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  1. You forgot Jackson. He's the next one to "graduate" to the lonely Js.
  2. I'm not sure any of the Rodlets could pass the physical to enlist. They'd all probably be 4F. And they'd never get through the rigors of basic.
  3. I don't believe it. No effing way were they getting 80k an epic for Counting On. iirc it came out during their divorce that J&K plus 8 were getting around 20k per ep at the height of their fame/popularity. That's what i expect the Duggars were getting for CO.
  4. Chuck is a returning speaker and they still couldn't manage to spell his last name correctly.
  5. I'm surprised he hasn't violated the terms of his release yet since, y'know, rules don't apply to Duggars. But another six to eight months of being babysat greatly increases the odds of him violating the terms.
  6. I wonder what Nathan and Nurie will give Shrek Jill for father's day. It's a given he'll be footing the bill for all the meals while they're visiting.
  7. He looks like Alfred E. Neuman in that first picture.
  8. Hey, JD is pregnant. Abbie is highlighting his baby bump.😀
  9. It looks like bad cgi. So fake. The shadows aren't right. That cannot possibly be a real physically existing room.
  10. There's no legal requirement for spousal consent for a vasectomy or tubal ligation. However private practices can have their own policies. That being said, Josh could always sneak off to *gasp* Planned Parenthood. I doubt they have a spousal consent policy.
  11. I hope that's a friend and not some stranger that they've splashed all over their instagram.
  12. Would they even be aware of that? I doubt they get any unsupervised internet time.
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