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  1. This is true, but also? People have got to stop being so disingenuous. Because for all the bullshitting the Duggars do, they don't hide the fact that they are evangelical Christians, and that right there tells anyone who's paid the least bit of attention to the world over the past 20+ years what they need to know. It's ridiculous that people need to hear them say, "I think gay people are going to hell," in order to know that about them. I think that kind of gig is something the old boys would approve of, because it's not blatantly liberal and is a good way to infiltrate the mainstream.
  2. Expect a black and white photo of Jinger and Jeremy looking sad/thoughtful and a passive aggressive post about loving everyone and respecting beliefs.
  3. Count me in among those who think Derick's tweet was more of his trollingly vague answers. He might be writing a book, but it's more in line with what his mother did, a memoir about his path to fundie Jesus. He'll go on about Nepal and Danger America and maybe go into his squabbles with TLC, but he's not going into tell-all territory.
  4. This has the potential to become really interesting, because there's never been any doubt in my mind that Jeremy's beliefs are all about what's going to get him where he wants to be financially. Not that I think he's secretly progressive or anything, just that he doesn't really care much about anything enough to have principles, and everything he proclaims to believe will fall to the wayside when he thinks a different path will work out better for him. Jinger wasn't kidding when she said that Charlie Chaplan house might be better for their "career." Those two really are thinking in terms of influencer/public speaking careers and will adjust accordingly. The thing is, Jinger's fame is tied to her family, and there's only so much she can stretch to satisfy both ends. Not even JB's mercenary ass is going to be ok with his child being pro-LGBTQ rights and still featured on the show. And as much as people would kill for a Duggar defector, not many non-leghumpers are going to jump on her bandwagon if she tries to have it both ways by seeming progressive (by, I don't know, having coffee with an openly gay man or whatever) but never actually saying anything about it and still attending fundamentalist churches. This leaves Jeremy with the option of either really digging in his heals in the fundie charismatic (he wishes) pastor route--something that will not provide the social clout he so clearly wants--or blowing past fundie-lite straight into mainline liberal Protestantism, something not even meek, kiss-ass Jinger is going to be able to deal with.
  5. Is this the house that Joy and Austin lived in after they married? Because if so, that might explain why they sold it. I remember thinking it weird at the time, because they definitely implied that they were fixing the house with the intention of it being their long-term home. But they ended up selling it soon after they were done with the work and Joy was heavily pregnant.
  6. According to reddit, the comment he replied to was deleted. It said something like, "You chose to be on tv and make a living that way."
  7. Oh, yes, that's exactly what she said.
  8. I've been saying that about Jinger from the beginning! I was actually pleasantly surprised that she told Jeremy he messed up with the price of the paint. I didn't think she had it in her. You're so right about Austin being tightly wound. I think he, even more than most fundies, had a very specific idea about what marriage was going to be like and the fact that you really can't assume the future when you add an actual breathing human who has thoughts (well, as much as Joy is capable of thinking) threw him for a loop. He wasn't even married a year and was going on about how hard marriage was. My take on Jessa and Ben is that they've reached a point where they're at peace with the fact that they're just completely different people. Or maybe it's not peace so much as it is that they're too distracted by the kids to let themselves think too much about their relationship.
  9. I know there's no such thing as bad attention to a drama queen, but...I don't know, I just don't think that that's the way it would have gone down if she just wanted the attention? Or more to the point, I don't think that's how she consciously would have chosen to get attention, because I think she's always subconsciously seeking attention on top of the deliberate things she does. I don't think she's smart enough to refuse to participate in a TLC activity in a bid to stand out from that crowd. If anything, it was dumb move on her part, because hell yes she's in this for the TLC fame and she has to know/believe (I know, I know) that it's generally better to put on a happier face during this type of thing, or at the very least ride that line between snark and keeping sweet. I really got the impression that she was just pissed off at Josiah--add that to being annoyed at such an asinine activity, and she bailed. But honestly, even if it was all about getting more attention, I'm going to side with the person who throws a wrench in the Duggar game. I mean, IMAGINE being Joy, for example, who is often low-key contemptuous of the nonsense they have to do for TLC but does it anyway because paychecks and ministry and yada yada yada. For her to see Lauren do what I'm sure she's fantasized about doing all her life is just...*chef's kiss.* ETA: I guess the tl:dr version is that the enemy of my enemy is my friend and in this one instance, I'm pro-Lauren.
  10. Oh, Lauren sucks, absolutely. But as someone who a) hates the family as a whole, b)hates all the stuff they do that's clearly just to give TLC something to film, c) hates that they rarely if ever express any real negative emotions while on camera, I greatly appreciated her in this episode. The nest building exercise was dumb. Josiah annoyed her while doing it. It would be unwifely to openly state in front of everyone, "You're annoying me with this and I don't want to do this anymore, " so she played the headache card and lay on the couch. Then the next day they had to do that vow thing, which is another dumb fake thing for the camera, and who knows what else she was annoyed by, so she refused to even show up. I straight up cackled when Josiah still went and recited his vows.
  11. I think a big part of the change (if it did change and they weren't always running without any kind of schedule) comes from all the speaking engagements that came with the fame. Michelle and Jim Bob have always been far more invested in spreading their version of Jesus than in raising their family, especially once the older girls were old enough to be left alone with the kids. Once they were traveling all the time to "fellowship" with other churches and stuff, the schedule was thrown out the window.
  12. I'm going to preface this by saying that I'm ashamed for feeling this way and I welcome any mocking you feel I deserve. Lauren taking a nap on the couch and then refusing to take part in the vow renewal or whatever the hell that was? GOOD. FOR. HER. All the standard criticisms of that drama queen still applies, but the fact that she didn't give a fuck about this obvious content-for-TLC material and refused to take part in most of it is practically subversive and for that brief moment she was top on my least hated Duggar list. SHE MADE JOSIAH SPEAK VOWS TO A PHONE! Is this what stanning feels like?
  13. Haven't seen the episode, but it's likely that TLC paid for that meal. Nothing the producers love more that showing Duggars trying new foods and/or bumpkin-ing about.
  14. Same. Most of them take after Anna's parents and, well...
  15. Exactly. I never read the book about love languages but from what I know about the topic, it seems to me that, yes, understand and accept how others show affection but, more importantly, understand and accept how others want to be shown affection. It's galling to me Ben kept on going with the generic "what all girls want" route instead of actually paying attention to what Jessa liked, and that Jessa just had to pretend she was moved by something she wasn't at all into.
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