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  1. I thought it was just me. I agree with the clothes because I never noticed it until recently.
  2. Yeah to HULU from dropping this a week early. And thank you to all the VM Gods and Kristen Bell for Logan (and Jason Dohring) being shirtless so quickly.
  3. I love Lucifer and Amen teaming up together at the end. I don't like the reason they did it, but I love how much they really care for each other. And does anyone else think Tom Ellis kind of looks like Lee Pace?
  4. I liked that a lot too. I have this strange crush on David Schwimmer, always have, and I have no reason why. I'm loving him on the show! I find Grace really annoying, but I hope she doesn't break up with him.
  5. Exactly what I thought. And since when is she so nice and calm towards Jim? She needs to just go away. This is becoming like Lost, I made it this far and I need to finish it.
  6. We saw it Friday. Hubby likes Taraji Henson so it was easy to talk him into it. We both LOL'd quite a few times throughout this movie. I thought it was good. I'm surprised there isn't more discussion.
  7. Well, the first thing he says is commenting how he wants to partner with that Natalie D...Um, didn't Cara just say you guys are partners in this earlier? Gross. This and to add..as a Michigan gal, it isn't that bad. Listen, I don't care for winters that much either (and this one hasn't been fun the last couple of weeks) but man! We have great outdoors adventures, hiking, camping, etc and it sounds like she just wants to sit around and party. And there isn't much NY scene here, maybe in the D???? But it's not gonna be like NY. Good luck Zach.
  8. I'm sure this has been answered before but what the heck is up with Joey L's beard??? It looks like one of those magnet things that we played with as kids. Where you drag the little black things up to the face and bald head. Is he dying it and his eyebrows black or something?
  9. I have to say I am loving this show. I think SWS was a great addition and I loved Clayne Crawford. I hope they continue the show without DW. This episode was decent. Couldn't stand the whole The Roger flying kick thing. It was his usual bs. Maybe a show without Murtaugh and bring Leo in for good.
  10. I seriously LOVE Paul Adelstein and am mostly watching the show for him, but I might have to give it up. I just can't stand the wife. The mother is sometimes off putting, but I find her funny. But I really don't know if I can keep watching.
  11. I am loving SWS in this role, which says something cuz I LOVED Clayne Crawford. I wish they would retire off Murtaugh and take his nagging wife with him. I used to like her but she is getting over the top bossy with me. I really hope they don't cancel the show cuz Country Mac is killing it in this role! Can we just bring C Crawford back, maybe as an unknown twin brother of Riggs to partner with him?
  12. Not sure either and not sure I care, those blue eyes get me every time. And I just love seeing him in something. I loved Medici. I don't understand what the Julie's end game is.
  13. I agree completely. And he seemed really sincere in the diary room when he apologized, I just wished he had done it that morning to Devin. He should have gotten out of bed when Devin went into his room and said that he was sorry. We have all been there, said something we shouldn't have and knew we had to apologize. It's way easier in an interview room than in person, I get it. Hopefully he's contacted him outside of the show. Devin should not have followed Johnny around the house. Johnny showed much more restraint than many people did. Dad comment aside, I wonder if Devin would have seen the footage right away if he would followed Johnny like that. Tony is Johnny's partner, and like Devin, Johnny was defending him a bit. And no Nelson, he was not amping up the situation - you turds were. A Bananas and Devin team from the beginning would have been a fun season! It would be interesting to see how they handled it. Sometimes I feel like I'm the only one that doesn't mind Johnny. Out of the people on this particular show, he really isn't the worst. And I've watched him since his season on Real World, he can be a turd but so can they all. I think some of them would eat their own child for fame.
  14. I am so sick of Street's mom! She is such a user. Can we just hurry up and end this plot line and get Street back??!!! Glad Hondo is giving him a little help with SWAT academy.
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