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  1. That is why Lumi's dynamic with each other and their boy have always fascinated me. Will has always been the mature one when it came to his parents. They were so young and filled with so much pain when they had him. Not to mention, Lucas being deprived of Will for 2 years in lieu of his older brother Austin with a vengeful Kate pushing him to best Sami by any means necessary. Unfortunately, Will paid the price for their stupid wars. Lumi was so awesome with Will and I will never not want them together. Lucas's reaction to seeing Will had me in tears. The show is really putting me throu
  2. Elizabeth defending Rush Limbaugh for saying that he hopes Obama fails as a President. She said that Liberals were attacking him because he was exercising his first amendment.. Elizabeth crying because she cannot say the N word and Whoopie telling her that Black people and White People have different lives in this country due to institutional racism. Elizabeth equating her daughter having a black doll to racism that Black people face in this country. Elizabeth was a piece of work, she is marginally better than Megan but she was still awful.
  3. It was in that same episode that she said a woman taking the morning after pill was akin to leaving a newborn baby on the side of the road. It was why she was on Barbara's lap being soothed like the big baby that she was..
  4. I actually loved that WTF moment, the look on Barbara's face was worth it. Star was awesome and it redeemed her off-putting behavior during the time she was going to marry AL.
  5. Sarah and Paula also had a nice vibe as well.. Jeda came after Paula and she too would stand up to Whoopie.. Jeda also bonded with the other ladies. I think Sunny saw that pattern of what happens to those who defy Whoopie and has chosen a different way to deal with the all knowing Whoopie..
  6. The ladies are also tired of her as well. Sunny's body language towards Megan is very interesting. Joy also told Megan that she knew Rosemary Clooney very well in response to Megan's bratty behavior.
  7. Paula did have some views that made some of us cringe. She once said that she likes it when her husband puts her in place. Whoopie would also took it upon herself to tell Paula how to behave in her own marriage. Whoopie was just too much with her unsolicited advice.
  8. Joy was there and I loved her friendship with Paula. A conservative and liberal found common ground as human beings. Joy helping Paula do standup was a great demonstration of their bond. Paula loved to get a reaction out of Whoopie and she never backed down when she disagreed with Whoopie. Rumor has it that Whoopie got her role reduced on the show.
  9. Whoopie harassing Paula on the air to the point a lot of us on here believed that she had a good case to sue Whoopie.
  10. Megan is just a partisan moron. I cannot believe that she is blaming the left again for McConnel's venality and of course she had to paint herself as a victim of the horrible mean liberals. All that talk about going back to the days of Reagan and O'Neill is just a smokescreen for not admitting what her tribe did to the senate. Sunny outlined how he prevented Obama from sitting 79 judges and she did not care. Merrick Garland being denied a hearing changed the supreme court. This is all a game to Megan and she does not care if her team cheats in order to win. Joy is right it is Mitch's s
  11. I think it will be Tripp who will get injured and it will push Claire to tell the truth..
  12. I am glad that they were not there. Ron tends to use Sami as a campy distraction and not a character. I wanted Wilson's wedding to be about them and not Hurricane Sami. Lumi will gut me tomorrow when they are with their boy. They love him with every fiber of their beings.
  13. The show was awesome today. I know a lot of people don't care for Wilson on here and I understand why some call them boring and that Chandler has been phoning it in but they were marvelous today. I was a weepy mess and I just lost it when Will could not recite his vows and everybody else had to continue them for him. Just so damn good and this is what soaps are all about; they are suuposed to make us feel for these characters and what they are facing. I just have to say that Lauren as Kate was just a scene stealer at the wedding, I could not take my eyes off of her, she just elevates a
  14. What could she say to counter what they said. Plus, her blue cards did not have anything for her to dispute their claims. Yet, she will scream she is pro-life...Children are being damaged for life and she does not give a damn.
  15. Don't forget her party fanning the fans of racism against her adopted Bangladesh sister. That was so low but not surprising...
  16. That made me laugh out loud. Megan's offer about the ladies joining her and her husband in Vegas was met with an awkward silence. The ladies are over her and that includes Whoopie.. If she was not such a vile person, I would feel sorry for her. She desperately wants to be liked and accepted by the ladies but her awfulness is keeping them away. Sarah Sanders is a liar and she is gone. I hope we never hear from her again. I could say more but I would get in trouble since it was not covered today on the show.
  17. No matter what they gave her, she excelled.. Carrie was a three dimensional character as a child and tween. She could be brave, in standing up to Stefano when he kidnapped her, loving and protective of Rojohn and she could be bratty and dismissive of Isabella when she first got with Rojohn. She really kept the family together after Marlena died. I know that I am a minority on here but she should have been the leading heroine of her generation. Christie had it my opinion, beautiful, talented and the ability to generate chemistry with her co-stars. It is too bad that the writers fucked up
  18. I love Carrie. I still remember that little girl tearfully imploring a comatose Marlena to come back to life. Christie Clark was such a great actress as a little girl and Sherry gave her such great heavy material and she always rose to the occasion. Her chemistry with RoJohn as father/daughter was on fire. The best father/daughter team in daytime. Carrie had so much potential but was wasted as a character.
  19. I am indifferent to her, but, I will have to concede that she has been able to make a career for herself after friends. In that regard, I think she is media savvy.
  20. I would make an exception and say something to the kid about disrespecting me like that. I would not use profanity or raise my voice, if the mother got upset, oh well. Plus, the mom brought her kid into your home, so you were entitled to say something to the kid.
  21. Getting pregnant by a citizen does not mean you get to stay in this country. Even if she gave birth to a baby, the baby as an American can stay but she has to go. When her child becomes an adult, he or she can apply for her.
  22. Plus, you don't yell at other people's children, you are just asking for trouble in my opinion.
  23. I agree, if the show was like the view, they would be auditioning them on the same panel as the women they would be replacing in the fall. Yes, the view was shady like that. They would have a guest co-host knowing damn well that they were going to replace a lady on the current panel. Sometimes, the lady who was being fired would have to act like nothing was going on and had to play nice with her replacement for the audience.
  24. Marlena/Maggie was good too once upon a time, but, rumor has it that the actresses hate each other in real life so we will not be seeing that anytime soon..
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