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  1. She has to want and ask for those things. A lot of women in bad marriages get really offended and defensive when anyone brings up how bad things seem. There's only so many times one can have their offers of help rebuffed before one decides to mind their business and wait until the loved one comes to them. I'm sure Anna did not take it well when her brother offered help after Ashley Madison. She doesn't want to leave. She might be worried about finances, but only in the context of her husband being in prison, not in the sense of how she'll manage if she leaves him.
  2. See, if I thought that was where she was coming from, I might have some sympathy for her. How she'd support her children after a divorce doesn't matter because divorce is not something she wants at all. Until she states otherwise, I'm not giving her the benefit of the doubt. In the first Counting On specials, she said that she liked being on the show and being an example of a good Christian. I just...can't see sympathize with her at all.
  3. Considering how obsessed they are with the very existence of any type of porn, it's highly unlikely that Anna doesn't know exactly what cp entails. She might be burying her head in the sand with regards to the specifics of Josh's case, but she knows children are harmed in the creation of such materials. She's either refusing to believe that Josh downloaded those materials, or sees them as no worse than any other type of porn and doesn't care about the children that were hurt.
  4. The same way JB and Michelle have, by thinking their methods work despite all evidence to the contrary, ignoring red flags (because there's no way there weren't a lot of them), and forgiving him over and over again. I'm not saying they're completely responsible for his behavior, but I do think their constant, unconditional support gave him some cover. Forgiveness=Permission in a lot of cases. I know the popular theme around here are that people who grew up fundie are "brainwashed" and don't know any better, but this generation is pretty plugged in to the rest of the world. And they've pro
  5. Sunk cost fallacy. She's invested too much time, effort, and emotional bandwidth to leave now. She married him knowing that he molested his sisters (and say what you will about how much she, in her naivete, understood, I do believe that the Duggars were honest with the Kellers about that); she defended him when InTouch broke that story; she stayed with him after Ashley Madison because Jesus was going to fix him; she posted countless times on social media about how wonderful he's been since and held herself up as a model of the forgiving wife. She can't admit to herself--let alone the world--
  6. I've been listening to a podcast discussing the OJ Simpson trial, and one of the things the hosts say about the defense strategy is that they contested absolutely everything, even things that were totally standard (like the amount of hair the prosecution was allowed for testing). The goal for a lot of that nitpicking wasn't to have the case dismissed or to convince the jury, but to bog down the prosecution and throw them off their stride. So one issue that would normally be concluded in an hour ends up taking the entire day because the defense won't let it go, and a hearing that was supposed t
  7. I guess when you never got to date, any time alone with your husband is a date.
  8. How...how is listening to a podcast a "hack?" I don't care about their bedtime routine, but remember that time Jill filmed Israel trying to climb up a running fan? Let's not assume her kids aren't as feral as their cousins just because Jill grew a brain and figured out what not to post on instagram.
  9. Excellent explanation. I knew Calvinists believe in predestination, but it's something I never thought much about other than just one of those details religious people get worked up over. Makes me wonder, what would be the point for Calvinists to preach Christianity, then? If the saved are predetermined and those souls feel the call, why does "having a heart for ministry" matter? Or do Calvinists generally not care about converting people?
  10. Right. If anything, going full scorched earth on JB and Michelle would be to his benefit, considering his and Jill's obvious efforts in catering to more mainstream crowd. The "respect for parents" rule wouldn't apply considering how public these particular parents have been with their wretchedness.
  11. Like Jinger, age is improving improving her looks. She wasn't at the cringe levels that Jinger was back in the day, but Jill had a face that suffered from comparison to her other sisters. To me, right now, she sits it a solid, "reasonably attractive."
  12. Here's what I think is going on based on my own observations and opinions of Duggar fan/hatedom over the years: 1. Derick challenged JB over money (100% justifiably), and because so many of us have wanted the kids to defy JB, many tend to forget the "over money" part and spin fantasies over Jill and Derick's beliefs, because they've been waiting for this defiance for so long. 2. Jill was the clear Golden Child all her life. She was the the genuinely content Gothard child, who was quick to keep all her siblings in line because she liked to hold everyone accountable. (Various siblings
  13. I remember Jinger being there for a baptism Jeremy performed, but she didn't get baptized herself, at least not in the video I watched.
  14. THAT is point for them...they don't have to do good works at all because they're already saved. From there it's a hop, skip, and a jump to prosperity gospel shenanigans.
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