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  1. Yeah, but in their *gag* defense, it's really common for publishers to do this.
  2. Honestly, it wouldn't surprise me if that weren't a factor at all. Josh was a minor at the time. By the time police investigated and the family were put in front of a judge, Josh apparently wasn't deemed a danger anymore. It seems obvious to you and me and maybe even individual social workers that the two thing are related, but legally, I'm guessing most family court judges aren't going to countenance removal without evidence that Josh abused a child. The Duggars' fame and money is also a significant factor, I think. Not they're getting preferential treatment, per se, but there's a spotli
  3. Oh but they said they would be nice to LGBTQ+ people if they were invited into their homes. SUCH an improvement over the rest of the Duggars!
  4. Yes, they can interview. They don't require parental consent in our state at all, but they might in other states, though many if not all of those that do require consent make an exception if a parent is the one suspected of abuse.
  5. I actually asked my cousin who works for DCF, and she said that csa materials aren't enough to have children removed, not in our state, at least. They'll investigate, but if there's no evidence that the children were abused or shown those materials, they can't do anything.
  6. Taking the kindest view possible of them (so, you know, totally out of character for me), it's likely that they're so convinced of their own philosophy that they honestly believed that he'd repented and changed so a short leash wasn't necessary. There's nothing fundies love more than a sinner publicly repenting and recommitting to their faith. Their naivete would be sad if they weren't such awful people. I really don't think any of them were worried about that at all. JB and Michelle started the TLC specials in the middle of Josh's punishment for the molestations. The past being reveal
  7. It's Satan, of course. Always Satan. Let in because of too much interaction with the godless, or some similarly asinine reason. There's absolutely nothing that can happen that will make them rethink their beliefs. There's always an excuse they can use to justify doing the same thing over and over again.
  8. I have an overall problem with the type of person that people choose to dehumanize. And that type? It's not the Duggars and Dillards of the world. Bigots are humanized entirely too much, in my opinion, when they are the ones that systematically dehumanize large swaths of people. Not that they should get hate for absolutely everything, obviously, but it's so obvious that Derick and Jill have figured out how to use social media to get people to like them without actually showing any evidence of changing in any significant way. While I tend to disagree with a lot of slippery slope arguments, I ho
  9. I still remember the typo-laden website Josh had for this business. Yeah, I'm sure that attracted a robust clientele.
  10. I don't expect any such thing. But I do have values and I like to think ahead, and someone with Derick's beliefs with a law degree? I mean, sure, it's a great personal accomplishment, there's no denying that. But I'm not one to think I have a relationship with these people just because I've seen them on TV, so there's no personal feelings to balance out the negative impact he hopes to have on the world. It'll be great if he proves me wrong, but only time will tell. I won't write fanfiction in my head in the mean time.
  11. Seriously. His "voice for the voiceless" just screams anti-choice or other such cause. Meh.
  12. I know it's a fool's game but I keep wondering what they're thinking about all of it and going back and forth. Do they believe he's guilty and are horrified but he's their son so they're going to get him the best lawyer they can and pray about how to "fix" him if he gets acquitted/when he's out of prison? Do they think he's guilty but are only as horrified as they were over Ashley Madison and adult porn so they're angry at the justice system's "hypocrisy" in going after him (never mind that they'd be screaming for the death penalty if someone outside of their community were caught with csa mat
  13. I don't think they're quite that stupid, but I could imagine Josh saying that porn with underage girls was found, with the implication that those girls were 16/17 and how could he know they weren't 18+.
  14. I was thinking that a lot of the reluctance was likely general objections to being tracked in any way, even tv viewing, and that I'd have no problem signing up for Neilsen. But what you described is too much even for me. Hard pass.
  15. Random question: was it pre or post-raid that Anna put "forgiving wife to Josh" in her bio? Reading all the comments on how much/little sympathy she deserves made that pop in to my head.
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