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  1. Wow, the cross talk is awful today due to Nutmeg trying to monopolize the show. She is self-righteous and nasty today. As usual, she is making everything about her feelings and embarrassment as a conservative. Sunny is still giving her the cold shoulder. Ana is on fire, she is just so awesome. Joy has the patience of Job to be able to deal with Nutmeg as a moderator today.
  2. Wendy mixing it up with the Kardashians is very hypocritical, given how she insulted Howard Stern by saying he went Hollywood. I am not saying that the Kardashians are Hollywood but it just seems so weird how Wendy is down with them after she trashed them for so many years.
  3. I like your ideas. Stephen Nicholls was against Joey being created. He thought that Steve and Kayla should have adopted Philip's son, who they called pocket given the history between the Bradys and Victor. I also hated that they changed Stefanie who was a unique character in her own into a generic heroine after Shelley took over the role. Ginger Stefanie was amazing and I liked her chemistry with EJ. EJ should have been enchanted with her and not Sami. Sami wanting to be with a Dimera was always out of character for me.
  4. John should have remained Roman. I think that is when the show jumped the shark, in my opinion. John and Roman were both damaged beyond repair after the tale of two Romans. Dee should never had demanded the writers bring back her friend Wayne as Roman. Also, I have always wanted Carly to have been a villainess. She and Lawrence were dynamite together. It should have been revealed that she was using a vulnerable Bo who is grieving Hope, to get close the Kiriakis money after having lost her fortune. Once she realized that Bo wanted nothing to do with that. She could have set her sights
  5. The show never explored the Eric/Roman relationship and it could have been a story that involved John as his other father. John as Roman raised Eric. I felt that adding another son for Roman was redundant. Cassie and Lucas would have been a great couple and could have given Lucas a great love outside of Lumi. As a Tony/Anna fan, I always wanted them to have another son. They lost their son due to Renee's evil machinations. I could see Anna getting pregnant again and Stefano taking the baby away from her. Plus, even if James Scott was a Dimera, he could have been Stefano's nephew
  6. Whoopie has fallen for the propaganda against the freshman congresswomen and she is too proud to admit she is wrong. Whoopie has no basic understanding how insurance works. So, I doubt she understands what the ladies stand for and that they were sent by their districts to shake things up.. Some people are scared of those who question the status quo by offering bold new ideas.
  7. I enjoy your rants because they are so true. The show has squandered so many opportunities for great stories. I am pissed we were not given a great story about Marlena's missing years. She was a brood made for the gemini twins, yuck! Cassie and Rex should have been Orpheus' children that Marlena was forced to raise when Orpheus kidnapped her and faked her death. The same goes for Hope's missing years, Steve's and Will's. I also hated that Hope and Steve were held captive by Stefano. Hope was killed by Ernesto and Steve was killed by Lawrence. Susan would never have kept Will away from J
  8. The show is boring but I enjoyed the Jack/Jennifer banter today. I enjoyed Wilson as well. Why can't the show acknowledge that Wilson share relatives, there is nothing incestuous about it their dialogue about Jack and Jennifer was so weird. A wonderful surrogacy story for Wilson would be great for them.
  9. Rafael you should write for this show. Your knowledge of the show's history with your casting ideas for characters is just amazing.. I would love to see how you would write for Kim, Shane and their kids. I hate what the show did to Theresa and the other legacy children.
  10. I have no problem with what Whoopie said about we are all immigrants here. You are also correct in your post but you have to remember that people of color are constantly told they don't belong here and therefore should not enjoy the benefits of being American citizen. What constitutes who is a citizen goes back to slavery when Black people were three fifth of a person and were not given citizenship. The 14th amendment gave Black people citizenship and it also gave you citizenship as well who is a descendant of European immigrants.
  11. Thanks for bringing that up. Joy should have brought that up and counter Whoopie's nonsensical rant about fairness. I get tired of the panel acting like Whoopie is so knowledgeable about subjects she knows nothing about. Sunny continual shading of Nutmeg is giving me life. Megan's soliloquy about the state of her party left me cold. Even when she makes sense, I just can't side with her.
  12. This is the story that I have always wanted for the Kiriakis clan. The show has such a rich history and they refuse to use it to give us great stories. Anjelica should be a part of your story manipulating Victor Jr against Adrienne because of Alexander. Also, I think the Kiriakis twins were fraternal twins. Their biological mother JJ could come back to help Adrienne deal with Victor Jr.
  13. I think she relied a lot on him and he took advantage of that to put his vision instead of hers. Plus, the show was making lots of money including Barbara. I think the money kept her in line..
  14. Also, I think they married Shelle and gave them a baby too soon. They should have had dynamic stories before going that route. People said the same thing about Wilson. The show has always had a problem in balancing stories and couples like back in the day. Even if you were not a fan of a particular couple, they usually had a way of having different couples to appeal to everybody..
  15. Exactly, I think the big difference is that the women of the talk are in control of that show. Bill Geddie used to always encourage the ladies to make sparks and would use his protegee Elizabeth to make sparks in her debates with Rosie, he brought an unhealthy vibe to the show that translated into ratings. In the short run, the suits made lots of money but in the long-term, it damaged Barbara's vision of women of different stages in life getting together to chat and support one another.
  16. Sharon was nasty to Aisha, she threw shade and would roll her eyes but it was never on the same level as Megan's daily temper tantrums. Plus, Aisha never let her rattle her. Sharon was intimidated by Aisha's intelligence just like Whoopie is with Sunny on the view. Sharon also orchestrated the firing of Leah and Holly from the first season. I do get what you are saying in that there is a certain malevolence with the view and that started when Barbara Walters ceded control of the show to Bill Geddie. The view became a bitch fest after that, it used to be more like the talk during the ea
  17. After Megan called Joy a bitch, they went to break, the producers told the ladies to play nice. When they came back from the break, Megan said that she and Joy always called each other bitches and that we the audience were snowflakes that needed to toughen up. Joy who I adored, disappointed me said we should watch the talk if we wanted to see a lovefest. It was unnecessary and mean. Joy did not have to go along with that degenerate Megan.
  18. She will be miserable over there, if she signs a new contract. Sunny, Joy and Ana will not have anything to do with her off the show. Megan wants to be accepted by them. Whoopie may baby her at work but I doubt Whoopie socializes with her after work. Whoopie knows not to bring Megan into her private life, she is a snake in the grass.
  19. He never abused her sexually or physically, but he has played with her emotions and that is devastating to a child. Megan wrote him a letter imploring her father to reign in his awful children who are hellbent on destroying her happiness. She also asked him to not speak to the media and what does he do, he gives her private letter to the media. Megan has every right to cut him off..
  20. She is a hit and miss. I think she is charismatic, beautiful with potential. If she invests in acting classes and studies her craft, she may have a future. I could see Lee Daniels working with her again. He hired Gabourey, put her on Empire after having worked with her on Precious.
  21. During one of the pre-tape shows last week, Sharon threw shade at the View about their treatment of one another. I think Sharon was referencing Megan calling Joy a bitch live on the air.. I am not Sharon's fan but she was right in that nobody has been that disrespectful on the air. Sheryl said they may get short , snippy and impatient with one another at times but it is always backstage away from the viewing audience.
  22. Of course! people are allowed to dislike her. I don't think anybody has said that if you dislike Megan you must be a racist..
  23. Sunny listed the things that Pelosi has said about them in public. Like Sunny said women of color are watching and gauging Pelosi's treatment of these women. Sunny tried to defend the ladies but Whoopie would not let her talk. This too shall pass, families fight and get over it.. This is a generational rift with both sides digging in their heels, nothing more..
  24. I have heard that her age has made her into a recluse and she now shies away from the camera..
  25. I saw a vile picture of Megan Markle with her face darkened and features deformed to look like a monkey with a caption that said, this is what is marrying into the Royal family.. The British Press hates that a Black woman has married into the family.. Harry and his brother hate the press for tormenting their mom and causing her death in Paris..
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