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  1. I saw on FaceBook today that Sunny is returning to (inside) the kitchen.
  2. Awwww, I'm so sad about Carl as well. It seems like he was well liked by his fellow chefs.
  3. I was really turned off by the trash talk by NOLA as well. Actually, the fact that they outright lied made me expect some kind of warning or something from Tyler - but no, it was ignored. It certainly is poor sportsmanship. The NOLA lady also referred to Brunch Babes as Brunch Barbies. Stereotype much?
  4. It kills me when these people say something along the lines of "God called me to this life". Aarrgghh. When somebody claims to hear from the Almighty directly - it puts everyone else at a disadvantage. You might be thinking "bullshit"; but, since it is about you know... God and everything - then it doesn't feel right to challenge it. But, they can say it is God's Will about anything and everything and know they get a free ticket. I've known people just like that and I have a sneaky feeling that it is just them using that to convince themselves and/or others. So - Sophie's thinks her brot
  5. Ugh - the "couple" in Viet Nam. It took me awhile to realize they really were going to move in together and not just be roomies. Someone else said - and so true - zero chemistry with those two. I actually was telling the TV "run girl run!" and she apparently didn't hear me. LOL
  6. Haaaa! That was so funny! I like beets - but, they don't belong in a smoothie. Yuk.
  7. I thought the same thing - I honestly didn't see any danger at all. Geesh. I also thought it was a stupid stunt and mean of her to ask him to do it. These people are one train wreck after another aren't they?
  8. I have a soft spot for Jeff; however, he just makes me sad these days. I am afraid that the longer he keeps up the silly boy act - the longer he will be typecast that way. He will never be considered a serious chef. It is possible that he has the skill to be one; but, we may never know for sure.
  9. I like these people a lot - they seem like down to earth folks who would be good friends. Juniper is so adorable - what a sweet little girl! Farming though... I don't know much about it; but, this seems a little hodge podge to me. But, it is also hard to know what is just for camera.
  10. A lot of what Guy does - and thinks is hilarious - is only funny to him. I think he has a real talent; but, I am really ready for him to settle down a bit and stop with the constant theatrics. A grown up hairdo would be nice too.
  11. I haven't caught every episode - but, agree and I think that Jesse is scary too. But..... I think Jesse is scary in a "I'm a jerk and don't care. I will show my ass, embarrass everyone, and maybe end up arrested" - kind of way. John, on the other hand, is scary in a "I'm going to take advantage of you, hurt you and everyone who loves you, and will become your worst nightmare" - kind of way. That guy has a real screw loose and that girl is not thinking clearly. A chill went through me when (on a preview) he told her to make the baby stop crying. To any woman that should be a huge re
  12. I do! You are probably onto something - she was the maid. But, I liked her!
  13. I'm in my late 60's and had an Aunt Hazel - her hubby fondly called her Haze sometimes. I guess it is old fashioned and when I was naming my babies in the early 70's I wouldn't have considered it - but, I really do love it now.
  14. Ok - I'm going out on a limb. I think both Jess and Christian will fade into the woodwork and we will continue to see Manny. May just be wishful thinking - I also think he wasn't treated fair. A tie was stupid, but also insulting in this situation with only 3 people left standing.
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