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  1. They also have to call back the original actors and pay them a load of cash to do so. I don't see how. If they do a spinoff with Kim, I'm in! 😅
  2. Or it could be the first place he will go to ask again what happened in the desert.
  3. And I have seen the other way around. Women inciting their men to step up into violence and enjoying it at the same time. She did pushed him to behave badly while putting a con on people, she is not as innocent as she looks.
  4. Maybe he left on his own like all the other characters did.
  5. I will try to answer without spoiling. There is still a lot to the story to tell from the comics, but with the movies they plan to do I don't understand how they will do it. Where Michonne, Eugene and the gang are heading there is a story. A hint is how the Michonne episode ends. At the same time, Strangers went to Hilltop and we never saw them back. Maggie left and we have no news, Helicopters are flying around, etc... And if you follow Fear the Walking Dead it is even more of a mixed up. Are they going to tie the knots of the plots or leave the story lines lay for years without any explanation like they are used to? I know what is supposed to happen because I have read the comics until the end, but I am as confused as you are.
  6. My take on this is that they are stretching the story too long. The whisperers in the comic did not have so long of exposure, so you saw less of the flaws of the hole thing. If the whisperers had last only one season they would still have been silly but we would be somewhere else and forgot most of it. Now after two seasons it is just ridiculous.
  7. They could have gone to a bike shop or a store and make some brand new ones operational, they are in a town...
  8. And they went for the worst ones, because newer ones does not exist in this town.
  9. Maybe he will ask after "Do you have any friend of your age left in the whisperer gang"?
  10. Do you think he will do a "mother-daughter" score? It goes with the guy.
  11. You might feel the same if you found out that your mom does not give a shit about you!😄
  12. I saw it friday and I don't remember most of the things that happened, I'm counting on you.😄
  13. I guess he took a couple of weeks to remember that he had to look out for Connie and the best time is when there is an attack in his place.
  14. They have a hole episode about it in FTWD, it was hilarious.
  15. She might be the George Costanza of the show. Hello everybody!
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