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  1. Loved the expressions on everyone’s face when Meri says they can all meet at her house. They looked like they’d just gotten a dinner invitation from Jeffrey Dahmer. I’ve never been involved in building a house, but since they have to run all the utilities wouldn’t it be astronomically expensive to have the houses 150 yards apart? Not that common sense is ever a deciding factor with this bunch 🙄
  2. In the picture that has their heads stuck through the painting, Nathan looks like he’s copping a feel and Nurie looks like she’s enjoying it 😉
  3. Is that Alyssa in the second row, second girl from the left with her eyes closed? I had to triple look trying to pick her out. Wow, she’s come a long way.
  4. I’m so ticked off right now-I never get to live chat because I live in WA, but I’m in Cincinnati for work this week. I was all excited to live chat only to have my stupid work dinner run late, and when I finally got back to the hotel I discovered the TV doesn’t have TLC. CURSE YOU, MARRIOTT! Sigh. Oh well, just had to chime in and tell you all how much I love reading the live chats after I’ve watched the show. Please return to your regularly scheduled snarking 🙂
  5. Putrid is an excellent description of that color. Looks like the contents of a nasty diaper. But it’s on sale! Swipe up if you want to be just like Mariah with poop colored saggy boobs!
  6. Wait, isn’t Amy’s shop in the same strip mall? Can your lungs handle the stench of cheap fabrics 😬
  7. I like the Anne of Green Gables saying “There’s always another bend in the road”. You just never know what’s around the next bend 🙂. As for Kody and company, I could see Meri leaving but not the others. None of them want to work, and even if they wanted to it’s not easy getting back into the job market at their age. I predict they’ll keep living large until they all go broke and end up back in one trailer with three wives. Can’t you just picture them all sitting there in their peeling faux leather recliners sniping at each other 😂
  8. I laughed like a 12-year old when Christine was bleating on about how she couldn’t be master of her own domain if they were all in one house 😂. Editing to add—I think a couple people misunderstood, there’s a famous Seinfeld episode that gave a whole meaning to that phrase. I think it’s safe to say Christine never watched Seinfeld. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Contest
  9. That room actually looks like it has good bones. If she got rid of the tchotchkes and doilies and decorated it more simply it could be charming.
  10. #womanswork? Screw you, Dillweed. Makes my blood boil. I really can’t stand him.
  11. Not only was it much nicer, but at 11 days it was much longer, too. I recently rewatched the honeymoon episode and the wives at home were all angry and hurt. And of course Kody didn’t care, he was too busy banging Robochin and pretending to be a surfer dude. I can’t imagine how painful it must have been for the other wives to watch that episode.
  12. I watched this a couple months ago, I agree it was fascinating. I felt so badly for the women in that cult, they are worked to the bone.
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