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  1. The image of Janelle, frozen in her camping chair when Christine cries after she sincerely "communicates" her thoughts on moving to Utah and simultaneously receives a unanimous "hell no" from the Golden Girls and realizes she was set up by kody. Quite the polar opposite response from ep 1 during the lunch meeting, where Robyn asks Janelle if she is referring to her, and she leaps from her chair to hug and comfort Robyn. This is the woman that did all the heavy lifting, practically raised her kids while she worked, and she just sat there, stone dead.
  2. "The group — which included Fernanda Rocha, who appeared on Season 6 of “RHOC” as Tamra Judge’s friend and identifies as a lesbian — traveled to Florida for a birthday celebration, an insider told us on Monday." https://pagesix.com/2021/04/19/braunwyn-windham-burke-hits-beach-after-split-from-girlfriend/
  3. Wonder who he thinks watches this shit show. His plyg brothers?
  4. I think Robin gets off on being in the power position more than she adores her failed prophet. Monogamy didn't work out so good for her the first time. I believe she wanted a group effort, ie financial and hands on support and kind of got a bait and switch in the kody department. Their time together would be divided by 4, and now she's stuck with that guy 98% of the time. He seems more into her, than she into him. They deserve each other.
  5. Very much enjoying seeing the REAL kody brown. When the producers and advertisers throw in the towel, hopefully the gossip rags will pick up the slack. Nobody deserves a public smack down more than kody brown and his legal wife, the spiritual Bonnie and Clyde of polygamy. They must be a joy to work with. Bet the producers are privately surprised at what they got this season. One of the producers, Timothy Gibbons, spent years on Curb Your Enthusiasm. Imagine going from Larry David to Kody Brown and Sister Wives.
  6. No year. Unfortunately, not unusual for people over a certain age; actually advised for those job hunting, which I'll bet ya a dollar, Janelle is not.🤣😂
  7. University of Phoenix Degree Name Bachelor's degree Field Of Study Accounting per her Linkedin page
  8. I should have included the non existent vomit emoji after this. I don't have the slightest idea what this guy's future holds to make money. With all the noise and nonsense of late, politics was all I could come up with. He sure gets all roostered up telling people what to do, thinks his ideas are the best for the "people", and cannot manage anything even basic car maintenance. I can't even come up with someone, past or present, on the small screen that has made a similar or worse portrayal of themselves or a fictional character. Heck, Tony Soprano had his sympathetic moments. This guy . .
  9. Whatever earthly non polygamy fantasy that has taken over both of Kody's brains will quickly evaporate once he rids himself of those pesky and disobedient distractions and he is alone with his Victoria's Secret Angel. Kody's drug of choice is chaos. Once the fantasy turns into reality, both brains will be bored and will need a fix. Now that he has been unmasked, I'm guessing he has alienated pretty much everyone close (including the public) to him. At his age and with his ego, I can only imagine trying to reinvent himself. Will he go back in time and become an outed, old guy "playe
  10. Kody Brown @realkodybrown Hey! For all you people who "don't get it" regarding our move. We lived as exiles in Las Vegas. We always planned to move back to Utah. As time progressed we determined that we prefer to grow old in a kinder climate. #Flagstafforbust #SisterWives 6:30 PM · Mar 3, 2019·Twitter for Android
  11. Didn't we just hear kody say he "wants a truck and a tractor" during the car stuck in the mud scene? Looks like he danced right to the dealership and got himself one, lol. Wonder where he parks the tractor. . . Liar. kody's to vain to wear a mask, at least on camera
  12. Kody Brown - "Doing the emotional work" . . . for the family "Kody shocks his wives when he says he's *done* talking out their family issues." (Meri looks like a dude)
  13. I couldn't find one scene where he was a warm father towards her. The Truely kidney's failing on the couch and in passing, father knows best says: give her some LIV water and keeps walking. Recently, the birthday pinata that Truely did not seem to enjoy but Kody did. And next the infamous Bike scene. Strike Three, your out Brown. Did I miss any?
  14. And upon their arrival across state lines, the State of Utah will proclaim Kody Brown Day and welcome them back with marching bands, The Mormon Tabernacle Choir and the Osmonds and award spectators a Sister Wives Closet commemorative pin. We will never see this because the producers will think this is too interesting, and instead show us discussions on family communication and multiple flat tires.
  15. Do the producers think we are idiots? Didn't we see in Ep 2, Robyn's disgusted look and negative response "we all know the other wives can’t produce kids anymore, so all they talk about is MY reproductive system" to Rooster Kody's COCK-A-DOODLE-DOO to Joe Darger during the conversation at the Darger's about having more kids? Kody made it clear he has the urge to have just one more baby. While Robyn didn’t discuss it in public, she made it clear to the cameras it wasn’t up for discussion. Robyn noted she didn’t like the conversation because it was her that would have to carry the bab
  16. The article said he was leaving the gym in Flagstaff. "Kody was his usual social self at the gym, an eyewitness tells DailyMailTV. 'He drove up in a little blue sports car. He has a twinkle in his eye and a certain charm, I'm sure some of the ladies at the place were checking him out. You'd never know that he had four wives and 18 children at home. It seems like his wives would want him to wear it, especially at a place where there are plenty of attractive single women hanging out,' they said. Kody, sporting his trademark 'man bun,' even did a little dance in the parking lot,
  17. Man this how is baaad. June's smirking while saying her "lines", Sugar Bears wife is THE worst actor ever, Alana's tough to watch. The overweight thing is also tough to watch. Geno looks like he's going to pop like a balloon. Only entertaining scene was Sugar Bear getting testy with the film crew and walking away in the pedi flip flops. So dull, that I started thinking about his brother Poodle who used to be on the show. I kind of remember him being fun to watch but its been so long, any thoughts I had were fuzzy. So what happened to Uncle Poodle? https://radaronline.com/exclus
  18. So does Kody just blow off Janelle's finance opinion or is she as bad as he is? We keep hearing about her "expertise" in this area, but I'm not seeing it. Maybe they mean she just writes the checks and pays the bills, like Christine just learned to do . . . looking at you little water bill.
  19. He's the weird guy you want no eye contact with, because you know he'll start talking to you and the escape plan is to much work.
  20. Erika Jayne is reportedly on the verge of being sued. " . . .the trustee overseeing the assets of estranged husband, Thomas Girardi, is in the process of obtaining counsel against her." “Thomas Girardi’s Trustee [Jason Rund] is obtaining special counsel to sue [Erika Jayne],” “The proposed special counsel is a defendant in lawsuit by the Girardi Keese Trustee Elissa Miller. There may be a conflict and the two Trustee’s may not be working in tandem on this.” “This means that there is credible information that Erika Jayne has received [money] from Tom Girardi and may have t
  21. I watched Dish On Demand. What is interesting is this is the only episode they offer from Season 1, nothing else. Then on to Season 2. Wonder what was on there that they don't want us to see again? Here's a short clip from youtube.
  22. This doesn't help endear him to the people in Flagstaff. I'm sure they look at him as someone to avoid.
  23. "Michael (brother) one wife, Kody was trying to encourage him to get second wife while out to dinner with two other Brown brothers visiting in Las Vegas." "In this week’s episode , three of Kody’s brothers – Scott, Curtis and Michael – come to visit and older brother Scott it turns out, is also a staunch polygamist with two wives." "Surprise, surprise however – middle brother, Curtis is a committed monogamist with only one wife – Erica."
  24. This is just sad. Please someone tell her to stop. Or take her phone away.
  25. I want to hear them say it, admit their adaptation of non-monogamy is a failure. I've been mulling a theory in my head for awhile, going back to the beginning of this show the Natalie Morales interview where she blindsides Kody. One of the things the family brings up is Kody's past -- specifically, how he had a lot of girlfriends in high school. Natalie asked Kody, in a one on one exchange away from the group, are you being accurately portrayed on the show, which Natalie characterized as a bit of ladies man, play boy. He didn't agree with her description. In a clip of the inter
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