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  1. They distanced themselves from Josh, not the rest of the family. With Josh's conviction, they likely feel they don't have do anything else. The Duggars aren't hanging around Josh anymore (because they literally can't), so in Jeremy's mind, being around the Duggars can't sully them. It would have been interesting to see what they would have done regarding time spent with the Duggars if the trial had been substantially delayed or Josh had been acquitted.
  2. Finally! A explanation of Calvanists I understand!
  3. There are some conditions where she'd know--like a uterine malformation that results in never having a period despite having functional ovaries. But those are rare. It's much more likely that she hasn't married due to some combination of her not being interested in men who've expressed an interested in her and vice versa. I really doubt that her single status is a deliberate choice to delay having children.
  4. This sounds completely made up. The very idea that UPTV of all networks would care about a racist joke in an instagram post that was promptly deleted and received little to no attention outside reddit is laughable.
  5. Was it a planned 1 year certificate course? I thought he went to Clown College with the intention of getting a degree but gave up after a year.
  6. Granted, I don't know anyone who was homeschooled for fundie reason, but I've known a lot people with subpar public school educations or who were just not good at school at all and many of them were able to get through college. I'm not sure any of the Duggar kids could, but you're right that it would require a lot of drive. There are those, like Joy and Jinger, who I think couldn't do it with all the drive in the world, while some others like Jill, Jana, and Jessa might have the drive to push through if they're interested enough or have a specific goal they're trying to accomplish...IF they ca
  7. Exactly, and by the same taken, I still can't understand the insistence that when a still evangelical Christian Duggar is quiet about their homophobia and misogyny, that must mean they're growing and learning.
  8. Oh, in that case, than yeah. I was picturing him as a theater kid and that image completely contradicted my idea of what a Christian college would be like for him.
  9. I agree about Josiah but maybe not at a Christian college. I could see Jinger enjoying the social aspect but would have been an academic disaster even if she'd had a decent education going in. I don't think Jessa would have necessarily liked it, but I could see her having a small group of friends and muscling through her classes because that's what she had to do to get whatever kind of job she'd want to get down the line.
  10. I'm a bit amused that attention whore Lawson is marrying an actress--who worked on actual Hollywood films and not some Kirk Cameron flick--just in time for the show's cancellation. That has to sting. I have 2 dark ideas on what the scandal could be: 1. Either Gothard wasn't the only one abusing women and girls at IBLP, or there's hard evidence coming out that Gil has been actively involved in covering up Gothard's crimes and intimidating victims. These people had a damn birthday cake for Gothard at Erin's wedding...Gil is way too enmeshed with Gothard to not have known what was going
  11. I've always thought that Kelly and Gil have learned a lot from watching the Duggars and have made concerted efforts to not repeat their mistakes with regards to their public personae. With that in mind, it wouldn't surprise me if they were the ones to inform UP themselves of whatever is going on. No use in prolonging the inevitable, after all; plus, they know the public vitriol will be worse the more available targets there are. With the Bates no longer having a show, there's nowhere for people to direct the bulk of their outrage. They can go after individual social media accounts and sponsors
  12. Head cannon accepted! This is the reason. Any other theory shall henceforth be considered blasphemy.
  13. It's Jill. In her mind, Europe is just so much FANCIER than Latin America.
  14. I don't think UP's executives or audience would care about that. I wonder if some scandal is about to break and UP is getting ahead of it. It sounds like they were well into filming season 11, so the excuse that they want to switch to scripted television when they have a cheap to produce season of a reality show available doesn't pass the smell test.
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