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  1. The ladies' behavior towards her made her sympathetic. It reminded me of what Cindy McCain said after she and her husband went on the view..lol
  2. Damn the ladies are so hostile to that lady running for the Democratic nomination. I understand that they like Joe Biden, good lord! Must Megan be so nasty when she is questioning a guest? She just cannot help herself, she is truly vile..
  3. Whoopie is on fire today and I agree with her about the Dems going after Biden. However, Sunny is right in that Biden needs to be careful with his words. I also think that the Democratic candidates are going after Biden because he is leading them in the polls. I also loved everything the panel said about reparations. Thankfully Nutmeg said nothing.. Of course, she had to insert her daddy and herself as kid in the Strom Thurman discussion. The tension at the table is uncomfortable and palpable. Megan was making snide remarks at Sunny.
  4. It has always been obvious that she voted for Trump. She loathes him on a personal level for attacking her dad, but as a Republican she must fall in line. It is probably why she is so angry and nasty about having to defend him so much. She is playing a role and has no core beliefs in my opinion. If you believe in a political ideology, you should be able to defend it, full stop. You should not get nasty, defensive when asked to defend your beliefs. Elizabeth was the same way when she was asked to defend hers by Baba Wawa. They just want to lecture and not be challenged at all. If you cha
  5. I understand what you mean because of all the things that Kate did to Sami. Sami for all her flaws never tried to kill Kate. Whereas Kate tried to kill Sami several times. If Marlena can become Ben's defender despite him trying to kill Will, then, I can live with Marlena and Kate being friends.
  6. I wished that the panel at the time had told Elizabeth about Isaac Woodard who came back to the states after fighting for his country in WW2. Hours after being honorably discharged while still in uniform was beaten so bad in the south by cops after being wrongfully accused of a crime that he was left blind and that was why Reverend Wright said "god damn America" in his fiery sermon. Reverend Wright was also a veteran that came back home to racism.
  7. Most of the clips are gone, during the mass purging that started in 2015.
  8. He and Marlena did not know about Eric being a pedophile when they gave their son that name. Kim never called Eric the baby by her abuser's name, she always called him Ricky. Eric came to town for Roman's funeral and we got hints that something was wrong with Kim's reaction to her uncle. She seethed when she saw him and Caroline did not understand Kim's reaction at all. Everybody was so loving and affectionate to Eric who was her dad's favorite brother and Kim in response began to pull away from the family. Shane picked up on her discomfort. Then, Eric was either caught or was accused of m
  9. Joy was trying to make that point but Megan was triggered and hysterical by hearing AOC's name. Gulag is another form of a concentration camp where people are worked to death.. For most people concentration camps are synonymous with the extermination camps of the Jews by the Nazis. I just feel that AOC needs to realize she is the target of the right and she needs to choose her words wisely.
  10. You welcome! Patsy went through a lot on the show and never once complained about anything. The one time she did say something, by refusing to play a second stillborn birth while heavily pregnant for the second time in real life she was punished by the show for not being a team player. Whenever a woman speaks up, it seems to bother the people in charge..
  11. I respectfully disagree. I think he has been great, my only problem is that Will looked too healthy, but that is the makeup department's fault for not making him look bad and sickly..
  12. While I may not agree with AOC using concentration camps to describe what is going on at the border, she is right to sound the alarm on what is going on. Dehumanizing people has dangerous consequences..
  13. Kim as one of her alters was very mean to Caroline and she represented the part of Kim that resented her mom for not protecting her. Patsy was playing Kim in the beginning of the story and there was a recast to finish out the story.. Patsy almost had a nervous breakdown playing the DID story and the fallout because it brought up memories of her own abuse in real life. Kim never expressed anger or blamed her parents for her abuse in the initial story when she confronted Uncle Eric who never expressed remorse for what he did.
  14. I don't remember but it was when the right were gunning for Michelle for saying that she was proud of her country for the first time in her life. So, they lost their minds over the fist bump and Elizabeth being their shill was whining about it on the show.
  15. I noticed that Sunny did not go along with the farce today as mandated by the producers, she said that some viewers would be appalled with Megan's language. Sunny is truly over Megan and I find that to be encouraging.
  16. Today's episode was a WTF moment and it reinforced my belief that Megan is not going anywhere. Megan calling Joy a bitch with Whoopie excusing Megan's atrocious behavior including Joy who threw shade at the Talk. The only person who did not go along with the farce was Sunny who said that type of language has offended some viewers and Megan snidely replied that we were all precious. The irony is that this was coming from the biggest snowflake on TV..
  17. Me too. The Caroline/Kimberly dynamic was always fraught with tension because of Victor and Kim's sexual abuse by her uncle Eric.. You really saw Kim's resentment of her mom come to the surface for not protecting her from being abused during her DID storyline.. Caroline had no way of knowing because Uncle Eric groomed everybody around Kim to keep her isolated for him to abuse her.. Uncle Eric was beloved by the family so who was going to believe Kim, if she dared told anybody. It is sick how predators operate and maintain control over their victims.
  18. Plus, Joy knows how to play the game and she alluded to this when she and Rosie were on Any Cohen's show. Rosie tried to coax Joy into spilling the tea on what they both witnessed at the View behind the scenes and Joy would not do it. Joy knows a lot of dirt, but will not go there.
  19. I think that they each have 2 producers. I wish we had somebody on this board who was at the show today to spill the tea after Megan called Joy a bitch. That Kumbaya BS the ladies were trying to sell today has been there since Baba Wawa was there.
  20. I do think Joy went along to get along but her comments about the talk made me give her a serious side eye. It was unnecessary and petty. The talk has it's issues but the ladies do get along for the most part and are respectful of each others' opinions.
  21. Exactly! If I wanted to watch people with different political beliefs yell at each other, I would watch CNN. It is uncomfortable to watch Megan be rude to the ladies over a difference of opinion. She got so offended because Joy asked her point blank, why are the Trump supporters so enamored of him. That is a legitimate question, she got disrespectful and defensive. She also painted herself as a victim, it is sickening..
  22. Did you guys know that Megan is the sacrificial Republican on the panel? She is always the victim, what a snowflake! It is getting harder to watch the show and I am only holding on because of you guys and Joy..
  23. I would have loved to have seen Kim's reaction to Victor at Caroline's funeral, given the turbulent history between Kim, Caroline and Victor. Victor did say if he cannot have the mother(Caroline), he will have the daughter in reference to Kim.. Ron could have waited to have Patsy back for Caroline's funeral..
  24. Just wonderful scenes and I cried as well. I know that Lumi love their other children, but, Will has always been their heart. They both still have immense guilt for failing him when he needed them to put him first..
  25. Exactly! I don't know why they rushed to replace Sara with the fake Marie Osmond. They could have been more methodical in auditioning ladies and testing the chemistry with the remaining 4. Carrie Ann could have been the moderator in September when the show comes back for their new season. They could have announced Sara's replacement in October or early November.
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