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  1. HOA Board Members & Property Manager - Homeowners ... http://nevada-homeowners-associations.com/nvboard_list.php?goto=1401 President, Kody Brown, 6935 Aliante Pkwy Ste 104-141, North Las Vegas, NV, 89084, Board Member. Secretary, Michael Martinez, 6935 Aliante Pkwy Ste 104- ...
  2. Dorinda's groundbreaking memoir will be released August 17, 2021. I wonder who she and Simon & Schuster thinks are interested in her life story? "The proud mom told us that her daughter was critical in helping her piece together her memoir and getting her through the parts she didn’t want to discuss — like the chapter about her anorexia battle when she was younger." "She explained that she “was very honest and forthright” in the memoir, which she started writing in November. “People kind of see me that way, sort of the voice of reason, tell it like it is, like me don’t like me,”
  3. I'm with you LK, enjoying deep-diving into the psyches of these psychos. (as a wannabe, shout out to onceafan, for the professional takes!) Understanding Brown behavior is like a three tiered chess game wearing a blindfold in a tornado. Does Meri relinquishing her legal wife status automatically shift her to a spiritual wife? How would one be removed from being a "spiritual wife"? Can one be a "spiritual wife" without a spiritual ceremony and new dress? Will Kody be stuck with Meri for eternity (🤣)? Does a plyg divorce clean the eternity slate? If Kody successfully bullies, demeans and b
  4. Kody Brown-Bad Ass🤣 . . . anyone think when he goes bald will he get a wig?
  5. This is what I'm anxiously waiting for! The helicopter spotlight on the F's - Fraudulent Finances and Phony Faith. If not on this "reality" show, hopefully the gossip rags will take up the slack. There is something so shady about the adults in Brownsville. The arrogance of these gypsies deserve a public exposure. AUB wants nothing to do with them,18 kids, multiple homes and bankruptcies . . . c'mon man! None of them are likeable or sympathetic. This is what keeps me interested, knowing they will eventually be taking a bow after their last act, triggering the real "behind the
  6. "In connection with an opposition to [Erika Jayne]’s request to get a part of the $600,000 exemption from Tom Girardi’s house, a lender has provided damaging signatures showing her direct involvement in the borrowing by [Tom] and this will become powerful evidence against her in any future case if she tries to claim she didn’t know what was going on,” “She may claim she didn’t know Tom was broke or borrowing a lot of money but this negates any innocent housewife defense.” A snarky article. "Speaking of Erika, I love how on the show she talks about how she has two private jets she fli
  7. I was originally hoping to be able to watch this show, maybe learn something and be entertained, but these people are so obnoxious and shady I feel like I'm watching a never ending Dateline episode with no ending.
  8. That's the point. These 5 people are not mature, healthy, happy or in love. If they are sticking to the "faith" concept as the motivation for this lifestyle, it was fleeting and has failed them. Faith has been replaced by money as the bind that keeps them (somewhat) together. Their onscreen personalities have done a 180. Someone previously questioned their acting ability. I agree, they do not appear to be acting. I see negative, combative or checked out. And they never do anything. All those people and all we see is moving, whining, fake business deals, periodic trips, weddings, births a
  9. Seriously Kody. That's her job. What doesn't make her cry? Certainly no need for snide remarks from anyone for her to turn on the fake waterworks.
  10. Bachelor Degree in Accounting
  11. Speaking of Social Media, they are even on Linkedin. One of the last places this Expert Brown Snarker ever thought they would slink into and found it full of humor and a surprise or two. linkedin.com/in/christine-brown-4636008b linkedin.com/in/janelle-brown-0419307a linkedin.com/in/robyn-brown-b9751267 linkedin.com/in/mindy-jessop-b4382b132 Nothing for Meri or Kody Brown Family Entertainment, but bonus find for one of the PA’s.
  12. maybe he's in training🤮 https://theworldnewsdaily.com/sister-wives-the-2020-libertarian-u-s-presidential-candidate-reached-out-to-kody-brown-on-twitter/
  13. Internet rumors that Robyn and her nanny/relative Mindy Jessop had some degree of pot stirring culpability in the catfishing drama. Can't remember what or where I read it, but knowing what we know now about the Dark Queen, her rise to the top and disconnect from her "friend" Meri, wouldn't be surprised.
  14. This show is more fun looking for inconsistencies, an adult Where's Waldo.
  15. He was very weird entering Janelle's house, repeating how anxious he was, or something like that. Not the usual cocky asshole we love to loathe.
  16. website on barrier: /www.sgcity.org St. George
  17. And another Kody Brown tag line! My have things changed since Season 1 when he took offense to Natalie Morales when she mentioned his reputation as liking the ladies and questioned his choice to live the lifestyle for this reason not "faith". I was choking at his aggressive response, that he has done the emotional work to support this lifestyle. And plyg cheerleader Christine had an audible gasp. He is incapable of of grasping the concept of emotional work much less doing it. Kody's go to is blame the other person. To much use of I ,Me. "If you want to be loved, make yourself lovable"
  18. Kody Brown's new tagline: Love should be multiplied not divided Polygamy is a swirling vortex of sewage.
  19. "Although she has longtime martial problems with Kody, 52, the reality star was still wearing her wedding ring."
  20. This has always been a disturbing storyline for me. First, why would their father give up rights to his children? He's from polygamy "royalty", and allegedly not a practicing plyg, but I'm having a difficult time believing he would disown his children. Most divorced parents would not, but this guy is from Utah and a plyg, and he does? And what about Jessops plyg family - they all collectively give up grandchildren, nephew, nieces, cousins? Yeah we're good, see ya. We have other kids. Robyn sending them to visit after the "adoption" doesn't help solidify this either. Why couldn'
  21. It’s They are the gift that keeps on giving.🤣😂🤣 https://pagesix.com/2021/03/30/david-beador-says-hes-donating-shannons-baby-gift-after-jeff-lewis-fiasco/ "He read alleged texts from David during the show, which read, “Jeff, nice podcast. You and Shannon are so f–king boring. All you can do is talk about me and my wife. You f–king loser. Glad to see karma bit you in the ass a couple of times now, what a chump you are.” https://www.usmagazine.com/celebrity-news/news/david-beador-threatens-to-sue-ex-shannon-after-jeff-lewis-texts/
  22. She could also be jealous because no one is "helping" her. In the beginning, when she first landed in the fambly, she repeatedly talked about the lifestyle and how she could fit in and assist. Now that RobynSpongeBob SquarePants has obtained her massive pineapple house at 124 Grifter Street, the wives have nothing to do with each other but filming. And she's stuck with the kids, including the balding one, with no nanny. Speaking of nanny, rumors I read include that she had her sister, a niece and possibly a friend help her in the past and Kody was interested in two of them as #5.
  23. "She was happy to be moving to America to be with Mike Youngquist. But, she was entering the country with no ring on her finger." Article forgot to include that "she stayed until the very end, enduring sloth-like, passive aggressive interactions turning her mature, respectful personality into a psycho, marriage at all costs, lunatic.
  24. Brown and his four wives have stated they participated in the show to make the public more aware of polygamist families and to combat societal prejudices. (wikipedia) Got to hand it to Kody. He accomplished his objective to bring awareness to polygamist families. Add to his list of failures: combatting societal prejudices. Clearly Kody Brown is not capable of managing and supporting a successful and healthy plural marriage. This show has done nothing but confirm my belief that polygamy breeds inequality, anxiety, depression, patriarchy, faith lip service, insecurity, emotional and
  25. Yep, looks like ol' Meri made some $$. Which makes the storyline of her asking Kody and the wives for money to invest in the B&B more humorous. These grifters even grift themselves.🤣😂🤣 "LuLaRoe was founded in 2013. By the end of 2017, Lularoe had gained over 50,000 consultants – ending up with around 80,000 sellers."
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