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  1. One thing from the episode I noticed and liked very much was the budding good relationship developing between Bob and Dele. I think this boy liked Bob and appreciates that he supports his interests and encourages him. Bob doesn't come down hard on the kid. I know Bob's not his father but Bob shows a respect for the young man and encourages. Dele's family simply dictates to him.
  2. Jeremy's reaction to Jinger's hesitation to continue their relationship leads me to believe that he was and still is a little spoiled brat snit. Who reacts like that in a relationship? I'll tell you...an arrogant, full of himself, "avoid at all costs" person. I think Jeremy is demanding and not very nice in private to Jinger. Her instincts were probably right back then. It's Jeremy's way or the highway.
  3. What I wonder is if Jim Bob & Michelle had the audacity to speak at that conference about how to raise godly children? Those two have "no face", no real shame either. They don't blame themselves for anything that went or goes wrong. So sad that they are full of themselves. Their fans just feed them more " how great you are" compliments. How could anyone in their right minds pay them any attention, I'll never know. What hard faces they are. I was shocked to see them continue on the show after the 1st scandal, never mind continuing after the second. I have no doubt that it will take TLC actu
  4. Anna should ask JB for $100 to go thrift store shopping and then instead go to her appointment with HER lawyer. She already has LLCs and assets in her name. She then should hit her in-laws hard for eternal financial support...in Florida. I'm curious though if the authorities have a legal right to a 'look back' at the trail of asset ownership. If they can prove those assets were shuffled around to avoid paying fines for Josh's alleged crimes. I reluctantly agree that we must not call Josh a pedophile unless he is convicted first of these charges...you know, innocent until proven guilty regardl
  5. Thread Title Suggestion: "Anna and the 7 Little Ms".
  6. When that yeast roll video first was posted; I watched it and I think I commented that I thought it was a paid video. Amy continually worked the brand name of the yeast she absolutely has to use for the greatest results. So obvious and tacky, IMO.
  7. The address is public? If so, what did they post?
  8. I was just going to post that now, after this one, Counting On would be permanently cancelled.,,,,you guys are too quick for me.
  9. Wow, Jessa is still quite pale in that video chat. I hope nothing is wrong with her. She looks anemic or drained of something, really. She should seek the care of a qualified obstetrician this time....and not more stupid risky home births.
  10. What timing with Anna just posting about Josh's "diligence" in providing for his family. I'd question where the household budget money came from, Anna, if I were you. I agree that Jeremy & Jinger must be pissed right now. This completely overshadows their stupid book. I wonder how Anna must feel defending her wonderful husband the other day with his work ethic? I'm curious as to what the charges are? They are federal charges, obviously since US Marshalls picked him up and not local law enforcement. This guy will never learn. I guess the collar wasn't tight enough and the leash his parents
  11. If I remember correctly, Michelle's 'too many flowers' comment was directed at people's opinions that she was having too many children. She viewed her children as 'flowers' and said how can you have too many flowers? Strange from a woman who asked for a heart for children and never got it.
  12. Personally, I don't think the Dillards needed a dog at this time. Lots going on there right now. A new dog needs stability and Jill is just too stressed to have anything more to handle. Fenna is a cutie but a large dog in a small house and backyard.
  13. None of the Bates children and their intended were ready for marriage....to anyone at the time they all married. Most of them had no real life experience and they didn't have the time allowed or the opportunity to know one another.
  14. It's about time that Gil and Kelly stay the heck out of their courting childrens' matters. No sex before is one thing, I can understand that, but KISSING and the like is none of their business. If they believe their kids are old enough and mature enough to court and that they raised them 'right', blah, blah, etc.. they should not stick their noses in the affection the couple shows one another. I think these rules are now just for the show. It's getting more and more ridiculous.
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