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  1. I expected more questions about the pig and don't get why Patrick's mother ONLY had to be invited. Just pointless. She's never been classy and nobody is supposed to argue in a foreign language. How would she react if someone yelled at her in French? Karine looked pregnant or she just gained weight? Unlike Darcey : " I lost weight!!". Who asked? She made her point in a childish way as usual. By the way she still can't find a dress her size.
  2. Abby : I swear as soon as I get out of his appartement, I will have no contact with Chris again. I'm leaving in 2 weeks ! Wasn't she supposed to have no contact with him already? Is she telling us that she is leaving this place just because Chris informed her that he was giving no more money, not because she planned to leave? 2weeks? Why can't she leave right away? And why did it look so natural that she was a prostitute? Sean must really be in love with that little girl. Really.
  3. I'm not talking about her looks. I'm more about the mindset. There's a difference between I have a catholic background and I'm churchy. Same thing, having an Algerian and probably Muslim father doesn't mean one is actually religious but people tend to assume you are when your name is ...or you family is from.... Coming from a muslim family it's hardly acceptable to be on TV like "I'm flirting with 2 guys and it's Ok", unless your muslim family is really open or you don't practice the religion which I find logical since she said she was not into traditions. I doubt religion would be important enough to her to be a deal breaker, if she were religious at all. Ps: A little black dress +Adidas shoes are absolutely trendy on Instagram
  4. I know it from what Myriam herself said a couple of weeks ago. That Patrick informed her a few days before. She also said she was not into her father's traditions and that her brother was a little more traditional than she was. I agree she could have told him "don't come" but maybe he had purchased the plane ticket and she felt guilty about that, or maybe he was pushy or maybe she changed her mind when he arrived shirtless and back flipping in Paris or maybe the entire story is staged. For the rest we are not in the spoiler thread so obviously whatever we may be stating here is our belief, based on the 12episodes, and we may be right or wrong. If we were meant to talk about things we know to be facts ONLY, guess what we would have nothing to discuss here. Saying that Jesse uses the show as a means of getting publicity is an assumption as well, unless you are Jesse.
  5. There is a French word for him. "kéké". The exact meaning of this word is ... Patrick. I can't find a better translation. A Keke is a French guy who tries ridiculously to be Patrick. Of course it's derogatory. I think Myriam was trying to be polite saying he's a dream guy. If he were, she would date him. I myself would never ever date Patrick. Myriam has been very clear about the situation. Patrick noticed her on Instagram (which is obviously not a dating website) and they started a conversation. It turned to friendship . A romantic relationship was never in question and Patrick knew that (of course, this is not what he said to family and friends. He let them think they were in love ). Patrick informed her that he was traveling to Paris just a few days before he got on the plane. She eventually said that she was perfectly fine in Paris and going nowhere. And about something I read upthread, just because your name is Myriam doesn't mean you're Muslim. She said her father immigrated from Algeria but she was born in France and not into the tradition. She doesn't look nothing like a Muslim. First of all she wouldn't be on that show. You can't ever imagine what a disgrace it would be to her family. And if she really has a boyfriend I'm hundred percent sure it's a French and non Muslim guy. A real Muslim wouldn't marry someone like Myriam cause she's too westernized. The reason why she wouldn't date Patrick is definitely not religious. I can relate to this. My friend was on a TV show. When it was aired, the actual name of the program was totally different from what they said when they were recording. This is how you can play negatively with someone's image.
  6. Thank you! What bothers me the most is the cousin's wife. I'm hundred percent sure this ugly **** found her own husband by disreputable means. And now that she's on top, she will hold the other girls' heads underwater. What I like about Jenny is that she's always been very vocal about her intentions. Like " My life will be better in America ", " Larry has money", she's dating American guys only... She's never pretended anything else! He was there when she said all she liked about him was his (too big) nose and he was ok. These relationships are agreements. You get sex, they get a better standard of living. Deal. Then if Larry is stupid enough to think it's a fairy tale, too bad! When somebody tells you who they are believe them. I can't put the blame on Jenny.
  7. It doesn't explain why Karine has a different hair color (and length ) in one episode. Patrick traveled shirtless to Paris. He couldn't care less about wearing 2 different outfits to get back home (I've never done that myself for a cold 9hour flight). There are so many details that don't match in that show.
  8. She doesn't seem to take it seriously but Abby's skin is covered with that shit a little more each day. She has sores everywhere. Chest, fingers, arms, elbows. This is definitely scabies. And for whatever reason she's always low-necked which makes it more noticeable( except for Sean). Why can't she get a real treatment ? This time it's not about Mambo's leaves. The producers should have asked them to go to the doctor. It's very contagious, even for them if they shake hands or something. I'm very surprised. And I think about whoever will sleep in this hotel room after them ... All of that being said, wait. Was that Sean's apartment ???? Or just a rundown motel?
  9. Myriam : " Patrick is all a woman wants !" HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
  10. Antonio looked at Corny and said I'm used to living by myself / I need some space/ I can't be with someone else in the same apt for up to 24hours* How to be clearer without being rude? No, actually it WAS rude. Already. If she's still around after next Sunday, I give up. * and sleeping on a loveseat
  11. Corny is so uptight I'm sure sex wasn't great and still. Antonio made her breakfast in the morning. Amazingly cute!! But no sooner had she noticed a leak in the AC than she pressed him to find some hotel. She's such a pain in the balls I must take Antonio's side on this one. I would have left her and never come back again. Listen there's no air conditioning at all in most European houses. It's not Florida, nobody is freaking out about no AC for a couple of hours (and complaining at the same time about the offices being too cold). First of all you close the blinds during the day. Antonio lives in a shoebox and maybe not even his apartment. I think he actually lives with mummy and rented this place just for the show. Where would he get the money to book a room when he can only afford a studio apt. If she's never satisfied, why don't she move out or go downtown and buy a fan? (even Darcey was able to find a hotel when she was drunk and in high heels in Amsterdam and all the other folks have their own places). Antonio is not paying for your entire stay girl! Taxis, food, restaurants, bars and now hotel. She's been very lucky to have a place to stay for free +AC in the first place. It's broken, well give it a minute! He was about to call a fixer but she was so boring with her "let's go to the hotel right now" Gosh! And who drinks red wine when it's already too hot in their cubicle? None of us have ever believed he could be under 40. Sleep in peace.
  12. The worst thing about Larry is not that he didn't eat but that he will never get what the matter was ! He says it's cultural differences. NO. It's nothing cultural Larry. Anywhere in this damn world, you're meant to eat when you're invited to... eat. And if ever you had some restrictions, you would tell your host before coming to their house "sorry, I don't eat meat " or " I'm allergic to eggs". And even in a spontaneous dinner party, you just eat whatever you can eat. I'm sorry but he knew he was going to a feast. Did he expect them to cook cheeseburgers? If he had just figured out that bacon was actually an animal, he could have tasted the noodles which are very common, even in the US. Pork was not the only thing on that table. Some people in America have no clue what real food is like. Larry is dumb and not even nice. He was belligerent and careless talking about the incident. No apology, no questioning of his behavior (it's just food), and this very dismissive " I'm not a Filipino. I'm not supposed to eat like them". He had no real reason. Just their food is not good enough for him, but their girls are good enough for sex. Hate him. And can't he dress properly? These humble people were better dressed than he was. .
  13. Jenny : " I've never cried for a man. Men cry for me!" Period. She killed the game.
  14. I know my mother's number and I think most people do. If someone gave me their phone, I could call my mother.
  15. I know we're bitching around but no need to go this far. Jenny may be poor but still . She's a woman. Not a pig. Larry knew he was going to a feast. Why did she need to tell him about? You go to a feast, you eat and you drink. First of all, he didn't bother to dress properly. And Jenny should have told him he was expected to eat? "Why is it such a big deal?" Seriously Larry. This family is so poor they can only afford one bed in a studio. They offer you a meal and you don't even taste it. I thought he was vegan maybe. Hell no, he just fears diarrhea. It's not veggies ! It's roasted meat! I'm very proud of her father. Despite his poverty he didn't offer his daughter like Karine's parents and Abby's did. " Oh American? Yes take my daughter away please. Do whatever you want!" I'm so tired of these stupid Americans (thank you Mother Pedro). I won't eat this, I won't it that, I'm not going into the water, I run half-naked in the middle of Paris... I really hope Jenny can get her green card, dump him and find a smart guy.