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  1. Was this show always this sadly pathetic? Dark yes, but I remember it being more fun.
  2. Age wise, I fall right between Grace and Frankie and their children but I just can’t get into the kids’ stories. Brianna is so mean-spirited and her sister is just the same under that veneer. Leaving a bad review about someone‘s business they took your BF when you were 10 years old? And angry guy... ewww. Loved seeing Ernie Hudson again but I agree, that relationship should be left in the past.
  3. I’m tired of seeing majorly insecure Grace. Where’s the successful business woman? The great friend to Frankie? Her whole life is wrapped into her new husband in a way that’s hard to watch for me. I thought their relationship had deepened last year but now she’s back where she started, constantly worrying about not being enough. Blah.
  4. That’s what annoyed me the most about this whole thing. Thomas took the huge risk of killing a main character and change the show completely without a confirmation that Hulu was going to want more episodes. How many fans would’ve complained about Season 4 ending with Logan still alive? Why risk angering fans for nothing? Out of pure unenlightened spite apparently. There were so many other story options. Season 5 (whenever that would’ve been) could’ve started with him being dead and Veronica trying to find out what happened.
  5. So far the time jump seems to be hard on a lot of Salem people: Adrienne, Hailey, Brady’s baby are dead, Eve, Will, Ben are in jail. JJ’s an addict, Brady has most probably been drinking again... What a bunch of bummer storylines. I always saw DOOL has the fun soap. I’m not in a place in my life where I can afford to watch sad stories every day. Do we know what happened to Kate? Is she still in a coma after being shot?
  6. Just returning to watching the show as I was curious about the time jump. Hello Exposition Monday! That was awkward and I don’t see the point. I would’ve been on board with a Zander and Sarah pregnancy/Lamaze classes/delivery storyline. And who is in prison with Ben? Is it Will?
  7. That’s what killed me the most. How high my expectations were for her after the movie, only to see her now bitter, lacking empathy and hating her job and then reduced to a travelling P.I. What a waste.
  8. I was very disappointed in the last episode, for the reasons you all mentioned. I really enjoyed our interaction here, but the immaturity and lack of redeeming qualities of the new vicar is doing me in. I’m out.
  9. Thanks @bybrandy- I feel slightly better now. 😊
  10. I spent so much money buying and time watching and cheering this show... All I wanted was to not be gutted by an ending and I got this crap. I suffered through the maddening Matty character, the stupid Mexican cartel storyline and the constantly annoying pizza guy of Patton Oswalt - a genius my... For this. I can handle bad endings, but not the ones that leave me completely unwilling to watch previous seasons and purposefully screw with my feelings. There was no reason to have them marry (in an ugly dress and bad hair to boot) just to have them brutally separated à la whatever manpai
  11. I’m on episode 6 of the new series but I had to rewatch the movie before finishing. I really like the movie and how thy kept to the season 1 essence.
  12. I agree with everyone saying it was weird to have Veronica and Logan doing ecstasy. I was actually even surprised that V. would take a drink from a woman she hardly knew considering Her experience of being roofied. Happy to see Weevil and Francis Capra looking healthy.
  13. Big oops! Thank you. Also saw I typed Eric Cane instead of Eric Dane. No more posting tired again!
  14. Episode 3 was fine. I felt so bad for Georgie’s wife, but I can’t really understand why she wouldn’t tell her husband about what she’s going through. He doesn’t seem to type to blame her. Maybe she’s afraid he would get into trouble by beating the nasty man up? The new vicar swears up and down that this post is the most important thing to him but spends most of his time away from his parishioners. At least he was useful with the boy... And Leonard, poor Leonard losing his good friend. I feel so bad for him. I really hope they’re not building a suicide story for his character. And I d
  15. I was wondering who was the good looking man acting with Dick Casablancas. I thought “Magnus” looked like Eric Dane but from IMDb, it’s Josh Duhamel and it’s his only appearance in the series. Too bad - I wouldn’t have minded seeing scenes with him and Kristen. * Edited to correct the names my tired brain confused.
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