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  1. I recently watched an episode of Jeopardy and Ken Jennings is so wrong for this. I can't believe he is the host. His voice and demeanor are robotic and absolutely without an ounce of charisma or warmth. I love the show and will continue to watch but ugh. I wish they would find someone else to host.
  2. I had the same idea, that maybe this couple planned to flip the house - but it just didn't seem feasible mostly because they were crammed in with family and kept saying they needed to get their own space. I'm wondering if some civic agency in Compton provides special financing help for people who purchase badly run-down properties for rehabbing - a sort of "clean-up our community" incentive for buyers. Compton has for a long time been a marginal neighborhood, to say the least. As I mentioned in a previous post, I really do think this couple is getting extra help with the project from
  3. ITA 100%. I wonder if the couple who bought the house had someone "behind the scenes" who was going to provide financing/flipping help to assist them in getting this filthy, run-down home in livable shape. As I posted above, I'm dying to know how this particular HH project turned out. C'mon, HGTV. Give us an update episode as soon as you can.
  4. I won't comment further on the Sussexes, as it it quite off-topic. I like to watch the reveal because I want to see how the stagers use color and furniture positioning to make the most of the space. Also, the reveal is the usually the only time they show all the completed work in the house and landscaping
  5. Little Iggy, that is EXACTLY what I was thinking when they chose the 3rd house. After watching Tarek and Christina for years now, all I could picture is this couple finding all kinds of plumbing, electrical, water and termite damage in that derelict home, and paying a fortune for repairing it, thereby wiping out any savings they got on the sales price - and then some. And the husband said he wasn't much of a handyman! I really would like to see an update on this episode, showing how they made it livable, IF they did at all.
  6. I have often wondered this as well, but from all I have read about Harry and MM and their experiences (especially re Harry's on-the-record hatred for the British press, and the fact that he said, well before he met MM, that he wanted free of the strictures of royal life), their move away from England makes sense - at least for now. They want to protect their young son, if nothing else. They couldn't stay in Canada forever, neither one is a citizen of the country, but as Meghan is a citizen of the US, they could live here easily. They actually live in Montecito, near Santa Barbara, which
  7. I also like the Differin girl. She has a very interesting tonal quality to her voice, and some of the "excuses" she comes up with are hilarious. As for the "bartenders barring" ad, sorry, but throwing bottles around and showing off trick pouring skills are not bartending. Making all kinds of wonderful drink concoctions well, and being friendly and welcoming to your customers, is good bartending. I hate all that Tom Cruise-in-Cocktail-movie performative shit.
  8. This is a cool show - I love how Michael and Ashley work so productively together, with minimal drama, to take these crumbling, falling-down eyesores and restore them to vintage-style beauty (along with the necessary modern updates, of course). I don't always like all of the design choices, but overall I think they do a magnificent job, and they really get their hands dirty making it happen. I do have a couple of small quibbles, however - I don't see them putting in HVAC units, at least not in the episodes I've caught so far. Doesn't Galveston get pretty hot and humid? I know beachsi
  9. Thanks for the info on Poshmark, everyone! I did some online research about them - there are a lot of complaints about their service, mostly from buyers. Apparently it is very difficult to return items for any kind of refund, no matter what the issue with the item might be. Poshmark serves as a kind of middleman for the transactions and they are being accused of a LOT of shady practices. I would not choose to deal with them.
  10. I honestly do not understand the Poshmark commercials - or maybe I should say the idea behind Poshmark. So you get items out of your closet, take pictures, and sell them online through their app and make lots of money? Unless the items are brand-new and were gifted to you how much of a money-maker could this be? If you ordered the clothes/shoes/accessories, and discovered they were not what you expected, wouldn't it be better to return the items for a full refund? If it's too late to return the items, I suppose trying to sell them makes sense, but, again, how much are you really goin
  11. I love, love, love the Tyson Chicken ads with the "Family" song! The music really does makes me want to "take off my shoes and dance". Also, some of the pictures shown remind me so much of my own family photos when I was growing up in the 1950's and 60's. I often rewind the commercial so I can see and hear it again. The ONLY other commercial I have ever done that with was the lovely New York Life agape love commercial which I never see anymore.
  12. mousegirl


    Just re-watched "Make Me a Perfect Murder" for the umpteenth time. This episode, along with "Troubled Waters" and "Rest In Peace, Mrs. Columbo" are my all-time favorites, although I must admit I have not seen every Columbo episode made. MMPM episode contains a sub-plot about the murderer, Kay Freestone (played by Trish VanDevere), trying to help a close personal friend Valerie Kirk (played by Lainie Kazan) stage a tv comeback for her performing career, which has obviously been derailed by drug and alcohol addictions. I itch to create a backstory for these two - their interactions hint
  13. I may be the only one who is bothered by this, but why oh why do the true crime channels keep doing the Dirty John story? It's being repeated ad nauseum. It is a very compelling story, no doubt. The ending, when Deborah Newell's daughter delivers the fatal blow to Dirty John as he is trying to stab her to death, is horrifying but righteous. But...lay it to rest, people. There's a trailer for the show now in which Deborah is heard to say something about how crazy the publicity has been, "it was on the front page of the LA Times" etc. And yet here she is participating in more i
  14. Has anyone seen the new Dick's Sporting Goods ad about back-to-school clothes? It shows two pre-teens, one male and one female, modeling the clothes and looking around the store. The girl gets off a line that had me rolling my eyes so hard I thought they'd fall right out on the floor. I'm paraphrasing a bit, but as she looks at the shoes available in the store, she says "like, if I see someone with a great shoe game, I'm like I really want to know that person." Wow. I don't know if this was scripted or not, but my, isn't that just the most inspiring statement (NOT) in this day and a
  15. Here's my list of commercial things that are pissing me off. I've had a lousy day and I need to vent. "Heart hands" - just stop. That demented scissor-arms dance - really just stop. "Bundle home and auto" - dear God, WE ALREADY KNOW THAT NOW! LiMu Emu - go away stupid ugly bird. What in hell do you have to do with insurance?? "We're all in this together" commercials showing YouTube videos of people doing lame-ass dance routines in their homes. I'm not amused. I don't care. Go away. Drug commercials need to be outlawed. I have counted, recently, at least 25
  16. Ashforth, I don't know how to block quote you, but I wanted to chime in and say I love the "Human Sacrifice" Spectrum ad too! The actor who says "get on with it" sounds just like Eric Idle from the Monty Python gang, and the whole commercial reminds me of Monty Python and the Holy Grail, one of my all-time favorite movies. Very well done, Spectrum!
  17. Chandler in a Box cracks me up every time.
  18. Even though I'm getting really tired of the "we're all in this together" PSA ads, I do love the one Dove has created, showing the faces of healthcare workers, exhausted, blotchy, with marks from their masks showing on their skin, and the caption "Courage is Beautiful". Dang, I'm getting misty-eyed just typing this. My gratitude to the front-line workers in health care and all the other essential businesses is more than I can put into words. Well done, Dove. I have always liked your soap products and I LOVE this ad.
  19. I know people have commented on this before, but I am going to chime in with my white-hot hatred of the "House in a Hurry" ad on HGTV. The woman sitting on the end of her bed with her mouth hanging open as if she's about to vomit/have a mental breakdown and then her demented Chatty-Cathy-doll "callhercallhercallhercallher" response to her husband. I CAN'T EVEN. That mini scene is one of the most rage-inducing things I've seen on tv in a long time. I'm not sure why I hate it so much, but hate it beyond words I do. I don't even know if this is a trailer for a new show, or an ad for
  20. I can't get to the mute button fast enough when the new Cheers-style Domino's Pizza ad shows up. Probably because I detested Cheers - the only good thing that came out of that sitcom was the Frasier spin-off. Between this and the older ad with "we're gonna expedite this order!" I am done with Domino's - not that I ever cared for their pies anyway. Phooey.
  21. I love the NY Life commercial that talks about the four words the Greeks had for love - philia, storge, eros and agape, and describes their meaning. I knew all of them except storge, so I was happy to learn something from the commercial, and I love how they show that agape has the highest meaning because it refers to the love we demonstrate when we serve others. Also the commercial is quiet and not at all silly or in your face. I get a little misty every time it's shown. Good work NYL.
  22. For those of you who think the mainstream Mormon beliefs and practices are just like any other faith, try reading the thousands upon thousands of posts on the Recovery Board at exmormon.org. It's an incredibly fascinating look inside the LDS world via the stories of people who once practiced but fled the church. They have some recent threads about the Daybell-Vallow case as well.
  23. Josiah looks mostly exhausted to me (not so unusual for either parent of a newborn), but one would hope there might be a spark of joy in his eyes, even behind the fatigue. I don't see it, which is sad. I would love to be wrong about this.
  24. I am loving one of the new Geico commercials that shows the two Asian guys discussing their new roommate. They wanted someone who didn't talk too much and who would clean - so they ended up with a mime who pretends to clean. The part where the mime guy acts out that he's run into a wall and one of the other guys makes a comment about oh there's a wall there now just cracks me up! I don't remember the exact words (and I don't know how to embed a video of the commercial) but the deadpan way he makes the comment is hilarious to me. I know, I know, I am rather easily amused these days....
  25. Love the name discussions above - I am obsessed with name origins, meanings, etc. I'm a Barbara, born in 1951. Mine was a fairly popular name for girls in that era, but it's pretty much gone now. For a long time I couldn't understand why my dad wanted this name for me, there are no Barbaras in our family tree. Then one day I looked through his old high school yearbook from 1939 and noted there were a number of Barbaras in his graduating class, almost all of them quite attractive. My dad was very quiet and shy in HS and did not date, but I figured he must have had a secret crush on one of
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