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  1. It seemed that Barbara neglected to make connections with people outside of her career. She was not close to her daughter. Barbara should not have been forced into retirement, she should have left on her own. At times, it seemed her career was all that she had..
  2. I think you should go into the Megan thread where you will find out why Sunny is done with Megan.
  3. Exactly! I remember Diana being criticized for hugging her own children in public or holding a baby who had AIDS. Joy disappointed me with her comments about the squad. Whoopie as usual mischaracterized what AOC said. Nutmeg was loving the rift between the Democrats. I think they will get over it in time.
  4. Sunny is done with Megan and I love it. Sunny seems like the one person other than Whoopie who has tried to get along with Megan, despite her petulant arrogant nasty vile attitude. I have not been watching the view because like Sunny, I am sick of Megan.
  5. I just wanted to say that I enjoyed the Shelle scenes with their baby girl. Why is Shelle not on this show driving their own stories. It is just maddening to me. The John/Victor scenes were gold and it made me wanting more.. I remember Sherry building a tentative friendship between them years ago. Both were weary of one another but there was a bond nonetheless because of Isabella and baby Brady.. Victor actually schemed to get Marlena and John together. Marlena kissing Ben's ass was just terrible. I just can't with this show and it is why I have not been watching because it was ju
  6. Perhaps Carrie will reunite with Austin. I have never had any use for Austin but his hatred for Rafe was so endearing..
  7. Megan is a vile thin-skinned vindictive snake. I hope this attempt at blackmail takes her down. Wow! She is an awful person playing games with Sunny's employment knowing that she has a family to feed..
  8. Don't forget she was Ozzy's sidepiece when he was married to his first wife and her kids hated Sharon for years. I have never understood her anger about Ozzy cheating for years when she got with him the way that she did..
  9. Why is Megan targeting Sunny? She always needs a foil in order to play the victim, I wonder who she reminds me of...….
  10. That is true but this Writer uses mental illnesses too often as a plot point to write for women. He cannot give a woman any type of motivation that is not connected to a man or some type of mental illness. It says a lot how he views women in my opinion. Sandman's post above was a perfect description of the writing when it comes to the female characters.. Why did Abigail have to develop DID? why couldn't it be a man for once. Has a guy on a soap ever had DID?
  11. Also, the reason that Megan and her siblings by her mom were raised in Arizona and not DC was because the DC crowd were loyal to the first Mrs. McCain who had had connections with the establishment and was beloved by them. So, they all looked at the much younger Cindy as a homewrecker.. She realized this and opted to live in Arizona instead.
  12. I agree. I think that Megan will stay but she will not last in the new season. At some point she will go too far and not even Whoopie will be able to save her..
  13. No! they have no use for her. Megan has no place in the new Republican party because of you know you who..
  14. So Hope who lost a child is going to trash a mother who lost her daughter, by defending the man who killed her. Wow! Eve is wrong for what she is doing to Jack and Jennifer but she has every right to hate Ben. Hope has 2 other kids to help her through the loss of Zack. Eve lost her only child, she will never see Paige marry, have kids of her own, assuming she wanted them, evolve as a human being and be happy.. So, Ron has given me another reason to hate Hope..
  15. I think that Sheryl has always regretted not having had kids with her late husband. I teared up when she spoke about it. However, Ozzy and Sharon are not the couple one should want to emulate. Ozzy once put a knife to Sharon's throat threatening to kill her..
  16. The fact that the producers on the show are praising Megan and making light of her deficiencies is disheartening. The producer who worked with Oprah should be ashamed of herself after working with someone as professional as Oprah. Oprah has her flaws and I have never seen her throw tantrums like Nutmeg. Megan's nastiness and boorish behavior is the cause of her problems on and off the show. If Barbara Walters and Bill Geddie were still on the show, they would not have tolerated Megan this long..
  17. Why? I doubt the show cares about her. They have Megan and the show also has Abby. Tara is also a conservative that they have in their back pocket..
  18. I expect the ladies will be rude to him because he is not Biden.. Megan will be the worst, trying to do a gotcha question with a sneer and contemptuous tone of voice..
  19. The show has had no clue on how to write for Carrie after Sherry left in the 90's. so why should Ron actually read up on her history before her rivalry with Sami to actually give her good writing based on her long history with the show. Why couldn't Carrie be with Marlena, Hope or Shawn-Douglas as Claire unraveled. How about some scenes between Carrie and Wilson. My goodness, Carrie helped raised Will or some scenes between Carrie and Arianna. How about Carrie speak about her son Noah with John, a man who was her dad. Perhaps, Carrie can speak to her baby brother Eric who she helped raise
  20. I am sorry but everybody has pain and you have free will. Ben made the choice to stay with his shady girlfriend Abigail when he should have kicked her cheating trifling ass to the curb. He is a young handsome man that could have gotten another woman. No, he chose to take out his rage on innocent women who did nothing to him. Paige's brutal death sealed his fate for me. There was no coming back from that..
  21. I am just blown away by ORK. What a performance and I am still team Claire and I don't give a damn about Cin. Why couldn't we get Marlena/Claire scenes throughout the years. What a shame! This show never takes advantage of the relationships on the show to give stories depth. Marlena is always at her best when she is in doctor mode or with her grandkids. It reminds me why she captivated the viewers back in the day and became the lead heroine on the show.
  22. I think Sunny would look beautiful with her natural hair. I doubt her hair could ever go back to it's original state. Your hair is never really the same after straightening it for decades like Sunny.
  23. Not to mention, she kept on having kids when it was dangerous for her to have them. She has had more than 3 C-sections. It is very dangerous for a woman to have more than 3 and I also remember her saying that she would like to have a sixth child because she likes even numbers. I have never felt any sympathy for Britney. How could she respect a man who left his girlfriend when she was 7 months pregnant with his child. What did she expect he would do to her?
  24. Biden is the safe choice in her mind. I get it but Biden needs to motivate the youth who are the future..
  25. Whoopie is not going to give up that easy money and fabulous insurance. She does not have to do much work to prep for the show. It is not like she is on a movie set where she has to memorize lines and wait for hours before she films her scenes. She gets in at 9am, she bitched when Rosie suggested that they should come in at 8am to prepare for the day. She leaves at noon, eats free food and she works four days a week. She also gets a weeks off throughout the year in addition to holidays. That is a sweet deal that most Americans will never get to experience..
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