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  1. Dead at this succession of sentences. Vegas Brittany was shockingly articulate and seemingly level-headed for someone participating on this show. The season preview shows them having some issues in coming episodes but who knows, those crazy kids just might make it. Scott had a moment of clarity that he won't follow through with but its ok because Lizzie will bounce as soon as she can. That valley girl affect of hers is nails on a chalkboard coming from a 40+ year old woman from the Midwest, like girl, please, just no. And I would love to hear from her prison baes to see what they think of her lol.
  2. Absolutely not...and Captain Save-a-Ho fits him to a tee. If anyone's familiar with the song and the little part at the end when the guy is talking on the phone to the girl talking about all the things he's going to do for her "matter of fact I'll get you a cellular phone!...and a pager!" hahahahaha. Him and Scott are cut from the same cloth, got to be needed. An accomplished woman with a career and a good head on her shoulders would make them go limp. And as someone with issues with my mother putting other people ahead of me, that scene of Lizzie running right past her daughter, who she hasn't seen in over 10 years, hit me right in the gut. And when she did acknowledge her it was awkward af. Poor Jasmyne (?) is so desperate for a relationship with that b*tch. She really needs to cut her losses and distance herself.
  3. I haven't been on this forum in forever but I'm sitting here watching on DVR while having my coffee and I was so impressed by how good the ep was I logged in to see what some of the PTV'ers thought of it and...apparently none of you enjoyed it as much as I did LOL. Not even the America's Got Talent sketch? Cecily as Nell breaking out into Send In The Clowns?! Come on guys that's good stuff. Totally agree with a previous poster about Maggie Rogers being a welcome change from the Kanye's and Travis Scott's...I really liked the 2nd song.
  4. Just a joke about her all of a sudden using her married name at the end of the episode...like half the posters on this board. So actually I'm pretty sure she is hyphenating now :)
  5. Sheryl is also a rape survivor so I think her emotional response also probably had a lot do with that. Pretty sure I've heard Sheryl tell stories about going to bbq's at the Moonves estate and joking about their rich people bbqs being different from black folks' cookouts so I chuckled at her being like "I don't know him" "I call him Mr. Moonves" lol
  6. Julie Chen vs Julie Chen-Moonves Lol...I'm an oldhead myself but Bebe Rhexa is pretty hot right now. I was surprised she agreed to this. Haven't been on PTv boards as much this season. Mostly following the BB20 hashtag on Twitter and a couple Youtubers who cover it. Hadn't seen any mention of Sam's "I'll take a piece of each of you" until this board so this has been a coming home of sorts for me *sniff sniff*
  7. Super duper late but I don't have Showtime and I'm currently bingeing on Netflix. The oldest son Colin, that looks exactly like Tom Hanks, has a different mother. I don't think Chet looks like Tom Hanks or Rita Wilson lol. Another fun fact is the actress playing Sierra is Matthew Modine's daughter...somebody may have already pointed that out. I may be going straight to hell for this but Frank punching that little girl in the face had me so weak bwahahahaha. As someone who is always coming up with get rich quick scams (in my mind only while I work 9-5 in a cubicle) I love all the money making schemes the Gallagher's come up with.
  8. This! In the words of Evelyn from Basketball Wives, they are non-mf'n factors...which probably means they'll make it far, definitely jury.
  9. True about hella being less pervasive now than 10-20 years ago. I'm in Sac and although I'm not a native, I first lived here in the early 00's in my college years and recently came back to the area and I'm not around a lot of teenagers so maybe they don't say it as much. I had the same issue with Ladybird, but that's a whole other discussion lol. I didn't catch them referring to Oakland as the City and I just referenced it as "The Town" in my original post. Good point about making it more timeless, I guess that's what a lot of other shows are going for as well.
  10. So how old is Tony's boyfriend supposed to be? I mean how many attractive, sweet, kind, loving grown men are trying to be serious with a high school kid unless they're up to some R. Kelly shenanigans or are a recent graduate and they knew each other before. That's the thing about having grown ass adults playing teenage characters, they look similar in age because the actors probably are, hell Tony looks older than him, so the difference isn't as glaring as it could be in real life. But we're supposed to think its cute. If it was an older guy with one of the girls, it would be yet another melodramatic plot point.
  11. I think that to myself every time he's on screen lol. Those "street" kids in Oakland <face palm> nope and nope. I know the "Town" is more gentrified as of late but damn! This was so off it was laughable. And a show about a high school set in NorCal (and I'm guessing the bay area) where the word "hella" is not even uttered once in 2 seasons. That kind of stuff takes me out. But its rare that a show really gets it right with area specific slang and authentic portrayals of how teenagers actually speak so they're not alone.
  12. Saddened? This is one of the greatest/funniest talking breakdowns in the history of music (The beginning of Shirley Brown's "Woman to Woman" is a close second). I didn't think SNL did it justice. The original is waaaaayyyy funnier lol. Correct
  13. I co-sign this lol. I also wonder if other actors have had to turn down opportunities while they were able to lessen her role to work around the BP/Infinity War filming schedule. Might be some salty feelings if so. Things that make you go hmmm. Between Maggie's pay issues (Ezekial also gave her a shoutout about that on Twitter) and some of the hard feelings expressed by former cast members, all doesn't seem well in TWDville. Yes! I want to go through the screen and snatch it off lol.
  14. Sooooo I'm watching again for the first time since the wedding episodes and...no commentary from the matchmakers!!! Who's gonna tell us how difficult X situation is for any couple but especially for these couples who are married without having known each other before? The producers must've listened the audience. This is SO much better lol. I'm sure this has already been discussed. Apologies for my lateness *mind blown*
  15. Wow expected this board to be full of Black Panther posts lol. I've never liked the Michonne character as much as alot of fans but Danai was so excellent in BP and took such command of the screen its almost gonna be a letdown when TWD returns and I'm back to being meh about her. I looked at some of TWD twitter accounts and the creator and producers showed BP love but the only actor who did was King Ezekial...seemed odd. So basically she's no longer Michonne to me, straight up Okoye all day.
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