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  1. I never understood why Sami allowed Sydney to call Nicole, mommyNicole. It always bothered me that she did that..
  2. I forgot that and it was cruel of them to do so. Lucy once thought she was pregnant when she was with Scotty again after Kevin. Her disappointment on finding out that she was not pregnant was heartbreaking. I still remember her saying why is she always denied the chance to have a child. A lot of women who struggle with infertility could relate to that sentiment..
  3. The show has never invested in Eric. He should have had a presence on the show after Jensen left the role. It is why I did not like Rex being Roman's son. It was unnecessary when you had Eric. Eric being Roman's son and being raised as Rojohn's son for years had potential for dynamite character driven stories rooted in history. The only Brady child that the show ever cared about was Sami. Lucy never had biological children. She lost them during her bad days. Lucy never stopped wanting to get pregnant and having children. She never had a miracle pregnancy. She was Serena's surrogate mo
  4. That is my biggest problem with the Jack/Jennifer story. They never needed an interloper to be interesting. The same goes for all of the other supercouples, it is why they were elevated as supercouples by the writers. Their uniqueness was what made them so special. Jack's amnesia and embracing his dark side without the baggage of his past should have been the start of the journey for Jack and Jennifer.
  5. I have always wanted Eric to have his own stories like his mom and have children, but, the show has never cared enough about Eric to give him a life. However, it is okay for a character to not have children. Not everybody in real life has children. I would love to see a woman on a soap make the choice to not have children. In general, Women tend to give up more when it comes to marriage and children.
  6. She was also her first grandchild. Kim's children were not mentioned either. I doubt I will ever see Andrew on the show. Stefanie should have been recast when Tripp came on the show.
  7. It seems the whole table was over him. His comments about reparations turned off Sunny, Joy and Ana. George excoriated the Republican party Trump and that pissed off Nutmeg. What the hell was up with Megan? Her comments about Mariann was out of line. That is not how you treat a guest.
  8. He said that reparations should not be about race. That is ridiculous when slavery was about race and the subjugation of Africans who were considered an inferior race. George can be pedantic but that is part of his charm.
  9. The last time we saw Carrie embracing the twins was when they were all kids with Rojohn as their dad.. Carrie embracing Jarlena was a highlight for me.. So much history between them.
  10. Yup, it was very ugly backstage between Rosie and Barbara.
  11. How about when Baba Wawa was trying to give Donald Trump the smackdown on the air after he told the world that Barbara regretted hiring Rosie and that she despised her. Baba Wawa denied it on the air and it was obvious that she was lying and Donald was telling the truth. Rosie knew it too..
  12. I love your post and it was why I did not comment on the episode. I was disappointed with the funeral. Only John's memory of Caroline was actually shown on the show. However, It was Papa Shawn who noticed that John was avoiding the family after Roman came back and he with Caroline's support told John that he and Brady were still their son and grandson. Kim, Kayla and Bo also told John at different moments on the show that he was still their brother, full stop. I wish that they had shown flashbacks with Caroline with all of her kids and grandkids, even if the roles are recast today. K
  13. Yes, he did. Sunny tried to say that could be a problem for Black voters and Megan mocked her and cited a statistics about Black voters and Biden. She said it with such a tone like she knows Black people more than Sunny. Why must Megan always denigrate people? Sunny does not even look at Megan anymore.
  14. There are also fans who have hidden youtube playlist of episodes that you have to be on their list to access it. The same thing happened to me, watching some Roman/Marlena clips after they came back.. They were really good together.
  15. She also said in a magazine interview that she was going to help Barbara who is Jewish to see the light. It was her mission in life to convert her..She had to issue an on air apology to her..
  16. I think Whoopie was being sarcastic because Mitch the obstructionist said that President Obama who is not a descendent of African slaves being elected the first Black President is proof that we do not need reparations for slavery. Plus, if you are going to talk about Reparations you will have to involve Europe, the Caribbean, Latin America, Africa and how they connect. The British bought slaves here and it continued after independence.
  17. I need the talk to avoid complex issues like colorism. Sarah as a White woman was asking questions about the validity of what Matthew Knowles said. Eve and Sheryl were disappointments as Black women. I wish they had Lupita N'yango on to ask her, has her dark skin and natural hair ever been an impediment in life and in Hollywood. Zendaya who is a light skinned Black woman has said that she is the Black girl that Hollywood wants to cast.. Zendaya is talented but she knows that her skin tone is desirable when they are looking to cast a Black woman, so, there is nothing wrong with saying that col
  18. Ann Coulter of all people called her out on her ignorance about names when Raven tried to come for her in a political segment where she was the guest. Ann Coulter was actually very good in putting her in her place..
  19. How about Sherry saying that her son who was a toddler was getting erections because of Beyoncé and Rihanna. Poor Sherry had no idea that it is normal for little boys and baby boys to get erections, it has nothing to do with sexual arousal.. Sherry was embarrassing on so many levels. How about anytime Sherry would say things as a joke about hitting or smacking her son during the middle of her custody battle with his dad. Whoopie would interject and at some point Whoopie told her she would no longer help her and Sherry got out of her seat and got on her knees and begged Whoopie to not do
  20. Yup, she was her own worst enemy and she was a gift to the right.
  21. Rosie was wrong but it seemed like the show and Bill Geddie was gunning to humiliate Rosie by any means necessary. Rosie played right into his hands for the split screen madness..
  22. Barbara Walters dressing up like Marylin Monroe for Halloween and speaking in character throughout the whole show. It was embarrassing and it was really time for her to retire. A part of me felt sorry for her since she only had the show to give her some type of happiness and purpose. She has always had strain relationship with her only daughter. Also Barbara constantly plugging her book, my goodness. The ladies acted like it was on Shakespeare's level of greatness.
  23. Elizabeth thought she was being a badass and she looked like a fool. Kathy was mocking her throughout the whole exchange. How about after the split screen with Rosie, Alicia Silverstone refused Elizabeth hugging her. It was obvious that she was team Rosie, since she had witnessed the exchange backstage. Kelly from Kelly and Ryan confronting Rosie on the air via a phone call that she was wrong to call her homophobic regarding Clay Aiken, Megan's bestie. I thought it was Bill Geddie humiliating Rosie, Kelly could have done it off the air. It was a predictor of the split screen that
  24. How about Bill O'Reilly saying that Whoopie was jealous of his success and she had a meltdown saying that she was a big successfull movie star. It was obvious that he was being facetious, trying to get a rise out of her and Whoopie showed her ass that day. She is very insecure, despite her bravado of being a strong woman. We started calling her the movie star after that..
  25. It bothers me because the media is picking the Democratic nominee to face you know who. It is the Democrats in the primaries who should be doing that. Joe is the safe White male that will save us and that just annoys the hell out of me.. Let us see what the others in the race have to say...
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