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  1. Teddi is insufferable! I don't understand why she's so confused that Erika Jayne is DIFFERENT than Erika Girardi. Rinna didn't dress up as Erika Girardi and act like her interpretation of Erika Girardi when she insulted Kim. She dressed up as Erika Jayne, a totally fake and made up PERFORMANCE PERSONA (seriously, how many times does Erika have to spell that out to people?) and was acting like her interpretation of Erika Jayne (again, a PERFORMANCE PERSONA) when she insulted Kim. Erika Girardi is NOT insulted that Rinna's interpretation of Erika Jayne is a foul-mouthed person who doesn't hold back on insulting other people. That's Rinna interpretation of Erika Jayne, a PERFORMANCE PERSONA. Maybe Erika Girardi's interpretation of Erika Jayne is a little different, but that doesn't make what Rinna did as Erika Jayne an insult or reflection of Erika Girardi. It's like dressing up like your favorite character from a movie or TV Show and then expecting the actor that plays that character to be offended at your behavior while in costume. Teddi kept saying "If someone dressed up as ME..." and she was confused that Erika wasn't as offended as SHE would have been. Except no one dressed up as Erika Girardi and impersonated her, so Teddi's argument doesn't even hold water. If I was Erika Girardi, I would've been annoyed at Teddi and Kyle too!
  2. This whole season, and the finale especially, felt so rushed. I wish they built up to the release of the Source of all Evil over multiple seasons and then maybe dedicated an entire season (or half of one) to Macy taking on the Source and doing a lot of bad stuff with it while the sisters and Harry work to save her from herself. The sisters just haven't been together long enough for it to have had the emotional impact they were going for in that last episode. And Macy has been a little too dark this season to make her seem redeemable. From the get-go, she was always kind of trying to do her own thing and there was very little Power of Three stuff going on. And then Macy embraces her demon powers and gets dark and selfish. Then she takes on the Source. And then she decides to banish Mel from the family in order to try to get the mom alive?? And I'm supposed to CARE about her?? It was just really hard to take. If they had taken their time and tried to really build up the relationships, I might've cared a lot more (like when Phoebe finds out Cole is the Source of All Evil and decides to embrace his demon side... you already KNEW Phoebe and already were connected to her and her sisters so you really were emotionally invested in that story line). Not a fan of how it all ended either. No more Elders so the sisters get to make decisions for the magical creatures? That made sense when they did that in original Charmed because it happened many seasons into the show. These three sisters have only been the Charmed ones for less than a year and one of them is half evil! But sure, let's let them make decisions for a whole community they know nothing about...
  3. I definitely found this season a little more difficult to follow. And I don't really understand how that virus mist works - it comes off the infected trees & Rasmus, but seems to dissipate and then people around it don't get infected?? How does that even work? Where is the virus going when it dissipates?? And why did it seem like the mist was often being directed AT someone? Is that how the virus works? It tries to find a live body to infect? Also, it makes almost no sense that the virus is symbiotic in some way, given it's 99.99% fatality rate. How has the virus "survived" this long if it's symbiotic and needs a host?? It's killed basically everyone! I guess it's somehow living on the plants? But those seem to be dying too. So... I didn't get it. BUT I still enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to the next season!
  4. I haven't been a fan of Camille's lately with all her mean-girl antics, but she is spot on about Teddi! The problem with Teddi is that she states her opinions as if they were facts. "It was deliberate." "It was malicious." She acts like she KNOWS what other people's motivations are and what they are thinking - people she barely even knows! She's lecturing Dorit on what DORIT'S HUSBAND is thinking/feeling. It's asinine.
  5. Kyle: "Then we went to lunch after and then the whole Radar Online thing came up." LVP: "There's always stories, like negative stories." Kyle: "Dorit was really upset. Really upset." LVP: "Well I... hold on a second. She was upset." Kyle: "Very. I mean, if you read the article, it sounds like it comes from your camp" LVP: "It sounds like it comes from me? I didn't even read it properly, but all I do know is that I went and spoke to TMZ that day when they came to the Vanderpump Dogs Center, I was just like 'no no no no no.' I put myself on the line." Kyle: "You always say 'when you look at an article, you have to see who it would benefit,' right?" LVP: "Well who would benefit from it?" Kyle: "Well only like-" LVP: "Well there's some piece of crap-" Kyle: "'Lisa's so great and the Vanderpump foundation's amazing'-" LVP: "Oh, hold-" Kyle: "and it was bad for Dorit. So Dorit was like devastated, saying 'all these animal rights activitist people are going to come after me' and I'm in a really bad position here because-" LVP: "Why are you in a bad position?" Kyle: "Because! As your friend, I want to say [slams hand on table] 'That is not true! I don't believe that!' Ken: "You should've" Kyle: "But I don't- that's not- I don't feel that, Ken." LVP: "You think I'm going to give a story to Radar Online and then I'm going to go to TMZ and refute a story I've given to Radar Online?" Kyle: "That's what everybody thinks, yes." LVP: [speechless for a second] "Who says that? Who says that? Say it." Kyle: "Everybody. Everybody." LVP: [speechless] Kyle: "It seems as if you wanted to get ahead of it-" LVP: "So then- okay-" Kyle: "So people would believe you over Dorit in this whole argument. I'm going to tell you what they think-" LVP: "No, I'm not listening" Kyle: "No, you have to hear because that's not fair" LVP: "I'm not thinking about Dorit and her f---ing dog and when I went out there- I shouldn't say f---ing dog because it's a beautiful little dog, when I-" Kyle: "It seems-" LVP: "When I went out there-" Kyle: "You won't let me talk! This is what happens! You never let me talk-" LVP: "I ALWAYS let you talk!" Kyle: "You want to get your sentences out there, I'm trying to get mine too and I'm here as your friend, okay? I'm the only one who-" Ken: "You're not her friend." Kyle: "Legitimate friend-" Ken: "You're not her friend." Kyle: "Yeah, I am, Ken." Ken: "You're not her friend." Kyle: "Yes I am!" Ken: "You are not her friend." LVP: "Ken, stop it." Kyle: "Yes, I f---ing am. I will defend what's right. Okay? I can't sit there and say 'I do not [slams hand on table] believe Lisa Vander-'" LVP: "So you think I would give a story to Radar Online-" Kyle: "Yes." LVP: "about Dorit?" Kyle: "Yes." LVP: [speechless] Kyle: "It's so blatant-" LVP: "Wow." Kyle: "Why didn't you-" LVP: "Okay, this is a big shock to me." Kyle: "Why didn't you-" LVP: "This changes everything" [TH, flashback scene] LVP: "I've done nothing wrong." Kyle: "I'm sorry! If I'd done something wrong, that doesn't mean you wouldn't love me! LVP: "Just because- just because you accuse me-" Kyle: "I'm sorry, what do you want me to say?" LVP: "I'm not going to say 'yes I did something' if I didn't do it! I'm a woman with integrity-" Kyle: "Yeah, I am too-" LVP: "and I stand up for what's right. I could've thrown her under the bus-" Kyle: "Which is why I'm not going to say- I'm also not going to say say 'Lisa would never [slams hand on table] do this-" LVP: "I'm done, I'm done with you too." Kyle: "And it feels like you're talking to Radar-" LVP: "Kyle, I'm done." Kyle: "Lisa." LVP: "Kyle, I swear on my children's life, on Giggy's life, I, or nobody I know, would give a story to Radar about Dorit. If you think I did that- Kyle: "Maybe-" LVP: "I'm done with you too." Kyle: "you care more about your image than your friendships-" LVP: "Okay good, bye!" Kyle: "At times." LVP: "Bye, Kyle! Show yourself out, darling." [leaves the room]
  6. In regards to Rinna claiming that Lisa told her how to leak a story, wasn't her wording something like: "She told me, 'if you ever have issues with the press, here's who to call.'" Or something to that effect? Which, to me, doesn't sound even remotely close to "Here's who to call if you want to get a story out there." It's more like "If someone puts a story out about you, here's who to call to refute it."
  7. I think this is a personality thing! My oldest wouldn't even get out of BED without permission - not even to potty!!! It took us FOREVER to convince him it was okay for him to get out of bed and leave his room to go potty without permission. And then my youngest had no qualms getting out of bed, but he'd stay in his room playing until one of us would go get him. So it's possible the toddlers were up, but just still in their rooms or something.
  8. Ugh, I really felt for Beau and Stassi this episode. I know Stassi has her issues, but Beau was kind of being a jerk. She didn't want to go dance on the catwalk and he just kept pressuring her. That would've pissed me off too. And then she wanted to go to bed after the bars and he pressured her to stay up longer and go skinny-dipping with the girls so he could hang out with the guys. And when she FINALLY wanted to go to bed at 3:00 a.m., he complains that he's battered because she wants him to go to bed with her??? These two seem like an AMAZING couple, but when they are drinking, they both become so selfish. He just wants to stay up late and party and he resents that she doesn't want him to. And she wants to go to bed at a reasonable time (come on people, 3:00 a.m. is LATE when you are in your 30s) and resents that he wants to stay up even later. They just need to learn how to compromise! Stassi could maybe agree to stay up to 2 or 3 in the morning (or risk going to bed alone if she chooses to go to bed earlier) and Beau could agree to go to bed with her if she stays up that late WITHOUT making her feel guilty about it. Honestly, it kind of seemed that Stassi was compromising here - she wanted to go to bed much earlier but stayed out later because of Beau. And then he's resentful when she's finally had enough. I'm sure there was a lot more we WEREN'T shown, but Stassi didn't seem to be being unreasonable to me AT ALL until Beau started going on about how he's battered. And she's just calmly "Wow, really? Have you felt like that for a while now, or just tonight?" I felt bad for her. And then Beau does what my husband does when he's upset - exaggerates. "This ALWAYS happens!" I hate it when people argue with a skewed version of reality.
  9. I feel like this is an apt time for a reminder! https://realityblurb.com/2018/10/20/lisa-vanderpumps-feud-with-rhobh-castmates-is-due-to-their-accusations-that-she-leaked-a-story-is-this-proof-that-she-didnt-plus-lisa-speaks-out/ Lisa did NOT leak this puppygate story to Radar Online.
  10. I enjoyed this show, but it's no The Magicians.
  11. Kody is an idiot. Also, he obviously isn't planning on making Flagstaff their forever home if he's designing a house for the "now" and not for the "future." Though this ridiculous house will never sell. If he really was designing a forever home, why wouldn't each "wing" be the same size as all his wives are, in theory, equal? He could have one main dining/living room area with the separate kitchens surrounding it. Each kitchen could also have a breakfast nook for that immediate family. Each wife could have a master bedroom. Then just COMBINE all the other bedrooms. If you're really living under one room and these are all siblings and family, just put all the extra bedrooms in a communal area. They don't have to be separated by wings - just accessible by each wing. Maybe the first floor is the main living area + master bedrooms, and the second (and third?) floor is all the extra bedrooms for all the kids/guests.
  12. Besides Maria, who DOESN'T know about the aliens?? Seems like everyone from their graduating class knows, plus Cameron and Noah... so basically everyone their age except Maria.
  13. If you hover over their name, an option should pop up that lets you select "Ignore User."
  14. What doesn't really make sense to me is that the Elders really aren't THAT old. They are just more senior witches. Even Marisol was one and it wasn't THAT long ago that she was breaking a necromancer out of Tarturus in order to resurrect her dead infant! I find it hard to believe that they would be so out of touch when they are obviously just normal women/witches who, presumably, have come into "power" due to their experience. Probably there are some Elder traditions that have been passed down over time, but it's not like these women have been Elders for centuries or anything like that.
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