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  1. What kind of delusional world do you live in when you think your broke 50-year-old ass needs a $10,000 birthday party with a “grand entrance”?
  2. So people who live in subsidized housing go out of state to go to community college??!! As JJ would say, “What an America.”
  3. Is it bad that I laughed at that “crash” scene. No way did that collision at that speed have enough force to push idiot Natalie out a closed car door, cause idiot Will to seemingly lose consciousness, AND cause enough damage to the other driver to cause him to barely be able to get out of the car and then immediately collapse. And someone needs to give April a pamphlet on birth control. Isn’t this her SECOND unplanned pregnancy?
  4. Did Khadijah (sp?) keep saying “but JUDY” at the end of her case!!!??? Just yesterday we learned that JJ’s preferred form of address is “Your Majesty” 😂😂😂
  5. Does Nikki Staines have a butler? Does Olivia have a key to her apartment? can Saint Benson walk through walls? How did Benson just stroll into Nikki’s living room?
  6. Excellent idea to have the Ice Queen move (or be abducted), but she must, must, must take the uber annoying Nikki with her.
  7. The scale is wrong. The blood tests are wrong. And everything is UNFAIR. Good thinking, honey Take your junkie husband and your dealer “friend”, Mandy, and head on back to Trashville Ohio Maybe you can get a discount on your next tat because, Lord knows, you wouldn’t want to waste money on a Dentist or anything like that
  8. Random observations: Tessa is a major bitch I have a crush on Bishme I am loving Christian Whenever I think of Audrey Hepburn, I immediately think of a Kartrashian.
  9. That "stylist" looks like she just escaped from an asylum.
  10. I know these people consider themselves “artistes”, and above the plebeian world if things like history and language arts. Last week we had “18th century Elizabethan” fashion, and this week we have the super edgy S&M designer, Garo, who doesn’t know that “editrix” is ACTUALLY the female form of editor, albeit rarely used.
  11. “18th Century Elizabethan” these people are talented, but not bright. And then when they try to spout all the SJW nonsense, they really show their lack of education. Just sketch and sew, please
  12. shksabelle


    I like Sela Ward as an actress, and she is a beautiful woman But the fact that her face is so frozen that her expressions are limited to that semi-squint when she is being “serious” really detracts from her acting.
  13. Seriously with the background music for that fame whore’s (probably) fake story.
  14. Barbara, Barbara, Barbara, the two weak points of Silkroll were the twits standing in front of you.
  15. That snotty little brat was not even remotely cute. He’s gonna be a nightmare until someone eventually kicks him in the butt.
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