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  1. I stumbled upon Forever while trying to find anything to put on, and I ended up watching it all in one evening. I knew absolutely nothing about it beforehand, so it was a shock to me when Oscar died...followed by June. Like a lot of others here, I thought Mark was such a standout character. The actor played him with the perfect combination of teenager and adult. I actually teared up at the scene of him dancing in his living room with the (now middle-aged) girl from his high school he'd thought was so cool. It was an expression of such joy, but it also came from a place of sadness, of knowing he missed out on having any kind of future. June and Oscar's relationship spoke volumes about what it means to be stuck and stifled within a marriage. By the end, they've actually experienced growth and probably see one another with much more honesty and compassion than they had maybe ever. June, while on Earth and while in Riverside, blamed Oscar for holding her back, for keeping her from blossoming as a person. But it really had so much to do with her fears and insecurities. Oscar keeps catering to their complacency because he thinks he doesn't want to upset June. But I sensed that it had more to do with wanting to mask his true inner self in case that inner self had needs that June wouldn't like. So to experience a fulfilling life, do you shore up the rut or do you only live for the moment with no attachment to the past? The truth is that there are other options. That becomes apparent toward the end when June and Oscar are sitting on the beach falling back into their very familiar wordplay. They do love each other and have a bond. But they don't have to be static versions of themselves to exist as a couple. They also don't have to throw away their past to move forward. So they go another way. They are still committed to each other, but they are open to wherever the ocean floor takes them.
  2. Hi, I'm also four years late. My spouse and I talked about that same thing with the ranch. They have to sell drugs because the ranch isn't profitable, and presumably they want to keep the ranch in the family for the eighth generation. But is the ranch suddenly going to be profitable for the next generation of Lockharts? Aren't they dooming their kids to having to sell drugs too? Which is kind of shitty, right? They could get $30 million right now and live quite comfortably on or off the island. Maybe they could use some of that money to open up a new venture. Maybe something still with horses but smaller and more geared toward the summer season that wouldn't be the financial drain that a full-blown ranch would be. That said, this show sucked me in. There are some brilliant moments, and I adore how the shifts in perspectives reveal the personalities and motivations of the characters. In this episode (I think it was this one), when Alison tells Cole who she had been having the affair with, Cole pauses for a beat and then responds in this incredulous voice, "Martin's dad?" I loved that. From his perspective, Martin is someone he's bonded with a bit and probably has some fatherly feelings toward. Note that both Cole and Noah have similar moments with Martin--i.e., Martin's fake suicide and Martin letting the horse loose and both Cole and Noah telling Martin he has to keep his grades up--so that reinforces Cole's parental role in Martin's life. To Cole, Martin is a misguided, lonely kid who wants to belong to something, and Noah is just his self-absorbed douche of a father who Cole barely knows. So of course to Cole, Noah is "Martin's dad" and not this brooding writer who has been "researching" all summer with his wife.
  3. Michelle's ultra-plunging neckline would not work for windy. I mean, that's just stupid, plain and simple. In fact, I almost never like that kind of neckline when they do it on this show. I know they aren't making ready-to-wear, but I don't ever see women out in the real world wearing anything close to that, even in a formal or club setting. Her coat was super fug too. The materials clashed with each other in terms of weight, though I guess given the challenge, that was just going to happen. I did agree with the criticism about Irina's pants. The color felt so off. However, I did think she fulfilled the challenge, and I generally liked what she did. Still dislike her as a person, lol, but I would probably have her design for me. Dmitry didn't fulfill the challenge. Yeah, he was screwed with having to go from sunny to snow, but he made a dress and a coat. There isn't anything transformational about that. And again, the see-thru top of the dress irritates me. What are you supposed to do with your boobs in a dress like that? Put pasties on and let your girls bounce around under granny lace? As much as I like Dmitry, he should have been sent home this week. I actually like Biddel's the best. It was weird but cute. And it seemed at least relatively realistic. Poor Christina. Her outfit was lovely and hit the mark of the challenge as well as it could without being ridiculous. See, she didn't understand that the judges were going for fug, outlandish, and dumb for this all-star season.
  4. I thought Biddell's was really cool, and I liked his idea. Is a dropped crotch passe by now? This season was filmed so long ago, I'm honestly not sure. Anyway, he seems to be putting out great things this season and keeps getting ignored, so...not sure what is up with that. Irina's was just a larger version of the dress she made for Marge Simpson minus the belt. It didn't really move well on the runway either. Mr. Janerazor remarked that Sean's looked like one of those Native American dolls you'd find in gift shops. His look was awfully pedestrian. Although I loved Michelle's idea, I thought the execution sucked. It looked like carpet padding because it was carpet padding. Anyone who has ever seen it or had to work with it will not be wowed by how it looks wrapped around a model. As I said, her idea was great. I would love to have a sort of portable shield or tent on my person that I could whip out when the person next to me is droning on about something and I just can't deal. But I've found while traveling that a big, wide-rimmed, floppy hat and enormous dark sunglasses work just as well. Overall, I was a little disappointed with how the avant-garde challenge went down, but this is a trend I've seen in the last several seasons (PR and PRAS). If you are going to do avant-garde, then do avant-garde. I don't really want to see avant-garde that is wearable. I want to see something closer to an object of art. But it seems that PR and PRAS have been rewarding "avant-garde" that is pretty darned tame.
  5. I also thought Kevon's was one of the better ones for sure. I liked the arms and wasn't sure what the judges didn't like about the head. At least her face was pretty. Why why why would you ever cover up 3/4 of Megan's face on a beauty challenge? I mean, it's Megan, with a face that epitomizes effortless beauty and grace. She is so naturally gorgeous and is so emotive. Yeah, let's stick bark all over her lousy mug. I actually didn't mind the rest of it. I kind of liked the wood on her body and the black dots and stuff. Maybe if the face bark had been more on her head instead, it would have worked better. And I just roll my eyes so hard when some of the guys are like "Duuuurh, beauty makeup? I is a dude. I don't know nuttin' 'bout no beauty makeup." This is your profession, is it not? Shouldn't you have at least some idea how to do all sorts of makeup? And they've been on the show before; they know very well that they will have to do beauty makeup at some point.
  6. Lacey is an ass, but, yeah, I would find Shane scary to deal with. He's fine until something happens where he feels slighted or disrespected (whether imagined, exaggerated, or real), and then he brings on the some pretty intense anger, especially when interacting with women. The motivation seems to be "You didn't stroke my fragile ego when I wanted you to, so now I'm going to punish you by acting like a threat to your safety." I'm sure there were times when Trent felt disrespected or whatever, but he didn't make a habit out of projecting anger. Even when the women were talking about the homesteaders vs. hunters thing (which I thought was a little petty), they were all pretty respectful with each other at a moment that tempers could have gotten out of hand if they had let themselves do that. You can excuse Shane's behavior by saying he just has a problem with impulse control, but having to deal with someone who is larger and stronger than you (while you are both naked, no less) who has a problem with impulse control can be scary. But in the end, I think the women just disliked Lacey more than they disliked having to tiptoe around Shane's ego. Edited to add: And I think the others never forgave Lacey for what she said to Mel to encourage her to tap out. Lacey's downfall was that she didn't understand the benefit to the group of taking care of someone who is down and hurting. A group actually is made stronger when they care for those who are in a weakened state because it builds trust and goodwill all around. After all, you never know when it will be you who needs the others' help (and Lacey did get hit with the karma bus pretty badly on that one in the form of a burnt hand). Also, Lacey didn't understand the emotional benefit of having Mel around even if she couldn't contribute as much physically. Everyone loved Mel. She was funny. She made them laugh. In a harsh situation, you cannot underestimate the healing power of the person who can make you smile. I'm a cynical so-and-so to the core, but that clip of Jeremy saying, "That's my Mel," and then sprinting off to find her warms my cold heart every time.
  7. I felt the calling-the-ex-thing Ryan insisted on was a jerk move. It's fine if he decided Stephanie wasn't for him (which he clearly had already decided), but the only point of making her call was to rile her up. For what it's worth, if a guy I was just only starting to date got drunk and made a fool of himself in Vegas like Stephanie did, I'd likely dump him. If it was a longtime boyfriend...eh, I might rethink the relationship. If it was a husband and this was totally a one-off thing and he was properly chagrined by his behavior? I'd probably give him the stink eye for 30 minutes the next morning then make coffee and get over it. I never got the feeling that Michael was all that into Stephanie. I think he thought she was attractive and a good person, but that's about it. The most romantic feelings he seemed to have for her was after the zombie culling...which I have to admit is a strangely romantic date to go on. So per Jenna's family, she puts her worst out there in the beginning to see if a guy can hang with it. It's not a strategy I'd go with, but it's her life, I guess. Regardless, Cale was never going to be boyfriend material for her. He's way too polite and was immediately put off by how rude and abrasive she was. Michael and Alma...got along OK? Not much of a basis for a marriage, but I suppose it could be worse.
  8. Molly's no saint, to be sure, but Jon always struck me as really full of himself. My impression was that he was pissed off because Molly wasn't into him right off the bat. That type of anger and entitlement would put me off any guy no matter how objectively good-looking he was. And I didn't like how he excused his mocking of Jackie's ring size because he said he didn't make fun of her after he met her. Umm, you don't get a cookie for discontinuing making someone the butt of your stupid joke. When they replayed the bit about the condom still being on the floor, I had to laugh at Molly's, Ryan's, and Jackie's reactions. Molly was smirking because she knew that Jackie had fibbed about them not doing the deed yet. Ryan looked really embarrassed. And poor Jackie was cringing. Are Jackie and Ryan still together even? They looked super uncomfortable with each other during the reunion. Well, I wish Shawniece and Jephte the best. Shawniece is right in that they do love very differently. I'd probably take the Jephte approach of being more reserved, but I have to admire Shawniece's all-in attitude as well.
  9. Here's what bugs me about Jon though. He's been ranty/pissy all season about not getting to have sex with Molly. My guess is that he's used to having women drop their panties for him left and right, and here's his wife not giving it up, on national television, no less. His attitude just feels so ugly and entitled to me. As good-looking as he is, I would be turned off as well. But here's the kicker. So if Molly has been this negative toward him this whole time as the recording showed, then what has been motivating him to keep on pursuing sex with Molly? That motivation certainly wouldn't be because he truly liked and enjoyed her as a person. It would have to be coming from a place of "You owe me sex, woman, and how dare you pretend you have autonomy over your body." And that feels predatory to me. I really appreciated the moment when Jepthe understood that his lack of communication wasn't fair to Shawniece. I'm not sure if in that second he realized that he should change or if he realized that they simply weren't ever going to work as a couple, that neither one was/is "wrong," per se, in what they needed or could provide, but that they sadly weren't compatible.
  10. Lee's abusive behavior was escalating (I'm not buying he never acted this way before, especially considering the glee he seemed to take in almost literally pissing on Rena on a daily basis) and he was self-sabotaging probably for a couple of reasons. If he loses weight, then he no longer gets to play the part of the "helpless" and spoiled man-toddler demanding that Rena cater to his every whim. He loses his drug of choice and the enabler he roped into this mess who has allowed him to wallow in his addiction. And if Rena is successful in losing weight, he is afraid she will wise up to the fact that she can have her own life and leave him. And I generally am OK with Dr. Now, but his reaction to Lee's backsliding and abusive behavior really pissed me off. Instead of postponing Rena's surgery because Lee was being a self-destructive jerk, he should have told her to kick Lee's worthless ass to the curb, gather support for herself, and get the surgery. Why should she put off improving herself and her life because she is currently saddled with Lee? Lee is a grown-ass adult. He knows what he is supposed to be doing. If he wants to destroy his body and his life, then Rena should let him and get on with fixing herself. They aren't even married! She has no obligation to him whatsoever. The whole thing just struck me as incredibly sexist to assume that Rena needed to fix Lee before she could get the surgery.
  11. I thought both Chuck and Ayanna were awesome. They seemed to be approaching this from a very honest place of acknowledging how their weight will affect their health, mobility, and independence. I felt for Ayanna about her fear of the water. With her being a little person, being in water might seem more threatening than to someone with average-size limbs. The trainer is terrific too! I'm glad they got someone who will be able to relate to the mobility struggles these two will be facing.
  12. Matt must have really pissed off the show to have his exit edited in that way. He looked like an idiot when he was throwing his tantrum about there being no animals anywhere and they were interspersing shots of small game everywhere. The last one was a baby bird, for goodness sake! Sometimes I would want to slap Fernando but most of the time I'd like that he was so optimistic and positive. After watching this show so much, I've come to understand that mental attitude is absolutely just as important as survival skills. I get why Lacey was frustrated. Maybe the way she said that they were all talk and no action came out a little harsh, but I think Amber was overly offended by it. That said, I would think night fishing would be too risky. I'd focus on making more and better fish traps. I'm happy for the guys that they got that pig, but...the whole shooting and subsequent discovery of the pig just felt a little set up by production. Would the pig have been dead already? Would one arrow have killed it?
  13. I just found this wonderfully trashy show On Demand, and I couldn't be happier. Both Dustin and Kelsey seem like immature jerks and a train wreck waiting to happen. Their respective spouses are getting along now, but I can see the woman start to crave that bad boy element again. Kelsey kinda seems to take pleasure in talking smack about James, which is worrisome for the health of their relationship. If I could have snuck onto the show to be married to Tony, I would have. So far he seems so incredibly sweet and caring. And Heather seems like a nice person herself. Their respective spouses seem like they could have been the total power couple had they met each other years ago.
  14. I'm not surprised that Laurence is getting lots of professional attention from being on PR. She always conducted herself in such a cool, confident, and mature manner. And her designs were chic and sophisticated, which I suspect is ultimately more marketable than shapeless triangles adorned with doo-dads. I was also glad to see that Roberi was happy to be working. I had to laugh at Erin's bitch face when listening to the others trash her designs.
  15. It's hard to remember most of the names, but their faces I remember. Emily was my favorite contestant ever--very talented, plus she reminded me of my daughter. Ben Ploughman did one of my favorite makeups with that inappropriate uncle, who was absolutely creepy and hilarious. Adam Milicevic also had a superhero I recall really liking. I'm so excited about the start of this season!
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