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  1. I haven't heard about this but I find the prospect of rapists, domestic violence abusers, pedophiles, stalkers, etc not being held in jail, terrifying. It's bad enough when they are able to make bail and go on to commit more crimes while their original victims try to stay hidden while suffering ptsd. Even something as minor as car theft leaves one feeling so violated and unsafe (from my experience). What solutions are there other than jail?
  2. Great post. I agree with you (and partially Lu) re: prison. I don't live in the States but here I have found a significant number of prisoners (both non-violent and violent) are in prison for breaking the law while suffering from mental illness and not taking their meds. I don't know the answer, but I do know prison doesn't have programs to help them and it costs taxpayers a lot to pay for their incarceration. Yet, I don't think they should just be released. There's got to be a solution for dealing with criminals with mental health issues who refuse to take their meds. They scare me, yet jail isn't the answer. Our homeless numbers went through the roof when our mental health institutions shut down in late 70s and 80s. Also, Dorinda often talked of meeting her husband while waitressing/ hostessing at a restaurant. Her comments were beyond hypocritical. Tinsley's mother had her own family wealth (I may be remembering incorrectly though).
  3. Does anyone else question why Ramona iced out Elise after years of close friendship (well, as close as Ramona can do)? I believe that as soon as Elise was straight -forward about something Ramona said or did (clearly not juicy gossip as I can't remember what Elise shared). It was as if Ramona suddenly saw her friend as a huge liability, given Elise's vault of secrets. She needs to join because she brings just enough controversy.
  4. Very true! I have no idea why Leah even implied an impact on her daughter when her daughter has probably already heard all the crap Leah pulled during her first 25 years. She should have stuck with the facts- Ramona purposely threw that info out to reflect negatively on Leah while also implying she mixes mental health meds with booze when that wasn't the truth. Ramona's insistence that she was trying to help by figuring out her behaviour? BS! Ramona needs to focus on her friend Sonya mixing Xanax with booze instead of lying and saying water pills made Sonya out of it.
  5. Being a viewer since the first show, Ramona's exaggerations and outright lies are numerous. When called out, she will never admit to lying choosing to say that was "her view and feelings about -insert topic-.and now she knows better. I will go through some old seasons and try to list a few to give you examples. She and Sonya used to back up each other's fake businesses and lies as well. I have a feeling Ramona and Sonya have a behaviour/ lack of honesty dossier on each other, lol... Just off the top of my head, Ramona lied about phoning Tom to try and get an invite to his party after his blowout with Luanne. Later she apologized for how "it appeared" but still wouldn't admit her trying to get into Tom's social circle. She lies consistently about her behaviour, and walks away if the truth gets too close to the surface.
  6. Real Mormon Housewives of SLC? LOL, I'd watch but only if the wives went against husband's authority and broke some rules re:drinking and being submissive. I need a housewife revenge show to make up for all the crap they're trying to pass off as reality these last few years. Hello Bravo...?
  7. Argh another box I can't delete. Sorry gang.
  8. My daughter has a dress almost identical to Leah's and it has all nude full-lining including a nude thong. Since she didn't show her 'vag' I don't know if she wore it. I find it amusing that Ramona was so upset by behaviour all the housewives have exhibited at one time or another, including Ramona. They have all been trashy (far worse than Leah) but maybe age is affecting memories. Yes, it was cringeworthy behaviour, but in front of 50 woman who love to drink, socialize, and hope to land on page 6... This is just another outing. There were no men present, and she was drunk, yet many women still want to attempt to make Leah feel "shame". Meanwhile, Sonya's drunken vandalism and (later) full nudity while staggaring to get her hair and makeup done doesn't elicit anything beyond a brief mention. Ramona and Dorinda need to go. Leah needs another year to see what she can bring. I like her bluntness, despite hating confrontations when sober.
  9. I found Dorinda to be so ANGRY this season. Angry, judgemental, attacking, and refusing to own her behaviour or acknowledge her blatant lies or exaggerations. Something (even more than John borrowing $$) has happened that we don't know about. Her anger and drinking is way over the top compared to the events that triggered Dorinda's response.
  10. Great observations and information. I agree that "true" charity is not usually published or filmed (unless the giver is trying to win over new fans?). If that's the case, it's not charity, it's publicity. Also, whenever any "housewife" is filmed doing charitable work (in their view) it makes me cringe as well because their gifts are so far removed from what these formerly incarcerated women really need. I am no expert, but how about hiring a lawyer, or advocate to help these women apply for housing, jobs, free clothing for interviews and possibly daycare subsidies? Then they can offer makeovers or wigs... Surely there is something practical these idiot women can offer. Plus, if they really want to be seen as charitable, get Dorinda's friend to phone it in to Page 6.
  11. Great observations in your post. The only part I question is your inclusion of prostitution. It seems prostitutes have always been harassed/arrested/ kicked out of areas when they are working a job that they feel is the only thing they're qualified for. Putting a prostitute in jail does nothing to address the consistent demand for their services. Also, arresting prostitutes will stop them from reporting rapes and assaults for fear of being charged and jailed for working the street.
  12. Andy definitely favours certain castmates, but Ramona needed to be addressed this way. She has skated far too long with bad behaviour and appalling lies and deserved every word.
  13. As Andy explained, no one "introduced" Leah, but her name was on both Sonya's and Bethany's suggestion lists.
  14. I find Leah to be really immature for her age, but when I think back to some of my beliefs/attitude at 34, I shake my head. (Heck, I shake my head at something I believed 2 years ago, lol). I appreciate her ability to address information as it comes. I also like that she 'tentatively' calls out the others when they're behaving ridiculously, but she clearly dislikes confrontation. I like sober Leah, and I don't get why Ramona excuses Sonja's faux pas but not Leah's. Sonya is far worse.
  15. I laughed out loud when Dorinda said her friend "planted" the story. Page 6 writers and editors have the easiest job. People desperate to stay relevant have their friends phone in their latest activities, so page 6 doesn't ever have to try and find a scoop. Dorinda was so desperate to be in the news, she chose a friend who she felt would have the best chance to get her name online or in print. The entire housewife franchise phone in their own gossip.
  16. Mentioning? If Ramona doesn't like a castmate getting any kind of attention over her, she searches for any negative or iffy info she can use to dim that castmate's light. Saying a drunk person behaved that way because she mixed her bipolar meds with alcohol is a blatant lie that Ramona gleefully threw out there. I took a valium at my father's funeral 7 years ago and I do not drink. But if someone saw me last night, affected by some champagne I was toasting a couple with, can they then say, she's dizzy cause she drinking on valium? We catch Ramona lying every season. The only difference between her and Dorinda is Ramona is quick to say sorry and expects everyone to get over it. When Leah wrote about her experience being prescribed meds for bipolar, she also noted she didn't stay on the meds as they didn't work. She also had this experience during the decade she was sober. Somehow Ramona didn't share that bit of news.
  17. True, all 4 of my kids (aged 23 to 36) don't use their TV screens for anything other than Netflix and gaming. I don't think they would recognize the Bravo brand.
  18. And for all her screaming about transparency, she still won't address her drinking issues. She'd rather share her castmates episodes while overlooking her own. Part three needs dorinda to own being a nasty drunk.
  19. I do not care about clothing but I do take issue with the use of the word "dude". When 9 year old students cannot control their use of the phrase, "but, Dude..." When addressing any adult, there's clearly a need to point out when the address is acceptable. I was able to curb being addressed as dude when I stopped acknowledging the person using it. Hard when I have never been one to ignore any child.
  20. But thanks to Evie, I now know what FATCO is. If Evie's surgeries help others, I understand.
  21. That's the one part that made me fume... Jen using the bathroom after they emptied the sewage. She's a smart gal but she is clearly not observant.
  22. I am enjoying reading these posts in 2020. It reminds me that one can only provide a loving home with consistent rules, outcomes, etc. If we aim the bar high enough, kids will generally show they can achieve even more.
  23. I remember both Sonja and Dorinda mentioning their use of Xanax during flights and/or tense situations. I have seen what happens when u mix alcohol with Xanax and it is not pretty. Dorinda's crazy drunken rants and Sonja's inability to stay "alert" until dinner are prime examples of Xanax and booze.
  24. Sonja mentioned her townhouse costing $45000 per month just in overhead/ maintenance. Is it taxes, or can someone explain this to me?
  25. Exactly! It's rude and extremely selfish. There will be a handful of these kids who'll feel neglected and/or unloved, and I don't blame them. There's only 2 parents and regardless of their intentions, there is NOT enough love for all the kids.
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