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  1. And I am enjoying watching this breathing ego's transformation.
  2. Because I can't say it enough, I am baffled at her consistent easter island head selfies. Does she not look at them before she publishes them for the world to see? You'd think one of those three thousand kids would say something to her. She must think they look great. Meri and Janelle, polar opposite of selfies.
  3. 100% proof Meri is both ignorant and arrogant. Benefit of the doubt put to bed.
  4. what's the story with this one? flagstaff rockridge address listed on Arizona Corporation Commission for MY SISTERWIFE'S CLOSET, LLC Entity Status: Active
  5. If I was sobbin robyn, I would have picked a different photo. Or at least include a nice tiara with that awesome 60's updo.
  6. Weren't we led to believe that any "new" wife had to be vetted by the other ones? or some such early sisterwives bullsh*t. Wonder who ok'd this 25 year old, divorced mother of two? Come on lying, lazy reality tv media, finish making up the story. Here, I'll start. Aging, angry and balding kody brown, appears to have a "type". Years ago, he permed and highlighted what's left of his hair and went after a younger version of fourth wife Robyn. His new attitude released him from the need for any prior approval from the other "in name only" wives. This is such a delicious fantasy, that we
  7. Recycled Story from 2018 almost word for word. All media is the same. 'Sister Wives' Star Kody Brown Gets Rejected After Proposing to 25-Year-Old Woman 17 March 2018 by In Touch Weekly In Touch Weekly https://www.imdb.com/news/ni61962625
  8. Do not remember the exact wording. Scene: kodybrown and Robyn's rent or buy dilemma. Still amazed at dimwit Robyn's on camera declaration to blow off the down payment if rental became available or some such grifting/disrespect to owner. Who in their "right mind" would want any business dealings with these losers. The AUB doesn't even want them.
  9. Agree with all of you, which is why I dismissed this specific crazy. If her imdb page is false and/or has been manipulated, lets make one for all of them. Janelle appearing on Cooking Shows and winning, Meri on Project Runway or working for E! interviewing celebrities asking Who are You Wearing, so many thoughts, so little time, lol. And a redo on Robyns.
  10. Awhile ago, while deep diving Robyn, I came upon her name on IMDB and dismissed it. At the time her listing did not include all the information it now does. What I remember it stating was something like: Robyn Sullivan. She is an actress, known for Just Shoot Me! (1997), CMT 2000 Countdown (2000). It did not include her photo, so I thought it could be someone else / or a coincidence. Like everything with these people, it seemed odd, and strange that she would be seeking an acting career. Found the article below which repeats the information. Her IMDB page now has more info including
  11. And to think Mr. and Mrs. Satan had a custom Chapel in their home is wild. Antithesis of everything they portray.
  12. Why bother Janelle? Are you this checked out. What a slap to this guy. You are sounding like a pod person. Stop posting this shit. It's getting worse. I'm thinking a call for a welfare check is imminent. "...a woman who was willing to shoulder the responsibility... stepped up and my mom raised my kids so I could go hide at a day job, I think her name was Christine..."
  13. Not buying they aren't under some influence other than polygamy. 1/2 way thru, Meri cryptically says "lots of moving going on". Friend is married, from Oregon, with kids and "helping" with the B&B because Meri can't be there all the time. Lots of loud talking, laughing/giggling, not sure what the point is other than Friday with Friends, whatever that means. Meri says yes I like home decor and no, we are not drinking. Won't be talking about the show, because , you know, contracts. Friends mom shilling doTerra. Ghost talk. Meri's into block parties, sip, whooo, whooo. Friends name is Je
  14. I hear ya DanaMB! Fat face, bald kodybrown with a headband still freaks me out. Nice pic of the princess for a change.
  15. Gotta give it to the dumbo kodybrown. His arrogance and grift motivated showcasing their lifestyle for the world to see, so we plebes could see the good side of polygamy. He thought he could control the story, portray a plyg version of Father Knows Best where love is multiplied not divided. It has been suggested that kodybrown was motivated to embark on his tv career by the show Big Love. If he was trying to emulate a lighter, reality tv version of Big Love, he failed. Unlike Big Love, none of the sisterwives characters are the least bit endearing. Unlike Big Love, kodybrown cannot f
  16. Such a paltry amount to short. You'd think they wouldn't want the guvmint attention or negative press. Heck, that's one less trip to costco. Or robyn could stop buying those ceramic army men housed in her hutch.....
  17. Can someone explain How he could "mistakenly" short the amount on his property tax? And can someone explain Why would he "mistakenly" short the amount on his property tax?
  18. Apologies for yet another kodybrown visual. SISTER WIVES Did Robyn Brown really get two honeymoons with Kody? https://starcasm.net/sister-wives-did-robyn-brown-really-get-two-honeymoons-with-kody/
  19. Interesting article about this guy Brady and AUB plyg life. WHAT HAPPENED AFTER THE SHOW? "After the show ended in early 2014, Brady filed for bankruptcy with his legal wife Paulie and was able to wipe out $318k of their $402k debt to start again." Bankruptcy seems to be the go to financial planning for plygs. "Brady offers a loving take on becoming disillusioned with polygamy and religion in general, instead of careening on a path of misery and disconnecting from most of the family-like Kody Brown was doing on his past season" "Brady goes on to estimate that 90-95% of pol
  20. Is this it? duckduckgo https://www.thedrive.com/the-war-zone/26379/watch-night-stalker-choppers-descend-in-unison-into-small-parking-lot-near-staples-center "Another video from the previous evening is also worth posting, as well. This one shows a pair of MH-60s landing in succession on a Downtown Los Angeles street, at 1136 Wilshire Blvd to be exact, and picking up full loads of operators that appear to be carrying a couple heavy objects." from comments "So was this exercise, in the financial and legal centre of LA, a cover to quietly raid corporate offices of agents and l
  21. "The Browns may have agreed to do the show to sell people on polygamy, but they have instead become exhibit A of why it doesn’t work." A few paragraphs on Screenrant by Veronica Brush. Nothing we don't already know, but she ended with the above line. https://screenrant.com/sister-wives-clues-meri-leaving-kody-brown-marriage/
  22. 100% true. Been enjoying gyms my entire life. Clears the busy mind, keeps the old bod somewhat fit and allows me to eat, drink, and be merry. No matter how many people are in the facility, its very quiet, sans music and weight clinking. Nobody talks, most all have headsets, earbuds. It is definitely a group experience done in isolation. Classes are different as there is some degree of camaraderie. She "says" she has been frequenting gyms for a long time, so certainly Janelle knows this. She also knows unless you are a true gym rat, working out ebbs and flows with life. She seemed to be ch
  23. What's so frustrating with Janelle is she expects people to believe what she says, not what we see.There are plenty of niches she could fit into in the health weight loss industry and achieve some degree of success. Heck go work for weight watchers, be a coach or better yet, a spokesperson (HA!🤣) She seems depressed to me. Definitely checked out, low key, non motivated, flailing. The word lazy comes up, but I'm not ready to bestow that label . . . yet. She seemed content in that rennel, so having to move yet again would depress me. The last thing she exudes is anything close to motivatin
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