the 1960s. Sometimes I watched part of it when I came home for lunch from school. (In NY, we had the option to go home for lunch.) The Jeopardy board had cards that were pulled up to reveal the answer. No computers back then.
  6. I didn't know where to put this question: Why so many weeks of reruns?
  7. But, could someone tell me....just where does one purchase a 'ski SKIRT'?
  8. If I remember correctly Jed! didn't say that HE didn't live at the big house. He said that 'SOME OF US don't live at the big house"...not necessarily including himself in the statement. Those Duggars are tricky with their words; something they learned from Pops and Lolli and learned it very well.
  9. I love Jinger's dress and shoes but the color of the dress with her fake blonde hair makes her look washed out IMO. She's a brunette and a pretty one. She should go back to her natural color and quit trying to be something she's not....a blonde. On another note, was this wedding in a CATHOLIC church? Was there great food and some dancing? These things, I'd like to know. Of course, Jinger would be uncomfortable. She's 'barefoot and backyard', remember? Does she now have her makeup professionally applied? Her hair, makeup and general wardrobe were awful before she married RFP. I think she applies her foundation with an airbrush. She truly is a 'work of Jeremy" now.
  10. I think Jana had her spirit trained right out of her early on when she was a little girl. She was the most over-worked daughter and had the most responsibilities of babies and household put upon her at a young age. I often ask on their family blog to please list the household/children responsibilities of Jana at age 8 and list those same responsibilities for Josie at age 8. I never get a response. I'm sure it doesn't compare. Johanna, sadly, is the next daughter in line so I'm sure she's being worked a lot alongside of Jana. Those lazy, sloppy, entitled unmarried brothers at home don't seem to have any personal responsibility for themselves OR their bedroom. It's all up to the girls. Makes me sad to think about it.
  11. Annnnnd I watched that next video of Anna's statements on the show about Josh's Ashley Madison scandal....I noted, sadly, that she dropped her voice and sped up her vocal speed when she said that Josh betrayed HER but slowed down and spoke louder when she said he broke Christian vows. Sad to think that she believes his vows to HER were not that important as breaking his Christian ones. I would think marital vows are just as important. It tells me that she doesn't really value herself as a person and as a woman and wife in her own right.
  12. What really got me was the 'talk' father & son had the night before Josh's wedding about the 'legos'. (JB trying to explain sex to Josh.) Those two are liars of the first degree and have hard faces to agree to a scene like that all the time knowing what had transpired. Josh said to his father that he thought he 'could figure it out' because he would have a working model. Such scum, both of them. It turned out not to be the first working model that Josh would tinker with, after all, huh? I can't stand Jim Bob for being such an imposter.
  13. BigBingerBro, I remember both of those scenes. I think Michelle may have quit blanket training her children after the show because chances increased that she would be 'caught' doing it.
  14. I have never seen a group of females looking so low as in that shower photo when Michelle was 'speaking her words of wisdom'. Wow, such a sorry, frumpy looking group.
  15. What I meant was that Derick can ask his mother to back him up with Jill and join him in encouraging Jill to send her children to a real school...not that he had to ask Cathy's permission to send them to school.
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