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  1. So does Kody just blow off Janelle's finance opinion or is she as bad as he is? We keep hearing about her "expertise" in this area, but I'm not seeing it. Maybe they mean she just writes the checks and pays the bills, like Christine just learned to do . . . looking at you little water bill.
  2. He's the weird guy you want no eye contact with, because you know he'll start talking to you and the escape plan is to much work.
  3. Erika Jayne is reportedly on the verge of being sued. " . . .the trustee overseeing the assets of estranged husband, Thomas Girardi, is in the process of obtaining counsel against her." “Thomas Girardi’s Trustee [Jason Rund] is obtaining special counsel to sue [Erika Jayne],” “The proposed special counsel is a defendant in lawsuit by the Girardi Keese Trustee Elissa Miller. There may be a conflict and the two Trustee’s may not be working in tandem on this.” “This means that there is credible information that Erika Jayne has received [money] from Tom Girardi and may have t
  4. I watched Dish On Demand. What is interesting is this is the only episode they offer from Season 1, nothing else. Then on to Season 2. Wonder what was on there that they don't want us to see again? Here's a short clip from youtube.
  5. This doesn't help endear him to the people in Flagstaff. I'm sure they look at him as someone to avoid.
  6. "Michael (brother) one wife, Kody was trying to encourage him to get second wife while out to dinner with two other Brown brothers visiting in Las Vegas." "In this week’s episode , three of Kody’s brothers – Scott, Curtis and Michael – come to visit and older brother Scott it turns out, is also a staunch polygamist with two wives." "Surprise, surprise however – middle brother, Curtis is a committed monogamist with only one wife – Erica."
  7. This is just sad. Please someone tell her to stop. Or take her phone away.
  8. I want to hear them say it, admit their adaptation of non-monogamy is a failure. I've been mulling a theory in my head for awhile, going back to the beginning of this show the Natalie Morales interview where she blindsides Kody. One of the things the family brings up is Kody's past -- specifically, how he had a lot of girlfriends in high school. Natalie asked Kody, in a one on one exchange away from the group, are you being accurately portrayed on the show, which Natalie characterized as a bit of ladies man, play boy. He didn't agree with her description. In a clip of the inter
  9. This coincides with what I found yesterday, when searching for the number of episodes in this season. Interesting Title. "All I could find is: IMBD stops at S15, Ep10 Apr. 18 2021 Polygamy Hell."
  10. He's a failure at everything else, why would he be any good in this area . . . unless it's with himself.
  11. Agree! Janelle's last scene has to be something involving her ginormous selfies and or her goulash selfies. Stuck on Meri
  12. Included in the previously linked Sun article (Dec 9 2020) was this sentence: "Neighbors told The Sun that the couple and their kids barely leave the property." Reading it made me smile. The image of ADHD Kody, swinging from the rafters Ariella, anxiety ridden, Kody lap sitting Aurora, Victoria Secret wearing Robyn, King Sol, Breanna, and Dayton isolated in their Castle, alone, looking at the army of encased figurines while eating takeout, is my choice for the last shot in the closing scene of the last episode of the show. The scene prior to that is Christine and Truley, d
  13. How not fun is this going to be, to watch this chick lie for a season? "When Garcelle Beauvais pressed Jayne by saying, “With any of the lawsuits, did you have a heads up? Is that why you got divorced?,” Jayne angrily responded, “No, I did not.” Erika Jayne breaks silence on divorce, legal drama in ‘RHOBH’ trailer https://pagesix.com/2021/04/12/rhobh-cast-grills-erika-jayne-in-season-11-trailer/
  14. I was curious about the overall ratings trend and how many episodes in this season. Why is everything associated with this dumb show difficult? All I could find is: IMBD stops at S15, Ep10 Apr. 18 2021 Polygamy Hell. "The ratings plunge comes as Kody has received major backlash this season for his favoritism of wife Robyn while he struggles in his marriage to his other wives. " https://www.the-sun.com/entertainment/2450100/sister-wives-ratings-drop-million-viewers-per-episode/ Ratings Drop Could Cause ‘Sister Wives’ to Be Canceled https://www.tvshowsace.com/201
  15. All this money for cosmetic enhancement, but can't drop a dime for an apartment or plane ticket to mommy. Natalie, do me a favor and hook up with Andrew.
  16. Agree. And I have zero sympathy for Natalie. Who stays with someone who treats you the way that load Mike did? She valued that ring more than her self esteem, and for that reason, she deserved what she got. Nobody was making her stay except her ego. I recall a phone conversation with a friend of hers where she said something about being too embarrassed to come home without being married. She is responsible for herself. They did not have a Romeo Juliet relationship, more like a worse Married With Children. And demeaning herself about that damn ring. The many psycho personalities, worse being,
  17. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Oldcastle-7-5-in-x-7-5-in-x-5-5-in-Tan-Brown-Planter-Wall-Block-Pack-of-24-16202486/206942399?MERCH=REC-_-pipsem-_-206501693-_-206942399-_-N& These are Amazing! I wish producers (who I also thank for letting us see this scene) would include more of the kids and less of the parents. That includes my favorite, Mariah. I'm sure they are disgusted by this trainwreck by now, but other than the Brown adults secret back story, this is where the story is. How are they affected by growing up in chaos with mixed messages, absent dear leader father, and filmed f
  18. or Dark Shadows the American gothic soap opera
  19. I've had my fill. They sure have mastered this skill. Overused and starting to resent it.
  20. Sincere shout out to Garrison! I'm slowly budget landscaping my backyard. Been stuck on a particular unusual sized space. Saw this clip last week and was zeroed in on the corner connectors. Never saw them before so quickly went to the Home Depot website and there they were, $2.98 ea. And they cut the boards per dimension. $40 and I've got a planter for my desert plants. Ground is like concrete so had to go above ground. Told the kid who was cutting the lumber I saw this on a reality show (would never say which one . . . to anybody) and he just stared at me. One morning install, no help, a
  21. Found an interesting comment after a Letter to the Editor, Polygamy a choice?, written by one of Christine's cousins. "Rebecca Kimbel April 1, 2020 At 5:23 pm DNA testing should be required with every welfare check. Fathers..ALL fathers, single or married, should be held responsible for THEIR breeding rights. NOT THE TAX PAYERS, When those fathers assets are held in the name of a church that endorses polygamy, THAT CHURCH should be held financially responsible for the Costs of Polygamy, not the tax payers. Responsibility SHOULD BE on those who crated it. Freedom of choice is NOT a c
  22. Old story. Market in Robyn's hometown banned Krysten Deckers book by market organizer who hadn't bothered to read it prior to their decision. https://www.reviewjournal.com/news/nation-and-world/st-george-market-bans-womans-book-on-polygamy/
  23. If true, poor Gabe. . . . ranked 10th of over 800 students academically, was a rising star on the wrestling team and was “friends with the entire school”. He even had a girlfriend he was seeing for almost a year. Wonder how he rilly feels about Robyn.
  24. Comment Winner: How many Browns does it take to unstick a car. All of them. All of them try and fail. One goes to get the neighbor.
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