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  1. It's actually daughters-in-law.
  2. I found it unrealistic that Chip told Barbara that he and Ernie didn't remember THEIR mother much...Remember, Ernie was Chip's friend, Sudsy, and was adopted after the real older brother, Mike, moved away. When Steve told Barbara's mother that he had THREE sons, that was simply not true. Did Mike suddenly not exist? Steve has FOUR sons....Mike, Robbie, Chip and (renamed) Ernie. Amazing how these sitcoms re-wrote their own history. I agree that Dawn Lyn was an awful choice to portray Barbara's daughter. Awful haircut, yes, too short dresses where he panties are in plain view, not photogenic or cute in any way. Back in the 60s, when the show was new, I watched it then and thought the same thing. She was annoying to me.
  3. Why would anyone send Alyssa matching clothing for her daughters? This doesn't sound like a normal healthy thing for someone to do.
  4. Why don't they know that you don't go to college to study to 'be a principal'. You go to college to major in education , TEACH FOR YEARS, then work your way up the administration TO BEING A PRINCIPAL. This show indicates that Jessica will graduate from college and apply for a job in the school system as a principal. I also think that no one would keep her after they have hired her for he awful 'non team member' personality. The staff at school would hate her. Bad sub plot and totally unbelievable.
  5. I meant that Reverand Fancy Pants ALSO needs a good manicure. His cuticles are a mess. I understand nail biting is a difficult thing to stop doing but there are ointments to put on your nails that tastes badly. Also the degree of outward perfection he displays should also include 'good hands'. I shudder to think what his feet and toenails look like under all those pretty shoes.
  6. Jill should put those boys in sneakers that fit properly with socks for her outings with these little guys. On another note, my lunch box was a Barbie and Midge black patent leather one with the thermos 'on the top'....wow, really cool for first grade in 1964. I loved it!
  7. That wedding dress neckline, if you can call it that, is awful. It surprised me when I first looked at it. Awful choice up there but the rest of the gown is nice. I wonder if Jeremy felt defrauded having to look at that bride's boobs? How did Jinger feel about that, I wonder? Jeremy should NEVER take or post photos that show his awful manicure close up. That man is all about 'looking good' yet his fingers are a mess. He also is a nail biter. Looks awful. Makes me think of him dressing "to the nines' on the outside, yet hasn't showered or changed his underwear in 3 days. Looks good only on the surface. Yuck. Get thee to a manicurist, Jeremy and quite biting your nails. Underlying stress?
  8. How do the Bateses have the money to 'buy helicopters"? Aircraft is not cheap and you don't want to purchase on that is in bad shape. The cost to overhaul is not cheap either and an aircraft must be in tip top condition to fly or it's rather dangerous. UP can't pay them as much as TLC pays 'that other family' with all the kids. We all know Jim Bob is a multi millionaire but Gil Bates was portrayed as not being that financially lucky as his buddy, Jim Bob Duggar. Still, after their UP show, how can they purchase aircraft?
  9. I'll bet that the whole family 'accompanied' Jana and Laura to that wedding they posted. We all know that Jana would not have been allowed to travel there with only Laura. They were on their way to or from the Grand Canyon. Jana can never be free of her massive family and have some time to herself, even with just Laura. So sad. It is still weird as heck that this grown woman, Laura DeMaise, travels with the family. Doesn't add up to me at all. They really need to address why this grown woman lives with them. I bet she occupies the bed next to Jana. and that Jose still sleeps with Jana on occasion. Makes me ill to think about it all.
  10. Since they let us know about using the ED as a doctor's office all those years, they should give up a brief update if they have medical insurance now and how they 'do it'.
  11. A double breasted suit jacket needs both buttons buttoned.
  12. Boy, Jill sucks at reading aloud to children. Why does she always sound like she's discipling her children when she's speaking to them. No warmth in her interaction with Izzy. She's cold and factual with him. Poor little boy. She stinks at being a mother IMO.
  13. I am still surprised that Cathy and/or Derick do not see that Jill is undereducated and how this homeschooling "Duggar-style" will affect the boys. They are delusional if they think that either Izzy or Sam has a chance at getting in to real college; let alone being Pistol Pete #3. Why don't they see this and insist that the boys go to a nice Christian school nearby? It will do them AND JILL a world of good. Perhaps then, Jill may have time to organize her week and actually clean her house, get her laundry done and cook a nice meal for dinner.
  14. Gil had shoulder surgery due to his own stupidity acting like a teenager. I wonder how they paid for it? Thousands of dollars for that type of thing. Not everyone has insurance and they have bragged about how they don't have any insurance and used the ED as a doctor's office for their family in the past. They owe the insurance-paying, working people lots of money IMO. I'd like for them to state how these bills will be paid. (Hope his shoulder comes out ok.)
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